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Southern Nationalist Activism Flag

July 31, 2013

SNN recently interviewed Southern nationalist activist Jon from Augusta about a flag that he has designed. In this video interview Jon discusses why it was needed, its symbolism, why having a simple (and easily reproduced) symbol is important, some common objections to it and how it will be used. It should be noted that this flag (along with the Georgia Secession Flag and League of the South banners and signs) will be used prominently at the upcoming Uvalda, Georgia demonstration against Southern demographic displacement. Check out the video below:

Information on the meaning of the SN Flag

Above is a picture with information on the meaning of the SN Flag

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  • the29thtn

    Red white and blue was not borrowed from the French Revolution. The French stole it from the American colonies. The American Revolution took place before the French Revolution. That’s not a criticism of the flag, just a historical point.

    Also, I hope nobody will be offended by me saying this, but after some consideration, I do think the flag has one problem. Like the 2nd National Confederate flag, the white may be mistaken for white surrender flag if there is little breeze. What if it was black with a white cross?

    • Long Live Dixie

      Like the 2nd National Confederate flag, the white may be mistaken for white surrender flag if there is little breeze.

      I don’t think that would be an issue for this flag. The 2nd National’s only colour was in the canton. With this flag’s cross, there should be colour visible even when there is no breeze. The English flag is a good example of this working.

    • Long Live Dixie

      For an idea of how the new flag will perform, check minutes 26:15 – 27:00 in this video to see the Russian Navy Ensign on display with little to no breeze. It is nearly an identical flag except the cross is blue.

      • the29thtn

        I admit it looks like it did pretty well.

  • deepdixie1979

    I’m all for the current SN flag designs, but I believe that at least one flag bearing the Confederate symbol (preferably the 56 Georgia flag) should be flown during the rally. Uvalda is tiny town, far off the beaten path, and I believe that flying at least one State Flag (up until 2001 anyhow) will help to reinforce exactly who we are and we strive for.

    • Michael

      We’ll have the GA Secession Flag (which Dixie Republic generously donated to us for the occasion).

      • Jay

        Michael I think it’s important that a color representing Christianity be on the flag like the red in the 2nd and 3rd national and in our battle flags. I like the St Andrews Cross but I think it needs something more. Christianity and our People need to be seen as one and the same.

        • Michael

          The red on the CBF was a symbol of war. As far as Christianity, you cant get more overtly pro-Christian than having a huge cross stretching across the whole flag. We’re not going to change the flag at this point. If people dont like the SN flag they dont have to use it. Most SN folks do seem to like it though.

  • Long Live Dixie

    I like the looks and symbolism of this flag a lot. The only suggestion I would make to the design is that the cross should be a little wider. I think it would add to the overall boldness of it.

    Two questions, though:

    1) Will the flags at the rally be professionally made?
    2) Would it be better if this was flag of the League of the South instead of a generic SN activism flag so that it isn’t as likely to be used by disreputable and/or non-compatible organisations?

    • Michael

      That’s a good suggestion. I had the same thought about the wideness of the cross.

      1) Yes, the flags will eventually be professionally made. Didn’t have one of those on hand for this video, unfortunately. But they are coming soon.

      2) Dr Hill will have to make that call after we ‘prove’ the flag (so to speak) in activism. Would not ask him to do so until it has been demonstrated to be effective and popular.

  • tonyj

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see these turning up all over Dixie. They will in our area.

    Free Florida First!

