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Murfreesboro / Shelbyville, TN demonstrations against Southern demographic displacement

September 3, 2013

Building on the success of our recent Uvalda/Vidalia demonstrations, positive news coverage, outrage of anti-Southern activists, and our growing organisation strength, SNN and the League of the South are pleased to announce our next major public event. It’s coming up soon so we urge supporters to begin to prepare now to make this another successful event as we build on our momentum!


The event will focus attention on and rally opposition to the demographic displacement of the Southern people in central Tennessee, an area which a short time ago was homogeneously Southern. Tens of thousands of immigrants from Islamic countries in the Middle East and Africa have been brought to the area by the Federal Government. This has been done as part of the US Federal Government’s ‘refugee’ resettlement program. The Feds attack countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and then bring vast numbers of the people from those countries and place them in places such as Shelbyville, Tennessee – greatly altering the demographics, culture and politics of such places. This is from a government which has announced that it is attempting to break up homogeneous areas of the United States by forcing ‘diversity’ into local neighbourhoods and communities. What is going on in Tennessee is therefore part of a broader anti-Southern and anti-White agenda by Washington, DC. The US government is supported in this program of demographic displacement by Left-wing, anti-White organisations such as the Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee, the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition and Health Assist Tennessee. Huge corporations such as Tyson Foods (which has, for example, dropped Labour Day for Eid al-Fitr, an Islamic holiday), led by CEO Donnie Smith, have also fought hard to displace Southerners with cheap immigrant labour supported in part by taxpayers’ money. The US media has dutifully produced a vast amount of ‘news’ and ‘information’ which present the local Southern people of Tennessee as ‘racist bigots driven by ignorance and hate’ while presenting the immigrants as ‘persecuted, patriotic, freedom loving Americans who are trying to exercise their constitutional rights.’ The influx of ‘diversity’ has touched off a political and cultural struggle between over the construction of a giant mosque for the outsiders in the heart of the Bible Belt. The Federal Government has actively opposed the people of Tennessee and even gone so far as to suggest that anti-Muslim speech (which is protected under the US Constitution) will be punished.


Southern nationalists are going to make the case that what the US Federal Government is doing, with the full support of Left-wing groups and the US media, is morally wrong. It is displacing a unique people and culture. It is replacing one people with another, actively opposing the interests of Southerners. And it is funding this action with the tax money of the people of Tennessee and at the same time restricting their right of free speech and free association. The entire fiasco is wrong and immoral. We invite those concerned about these troubling developments to stand with us in Tennessee. Make your voice heard; don’t passively accept being replaced in your own land.

The event will be held on 12 October in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville. We will meet for a pre-demonstration briefing the morning of 12th at 9 AM in the parking lot of Best Western Plus in Shelbyville, where we are staying (see information below on lodging). From there we will travel to Murfreesboro. More information will be forthcoming on the exact area where we will gather to hold the demonstration in Murfreesboro. After the Murfreesboro, TN demonstration we will head back to nearby Shelbyville, TN, enjoy dinner together, spread the word about Southern demographic displacement there and then retire for an afternoon of fun and fellowship. One does not have to be a League member to attend the demonstration. We just ask that everyone follow the guidelines we have established for the event.

We invite those who will attend the event to indicate thusly on our ‘Murfreesboro, TN Demonstration Against Southern Demographic Displacement’ Facebook page. Please join the page and invite your friends and family to do the same!


We had a group rate for 11-12 October at the Best Western Plus in Shelbyville. However, the owner of this hotel is a radical Leftist who cancelled our reservations and denounced the League of the South as a ‘disgusting organisation.’ He repeated various anti-Southern slogans to this writer on the phone and threatened to sue us for slander for spreading the word about his Leftist political views and support for the demographic displacement of the Southern people. We are advising people not to use the Best Western Plus in Shelbyville.

