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Richmond Councilman Baliles proposes anti-Southern billboard near I-95 flag

August 8, 2013

Non-Southern supporters cheer proposal

Anti-Southern Richmond Councilman Jon Baliles

Anti-Southern Richmond, VA Councilman Jon Baliles

In response to the announced upcoming raising of a large Confederate flag just outside of Richmond, Virginia along I-95, Councilman Jon Baliles is pushing the idea of posting an anti-Southern billboard message near the flag. Mr Baliles recently posted the message on his Facebook page along with a picture of the proposed billboard which reads ‘This is RVA. Not the CSA.’ Supporters of Mr Baliles quickly responded with anti-Southern comments endorsing the idea:

Tom Manthey of Billings, Montana wrote: ‘Not the CSA needs to be larger!’

Tim Lynch of Arlington, Ohio (who now lives in Hollywood, Florida) writes: ‘The American swastika.’

Kristen Gray, the owner of Eric Schindler Gallery and who is married to Ramzi Hossaini, writes: ‘think it needs to be more direct. “Not The CSA” is too small. And I agree with Ruthie Roberts half or even more won’t get it. That red in the huge confederate flag will be remembered, not a little blue square…. I’m going to think on this.’

Mariane Matera of Elmont, New York writes: ‘CSA bigger and spelled out, definitely’

Adelina Gonzales writes: ‘Hate to say it, but I’ve lived in VA for 12 years and had to ask what CSA stood for. Definitely should spell it out and make it bigger.’

In reviewing the comments in support of Mr Baliles it is difficult to miss the fact that many of the strongest supporters of the planned anti-Southern billboard are not from Virginia or the South. One commenter from Ohio (who now unfortunately resides in Florida) even compares the most recognisable Southern historical and cultural symbol with the swastika of Nazi Germany. The historical ignorance of such a comparison is appalling but it does help to make clear the intolerance for Southern identity and symbolism found among at least some of Mr Baliles’ most vocal fans.

In recent years the massive influx of non-Southerners into Virginia has transformed the formerly conservative Southern State into a political toss-up in US presidential elections. As well, much of the Commonwealth, especially the northern counties near Washington, DC, are now demographically largely non-Southern. The native Southern people of the area have been demographically displaced. The people of Richmond have also borne the burden of outside repopulation of a significant part of their city. Along with the massive demographic changes have come political and cultural changes. As well, since a 1977 Federal court ruling the city has had a Black majority government, imposing a Left-wing and anti-Southern agenda upon Southerners in the former Confederate capital. Mr Baliles apparently supports this dramatic change, saying in a campaign video featured on his website, ‘Richmond has transformed immensely in recent years and our challenge now is to make it even better.’ Apparently putting up anti-Southern billboards around Richmond is one way Baliles believes he can make the city ‘even better’.

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Anti-Southern billboard in Richmond VA proposed by Councilman Jon Baliles

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  • tonyj

    Should make a pretty good target.

    • Jim

      Time to put up more “Yankee Go Home” stickers, too.

  • Long Live Dixie

    The colonists are once against showing their nerve and their absolute contempt for their hosts. This should enflame tensions and get people talking. That’s a good thing.

    I can’t even imagine having a desire to move to Michigan or Vermont and putting up a billboard mocking Yankees. This shows yet again the vastly different natures of our two peoples.

    • Jim

      If you went to those places, they wouldn’t even let you have a billboard. They’d throw a big hissy and say you were attacking “America.” To them, the South is just the U.S. Virgin Islands or the Philippines.

  • Jim

    “Tom Manthey of Billings, Montana wrote”

    I find this interesting as many people I’ve met from the interior West don’t like Yankees. They had a few NET stories of their own to tell. Perhaps Mr. Manthey is a transplant? Moving West seems popular among Yankees again. Most of them head for the Pac-Rim cities, though.

    As an aside, my wife recalls spending time in California as a child and finding it not unlike Texas or her native Oklahoma. I visited the Southwest,in the late 80’s, and found the same thing. I visited several Confederate memorials to Arizonan, New Mexican and Texan troops. Nobody laughed at my Texan accent, and they all treated me far better than obvious tourists from the North. Those people stuck out in stark contrast, however.

    • Virginian Secessionist

      It’s true about California, at least back then. My mother was born there, but her family moved to Texas when she was young. They had no problem assimilating into the culture, and her and all her siblings still consider Texas their real home.

  • naegling62

    It’s funny how they are not going to just buy a flag pole and put up a USA flag. But In order to please the people who are upset with the Battle Flag they would need a rainbow flag!

  • Larry Lanberg

    The fact is: a Confederate flag will attract tourists more than an “RVA” moniker will. People are still fascinated by the South. Peaceniks like Jonathan Baliles are unable to see that. For example, is a re-made authentic cowboy town likely to grab your interest when going through Texas? Or a boring billboard saying “This is TX. Not the Old West”?

  • Virginian Secessionist

    I actually think the billboard *should* go up. After all, we need only make one cosmetic change to it. Instead of ‘not’ we simply need to put the words, ‘Capital of’. Suddenly, the sign goes quite well with the flag…


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