  • Jean Allen

    I like the idea of black on a white background. My favorite flag for a demo
    is the Culpepper Minutemen flag. It seems to draw attention like no other.
    While participating in a demo at the capitol in Montgomery, Al., I was asked
    to help hold this flag. That’s how I was introduced to it. It was like a magnet
    for the eyes….with the rattlesnake in the middle and the “don’t tread on me”
    The best part of the flag to me was “Liberty or Death” That immediately
    ties people to the Patrick Henry mentality.
    The new design, with the bold black on white background, will be easy for us to reproduce. However, keep in mind that it will be easy for our enemies to
    reproduce also.
    Wish we could add something….Wish it would have “Liberty or Death” on it
    also. Some might say it would scare people off…..But it also leaves NO doubt as to the breadth and depth of our beliefs…
    I’m not asking you to change the design….just trying to point out the
    Culpepper’s attributes. If you called me today and said “grab a flag and meet
    me for a demo at the courthouse (and I knew there would already be Battleflags
    and Bonnie Blues) I would, most likely, grab the Culpepper.
    It would stand out in the crowd! Final analysis: I like the black and
    white but would like to have “Liberty or Death” on it to establish an ultimatum. But, I will support the new design, of course…absolutely!

    • Long Live Dixie

      Wish we could add something….Wish it would have “Liberty or Death” on it

      My opinion on this is that the boldness and simplicity of the design speak for themselves.

  • Jim

    The black saltire could become a meme in its own right. Think chalk, crayons or magic marker and any handy, visible surface.

    During the Spanish Civil War, the Nationalists used similar insignia on their aircraft. BTW, Reds from New York formed the “Abraham Lincoln Brigade”, which fought for the Communists in Spain. That says a lot about the North’s ideology, then and now.

  • Jim

    I suspect this flag will be completely invisible to the usual enemies. The Southern Nationalist movement should be completely visible to Southrons, and invisible to their enemies

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  • naegling62

    Sounds great. As an activisim flag it would have no bagage left over from the miss use by others of our beloved Battle Flag.

  • Harold Crews

    A simple design is preferable in that a flag can made at home with only a minimal amount of sewing skill. Additionally it lends itself to tagging in that it would require no more than a can of black spray-paint. The weakness is that it is currently an unfamiliar symbol. Certainly it doesn’t have any baggage but at the same time it necessarily is unknown.

    • the29thtn

      I plan to make one, though I was hoping not to use nylon. However, if I can’t find some reasonably priced wool flag bunting, I guess I’ll just have to use cotton, though it will be heavy as can be and suck up water.

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  • seceshsouthron

    Has he patented this? I think he should, lest it get co-opted.

    Are we planning to market these? I think this could be a money maker for this website.

  • http://nclinksandthinks.wordpress.com roger u

    Personally, I would reverse the colors. Maybe make the cross red.

    • Michael

      It’s much more difficult to easy reproduce in a moment’s notice if the colours are reversed. And black and white are the most stark colour combination. Also the easiest to reproduce. Plus, Alabama and FL have already done the red cross. Anyhow, the flag is not going to be changed at this point. It was discussed by our leading activists for a long time and now it’s in production (the patches arrived yesterday). Thanks for the input though.

      • Long Live Dixie

        The flag is taking a surprising amount of heat. It is an attractive design and I think people will get accustomed to it in time.

        One concern I think people have – myself included – is that it is being used instead of, not in addition to, the Confederate flag.

        By the way, where is the designer Jon from? He almost sounds Canadian to me.

  • Jean Allen

    Okay, I’m ready to order mine. Let us know when they are available in the SNN store.

  • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

    I’d use it for our secession movement, however, I would point out that we are nationals of our own States, and should proudly fly those colours as often as we can. I prefer that pre-Reconstruction Florida flag myself;


    • Virginian Secessionist

      Respectfully, CP, our States, though countries and sovereign, are not the same thing as nations. Our ‘nation’ is the Southern People as a whole. We are nationalists of Dixie, we are patriots of our own States. ‘County’ and ‘Nation’ are not synonyms. That’s your UnReconstructed tip of the day. :)

      That being said, I agree. State flags should certainly accompany national ones…

  • YngveKlezmer

    I love the racial solidarity represented in this flag!! A European American homeland is exactly what this flag should represent.

    • Long Live Dixie

      A European American homeland is exactly what this flag should represent.

      A European-American homeland is not the goal of Southern nationalism.

