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Southern Nationalist Network (SNN) was created in the Fall of 2010. Those associated with this website believe that the Southern people constitute a historic and national population which, like every nation of people, has a natural and unalienable right to self-determination. SNN advocates the peaceful establishment of Southern independence. No government is indivisible and permanent since the people always retain the right to alter, abolish or secede from it when they so decide. We believe that to survive in the 21st century Southerners need a free South. The United States Federal Government actively works against Southern political, cultural, demographic and commercial interests. Washington, DC operates a global empire of military bases and puppet-states and frequently intervenes around the planet in impoverished, backwater foreign lands. Even more frequently, the US government intervenes in Southern affairs, shackling Southern freedom, taxing and regulating Southerners to death, attacking Southern cultural identity, involving Southerners in unnecessary wars around the Earth and importing millions of Third World immigrants to displace us in our own land. We demand a free South where Southerners may control their own affairs, independent from outside control or manipulation. We demand a free South where Southern identity and Southern people may thrive. SNN works towards achieving these goals, providing a modern media and organising platform for patriotic Southerners.


  • mike360000

    I work best as a guerrilla warrior.
    People just slow me up and complicate matters most times.

    That being said, here is an example of what we have to deal with and how I am avoided.

    I noted earlier that you claimed to be on speaking terms with Brooks Simpson. I wonder how much time he would actually give you in his blog? I do know he comes here to read your news, and I have posted you before concerning such. However do note that Brooks Simpson is literally the enemy and should be treated as such. the battlefield is the debate boards and it is for real. People have a tendency to NOT take their blog postings serious enough.

    That being said, if you thought I was ambitious or too dogmatic in my writings, consider how Brooks Simpson must feel when he’s had to deal with me. Nor is it just him. In college 25-30 years ago I had a habit of driving and questioning the professors into literal and actual “cussing” fits. More than once, even back then, I could pin my professors every so often. Matter of fact one of the highlights of my life was debate against my sociologist professor, whom I proceeded to completely humiliate in front of the class. He had been a premier professor of sociology at Texas A&M before I got a hold of him. Afterwards, what was so rewarding, was the entire class came up and thanked me for beating him the way I did because they didn’t like what he was teaching no more than I did. One girl hugged my neck and kissed me, making the quote I had never heard before, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

    My attitude since has always been, never compromise when you know you’re right and have the ability to prove it.
    Along the way since, specifically concerning Lincoln’s War, I’ve had other professors I’ve done similar to. David Smith of UNC Charlotte,–professor of history, I’ve canned. Also James Loewen and a couple others I can’t call their full names at the moment. And I have copies of the debates from most of these.

    As for the latest and Brooks Simpson. After his second cremation he blocked me from posting on his blog. I was never rude, ugly, vulgar or anything of the sort. He simply said I wasn’t who I claimed to be and was faking my name in order to debate him. Yet it is Brooks Simpson who sets the poor example by making examples of people who are actually less than highly knowledgeable in their history, or they make a mis-statement. He knows this and uses it to make his examples to benefit his opinions and agenda. If he was the fair historian he claimed to be, he would have paid equal attention to both sides. Yet when a halfway knowledgeable person of history confront him, he runs and hides all because he’s not quiet the historian he thinks he is.

    The latest today and why I write this post is to partially address his post of today on his blog. Although it won’t be posted because I have been blocked, it can be seen by anyone here. Here’s the note I sent Brooks Simpson and the link to this particular thread.
    It concerned Pat Hines… My part to Brooks Simpson is in “”.

    Pat Hines seems you made Brooks Simpson’s Wall of Shame! Congratulations…

    He said, Pat Hines insults all of you.
    I wrote back, though it won’t be posted, and I quote to Brooks Simpson:
    “You insult me! So what?
    But one day you will not be able to run and hide from me and I will then cremate you for a third and final time!”

    Maybe you need to remind him a little.

    Here is the addy to Pat Hines Wall of Fame…

    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

  • Michael

    Mike360, I am indeed on speaking terms with BS. He has not attacked me personally as have other anti-Confederate bloggers. As well, at least on some issues, he tends to be more honest than some of the pro-Confederate bloggers. For example, I was kicked off a Southern heritage FB page for quoting a Confederate general and secession commissioner. They said that by quoting him I was ‘twisting his words.’ All I did was quote him. On the race issue, BS is more honest than the Rainbows. I disagree with his conclusions pretty much across the board, at least in regards to policy. And that’s fine. I only comment on his site occasionally and his is the only anti-Confederate site I comment on or follow. Part of this is because I’m not much interested in the battles, tactics, strategy, etc. of the actual war. I know how it ended and that is never going to change. The history before and after, especially the social and political trends, interests me much more than what happened on 14 May at 3:42 PM in 1864. Anyhow, I recognise BS is against us. He’s a Yankee. And he’s anti-White and anti-Southern. But to be honest I would rather communicate with someone like that who is up front about their agenda than the Rainbows who accept the values of the 1960s but cloak it in a Confederate flag. Give me a BS or even a Louis Farrakhan any day of the week over a Rainbow Confederate.

