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Secession news

Keep up to date with all the news surrounding the secession petitions, the media coverage of the subject and other secession-related news in the wake of the 2012 US presidential election! All SNN articles on this subject are linked below. As new articles are written and posted they will be added to the top of the list.

36% of Texans want to secede from USA

Scotland gives exposure for League’s secessionist cause

Secession, Northern Leftists & Southern nationalists

Georgia’s new ‘secede’ billboard

WaPo’s Robert McCartney: Southern cause ‘wicked’ & ‘hateful’

Secede StickerLeague of the South’s new ‘#secede’ billboard in Tuscaloosa

‘Nine Nations’ author says national distinctions persist

Leftist worry about rise of secessionists

International media coverage of Montgomery ‘secede’ billboard

FL Chamber of Commerce copies League’s ‘secede’ billboard

‘Secede’ billboard raised in Tallahassee

NBC: ‘Pessimism defines the state of the Union’

US conservatives & secession

US Left obsessed with secession, insults Southerners

John McCain: ‘Young Americans do not trust this government’

Poll: 73% distrust US Federal Government

Texas secessionists gaining political influence?

Nullification, secession popular at SC gun rights rally

Poll: Majority believes US Federal Government threat to freedom

League of the South featured in WND article on secession

Texans fight on for independence from USA

MSNBC: Southern secession ‘racist’ or ‘offensive’

SC Tea Party leader shuts down pro-secession speaker

Sean Hannity now endorses secession?

Obama’s reply to secession petitioners: No right to secede

TNM hold secession rally at capital

NY Times article includes poll showing strong support for Confederacy

TNM leader on Fox News: Support for secession growing

States more divided than ever, NPR reports

Peter Schiff on secession

Dr DiLorenzo: Be patriotic & become a secessionist

Creator of Texas secession petition targeted by State Guard officers

Dr David Gordon on the right of secession

RT America interviews leaders from NC League of the South

SNN interview on Thom Hartmann Program

Dr Tom Woods on secession

Half of Georgia Republicans want to secede from USA

Huffington Post ready to part with Dixie

A quarter of Republicans support secession

Molotov Mitchell: Secession is American as apple pie

Professor Donald Livingston on economic impact of secession

Pat Buchanan: Stirrings of secession

Chris Matthews on Southern secession

Dr Walter Williams: ‘Irreconcilable differences’ & secession

Nearly all Republicans have unfavourable opinion of US Federal Government

NPR covers Texas secession movement

New York Times on ‘secession fever’ in Texas

Drudge Report highlights Texas & Catalan ‘secession fever’

Christian Science Monitor’s weak opposition to Texas secession

Congressman Ron Paul praises secession petitions

TN Governor Bill Haslam against seceding from USA

Who (and where) are the secession petition signers?

Secession polls

Confederate flag & secession news on RT

‘Time’ magazine spotlights SNN & Southern nationalism

Sean Hannity vs Daniel Miller on Texas secession

Secession movement makes Drudge Report

Alabama Governor Bentley against seceding from USA

King Obama & the secession petitions (cartoon)

Glenn Beck attacks secession petitions

‘Respectable conservatives’ praise Lincoln, slam secession

Media coverage of secession petitions

2012 election trends & secession petitions

Will US Left embrace Southern secession?

2012 US presidential election & Southern secession

Secession poll & petitions

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