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US flag upside down at SC Department of Education

February 19, 2014

Upside down US flag of occupationThe flag of the United States was flown upside down at the South Carolina Department of Education today, Fox News reports. The US flag is the symbol of a government which promotes multiculturalism, abortion, interracial and homosexual marriage, Third World immigration, affirmative action and wars to spread democracy. Unfortunately, Jason Old reports for Fox that the move was apparently made in error:

A spokesperson for the Department of Education passed the blame to the Budget and Control Board Wednesday afternoon.

“General Services from the Budget and Control Board runs the flag up and down daily,” wrote Dino Teppara. “They’re responsible for doing this very simple, yet important task. As a proud military veteran, Dr. Zais is extremely disappointed that they were careless today and has asked them to ensure it never happens again.”

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  • gah

    Flying the flag upside down is appropriate given the state of affairs.
    Isn’t Dr. Zais from Planet of the Apes?


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