      Southern nationalism does not seek to create a homeland out of thin air like white nationalism does. Southern nationalism seeks the independence of our existing and established homeland – the land of our fathers.

      Southern nationalism also does not have a pan-European focus like white nationalism does. Whereas the Northerners are a melting pot of every European nationality, Southrons are an Anglo-Celtic folk.

      I’m not sure how to decipher your user name, so I’ll just say that I don’t expect a free and independent Southland to be a place where klezmer music is heard.

      • YngveKlezmerRebel

        I fully appreciate what you are saying. I understand that, in most Southern locations, there is not a German, Polish, or Italian heritage that is part of the local culture. In the Northern reaches of Dixie, though, there are these other European cultural elements that folks want to preserve. In Western Maryland, Pennsylvania Dutch heritage is part of the local culture. In Fairmont, WV, you have intense Italian heritage that should be preserved. These are the Northern reaches of Dixie. Preserve Southern culture in these areas entails more than just the preservation of Anglo-Celtic culture. The local culture is Southern culture in these areas, and is more than just specifically Anglo-Celtic. The key element is that the local Southern culture is European American, as is all Southern culture, and that it is under attack by the Leftists, who want Negroes, Muslims, and Hispanics moving into these areas, who will destroy the local culture.
        Fellow European Americans who are not specifically Anglo-Celtic extraction have made the South great in more areas than just the border states. What about the whole French culture of Louisiana? What about the German settlement of New Braunfels, Texas? Southern Culture, viewed as a whole, is dominantly Anglo-Celtic, yes, but other European nationalities have been part of Southern Culture all along.

        • Long Live Dixie

          I am aware of the less Anglo-Celtic character Dixie’s of northern frontiers. I don’t think that is a good reason to talk of a hyphenated identity (much less a hyphenated identity that has the word “American” in it.)

          Probably every country in Europe has some mixing outside of its core ethnicity, particularly along the frontiers. In eastern Germany, for example, there are people with Baltic last names. That doesn’t mean that Germans shouldn’t accentuate their Germanic heritage and talk instead about a pan-European identity.

          Likewise, we should not stop accentuating our Anglo-Celtic heritage just because there are a few minority ethnicities here and there. As a people, we need a firmer folkish identity even than what has existed in the past. This will require a greater degree of assimilation of Southerners than what has occurred already (combined with the removal of foreign elements – but that’s a whole other story). Any nation is formed from various tribes of similar stock coming together and forging a common identity.

          I don’t consider the Cajuns to be Southrons. I consider them to be a separate people and I think that a free Dixie should give them semi-autonomy.

          What’s with the Yiddish user name?

          • YngveKlezmerRebel

            Very good points indeed. I am new to the Southern Nationalism approach, as you can tell. I am a strong racial realist, and agree with the views of Jared Taylor. I post often on American Renaissance. I learned of Southern Nationalism, in fact, from an excellent AmRen article on League of the South, and was immediately impressed. I was impressed because I believe in the preservation of the White race through the preservation of European culture. Like yourself, I definitely believe in the preservation of various European ethnic cultures, and do not want to see them blended together. More than enough of that has occurred in America. From my vantage point, here in Appalachian Ohio, Southern Nationalism gives me hope that the culture of Appalachia can be preserved. Appalachian Ohio still has a wonderful culture that is part Anglo-Celtic, part German, and part Italian. I want to see the rural character, and the ethnic character of my area, and neighboring West Virginia, maintained. An influx of Negroes, Muslims, or Hispanics severely alters a town. Southern Nationalism is taking a stand on the influx in Murphreesboro, TN.
            On my Yiddish user name-I eschew anti-Semitism. I’m German/Anglo-Celtic descent myself, but I agree with Jared Taylor on the Jewish Question. Men like David Duke fixating on blaming Jewish liberals for the behaviors of Blacks and other non-Whites is pointless. The sociopathic behavior of Blacks needs to be blamed first and foremost on Blacks, not on White Liberals. They have built and maintained very nice neighborhoods in cities, such as Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, and have a right to maintain their culture just as much as anyone else. Unlike Black neighborhoods, Jewish neighborhoods are safe and clean, and you or I could safely walk the street in any Jewish neighborhood. Nobody is afraid to drive through a Jewish neighborhood in this country, unless that neighborhood has been invaded by Blacks and other non-Whites, in which case the neighborhood is no longer Jewish. Instead of being anti-Semitic, I believe that White racial realists should disregard what Jewish Liberals have to say, as with all Liberals, and read up on Zionism.