  • mike360000

    Interesting post.
    Simpson plays his cards close to his chest. As long as he thingk he can gain more from you than you from him, he’ll let you have some say. Actually that is what appears to be happening in what you’re saying concerning the Southern Heritage page. Simpson just eats that stuff up, claiming all sorts of things when stuff like that happens. Yet he is just as guilty himself. Tim Manning jr. Tim’s son made the mistake of taking me too personal and he realized his mistake after he’d wrote too much. Other than that I’ve never had any trouble from any pro confederate people or blogs. Although I will admit I don’t know a lot about the Rainbows, except enough to know they are way too inclusive, to the point of being PC in a lot of instances. This leaves me stuck in the middle, though I don’t mind. The LoS is too far exclusive and the Rainbow too far inclusive, to the left. Although I can say I could agree much more with the LoS views. Oddly, it is this very topic of culture and heritage and its’ definement that seems to be a big stumbling block between the 2 sides and I’m somewhat in the middle. And no side, nor Simpson’s whole side can disprove or dent my approach.

    I am a lot like you in the study of the war and that time period. I had studied most of the main battles by the time I was about 12 yo. I read somewhat more on the battles and politics until maybe 15 and then let it go until college, and then I didn’t study it nearly as much. I really got back into it in the early 90’s when I finally realized, after being involved in politics and in my travels to DC and Raleigh, that NO amount of politics was ever gonna fix anything, but was actually the problem. This got me to studying at a furious pace, why this was so, which in a couple of years of hard study, all of it led me back to Lincoln and what he had done, and how the myths ended up changing the nation, destroying it totally. The whole thing from my POV is now Political Science, plus I now feel obligated to defend what I’ve come to understand and know as being the real truth, which includes my culture and heritage among many things.

    Most of my writings on other blogs and especially on Tim Manning’s FB page deals a lot with the modern Federal Government and how it developed from Lincoln’s War and the myths created from Lincoln that destroyed the country and nation. I am currently covering election possibilities and its’ consequences. Personally I see every indication that Romney could be worse than Obama. It’s when people like you and I gets into topics such as what we’re mainly involved in, the humanist socialist (revisionist) historians such as Simpson, MacPherson…etc… are completely in the dark and clueless, regardless from all the history they claim to have specialized in. btw Simpson *supposedly* married a so-called woman from the South, thus he even puts in his claims to the Southern *experience*, whatever that entails…lol…

    I see a very ruff road ahead regardless of who stays in office, election or not. There is a continuance of what most people refer to the Civil War in the air, as the war is not over, and has never been over, but it only entered a new time and larger arena. The contest continues, for slavery wasn’t the cause for the war, Federal control and tyranny were its’ parents, then and now.

    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

    • Tim1978

      Michael- This is Tim Manning, Jr. I have no idea what you’re talking about, above. Can you clue me in? You wrote: “Tim Manning jr. Tim’s son made the mistake of taking me too personal and he realized his mistake after he’d wrote too much.” I take several exceptions to this. When have I ever said “too much”? If I ever did, how could I have ever “realized” my “mistake” for doing something that I don’t even know that I did? What are you talking about?

  • Cody Redwolf

    Michael,I enjoy the site.It is what got me in to Southern Nationalism.I just wanted you to know to keep up the good work. Deo Vindice

    • Michael

      Thank you for the note, Cody. Always thrilled to hear from folks who enjoy the site and are new to Southern nationalism. Stay strong!

  • Cody Redwolf

    By the way have you ever been to Savannah,Tennessee.It is across the Tennessee from Shiloh

    • Michael

      Never have.

      • Cody Redwolf

        Well if you ever do go to the Shiloh Battlefield Park.Make sure you stop by we got the best catfish in Tennessee.I recommend the Red Wood Hut in Pickwick.I go every Sunday.

        • Cody Redwolf

          Oh, forgot also check out the Tennessee River Museum.

  • YngveKlezmerRebel

    Appalachian Ohio Copperhead right here!! Deo Vindice!!

  • Viator16

    One of the biggest problems that we have in the South is the influx of non-Southerners. These people bring a worldview that is antithetical to the South. The South needs to regain control of its educational institutions. These places are a cesspool of political correctness and anti-white propaganda.

  • Austen Colluns

    Dear sir/mam,
    I was wondering if you can create or post a news story about our upcoming radio show? I am including the link so you may review the highlights and details. It is absolutely vital that we have a voice outside the grasp of Leftist media. We aim to reveal what the liberals and others censor and/or suppress. I pray this message finds you well. Thank you all in advance.



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  • absolutspacegirl

    This site is hilarious.

  • Zach

    Do you guys have any contact with Liberals who support Self Determination? I am an American Pan-Nationalist (U.S. Nationalist). Im from North Alabama, but we supported the U.S. during the war. (Free State of Nickajack) basically I support partition of the two Nations. (U.S. AND C.S.)

  • Richard Parker

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