Radical Left-wing activists who are organising a counter-protest against the Southern people have also pressured the Microtel Inn & Suites in Shelbyville to cancel our reservations. This comes even though the hotel was informed up front who we are, why we’re coming to the area and that a previous hotel in the area had cancelled our reservations. Microtel’s staff assured us that what we did off of their property was our business, not theirs. In turn, we assured them we would conduct ourselves as normal guests. However, then a woman who goes by the name ‘Mandela Satsum’ online who is from Watertown, New York and now leads Left-wing anarchist activism in Middle Tennessee apparently organised an effort to pressure the hotel to refuse our business. They issues a statement on their Facebook page announcing that ‘we are in no way hosting, condoning, or affiliating our business with any ‘hate groups’ (League of the South) that would be rallying or protesting in our town or neighboring towns. We have refused this group’s bookings and have suggested they stay elsewhere.’ Quite obviously, Leftists managed to pressure the owners of this hotel into going back on their word. Therefore, for political reasons, Southern patriots have been denied lodging in two different hotels in the Middle Tennessee region. Such is the way that the US Left operates.

As Hunter Wallace, the webmaster of Occidental Dissent, notes:

There is certain level of irony in a group of people who claim to be in favor of things like ‘civil rights’ and ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusion’ lobbying hotels to deny a group of people access to public accommodations. These people claim that we are the ‘bigots,’ but they are so bigoted that they can’t even have a conversation with someone on the internet or tolerate a different point of view. They are the ones, not us, who organize to violate the civil rights of other people.


No t-shirts. Shirts must be tucked in. Belt needed. No belt buckles with pictures, flags or messages. The same goes for hats; they can be worn but must be presentable and without messages. No old or holey jeans. Do not bring flags or signs; we will provide these. Please be ready to smile and make a positive, friendly first impression of the League of the South and Southern nationalism!


Please contact your local League officials for information on carpooling. Some chapters are planning on renting vehicles to cut costs for participants. Planning for the event is also underway on the League of the South Facebook page and this is an excellent place to discuss transportation and other issues with participants.


We have designated spokesmen to talk to the media. Participants will hold banners, signs and flags as well as distribute Southern nationalist literature and stickers but we ask that media inquires be directed to our spokesmen. More information on this will be presented at our pre-demonstration briefing. The event is about presenting a consistent pro-Southern message demonstrating the immorality of replacing us as a people.

TN Rally Announcement Final

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  • Harold Crews

    Anyone living in North Carolina and who wants to ride with me just give me a holler.

  • realsouth


    click on this link for whats going on in Memphis. , because this is not just a kkk thing, its a straight up in your face disrespect of civil war and southern history.

    I can not believe that they have the gall to straight out challenge us in our face telling us that theyre going to erase us forever.

    They want to continue erasing our history from the books of whats left.
    Forcing us or our children to forget and wipe it out of our memories and books forever thus forcing us to conform and fall in line. , which was part of what reconstruction didn’t finish off. So folks, for the northerners and blacks, and feds, this is in their eyes, the final steps in burying us forever.

    • Blackleftest

      Why would a majority black city want it’s parks named after a klan leaders.

  • DarthJ

    Any plans for getting a newspaper ad placed?

    • Long Live Dixie

      Several thousand of the flyers above printed out and placed under windshield wipers in parking lots in the area might also be a good idea.

      • DarthJ

        Good idea! :D

        • Long Live Dixie

          It is 9 cents a copy at Kinko’s which runs into a few hundred dollars if total copies are in the thousands. Maybe a few local members could ask for a bulk discount and go in together on the cost.

          An alternative (or addition) to parking lots is to roll and rubberband individual flyers and throw them next to mailboxes. Put the rolled flyers in several big garbage bags. One person drives through a neighbourhoood while the passenger tosses the flyer out the window. That is much less labour intensive than hitting parking lots and a lot more ground can be covered. Obviously, this doesn’t work if they’re calling for rain. And don’t touch the mailbox!

    • Mack Minvul

      Have you guys heard about The Rutherford Reader?


      Seems like they would be the best bang for your buck if you were going to advertise. You would be targeting an audience that is sympathetic to your cause.They were the ones who rallied so many people for the protest in Manchester a couple months ago.


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  • Josh Craig

    I want to join. How do i go about that?

    • Florida Native


  • Josh Craig

    I saw yalls rally in shelbyville yesterday and i didnt know who was hosting it until it was to late. My email is steelerfan40567@gmail.com and my cell is 9316393613


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