            • Long Live Dixie

              I don’t see a relation between being able to walk through Jewish neighbourhoods without fear of physical attack and identifying with eastern European Jewish culture. Maybe I’m missing something, but there is no doubt that the Yiddish name is a source of suspicion to me. Rejecting anti-Semitism does not mean embracing philo-Semitism.

              David Duke is a white nationalist and an Americanist, so his views are not very relevant to Southron nationalism.

              I am not sure what to think of Appalachian Ohio. I have never been there or met anyone from there. I know that parts of the southern Midwest were settled by Southrons but I don’t know if Appalachian Ohio was part of that. Even if it was, I don’t know if they could still be called Southrons today. I am definitely skeptical of importing Appalachian Ohioans to Dixie.

            • YngveKlezmerRebel

              Appalachian Ohio is very much like neighboring West Virginia. A lot of coal was mined here, and there were many factories. The coal companies and factories have mostly been run by absentee landlords, so to speak, in places like Cleveland and New York. Like our neighbors in West Virginia, we are mostly poor hill folk. We are poor but proud. We are a highest unemployment rate, but lowest violent crime rate type of place. We are proud of our heritage.
              As far as Italian heritage around here, sizable numbers of Italian immigrants settled in several of our larger towns in this neck of the woods. We have some awesome Italian restaurants and Pizza shops, and some nice Italian festivals in the summer. The Pepperoni Roll originated in Fairmont, WV, in an Italian bakery, and is a favorite lunch around these parts. I guess we’re different from Dixie in that we’re pretty pan-European around here. Lots of Amish/Mennonites, Italian restaurants. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I guess we’re not really part of Dixie, but we’re surely part of Appalachia, just like our neighbors over in West Virginia. We’re poor but we’re proud, and we like things around here as they are. We’re used to folks making fun of us, and calling us hillbillies, so our feelings are not easily hurt. We are Appalachia, and we are proud!!

            • Long Live Dixie

              . . . we’re pretty pan-European around here. Lots of Amish/Mennonites, Italian restaurants.

              That definitely does not sound like Dixie.

  • Paul Lovett

    Red stands for courage, white stands for purity, and blue stands for justice. Old Glory is not based on the French flag. You know nothing of our American heritage.

    • Virginian Secessionist

      Even though the French Revolution happened later than the American, both were founded upon the same ideals. And those ideals originated with men like John Locke, and also the Philosophes in France. Old Glory has a lot in common with the French Tricolour. We want to distance ourselves from that, as did our forbears who replaced the Stars and Bars with the Stainless Banner. The South has always stood opposed to such revolutionary forces, even from our earliest days, when during the English Civil War the Southern colonies sent men to fight for the king, whereas the Northern colonies fought for Parliament and the future Cromwellian dictatorship. In fact, after Charles I was martyred, Virginia and Maryland invited Charles II to come and reign in Virginia. We were the only part of the entire British Empire of the time to never accept Cromwell as the ruler of Great Britain. If that doesn’t tell you something about how deep our anti-egalitarian roots run, nothing will.

      • Paul Lovett

        The two revolutions were separate. You are dismissing the Black Regiment as they lead from the front. If you believe that rights are granted by the King and not given by God then you are supporting the divine right of kings to rule over us. The battling cry was that “Christ is Our King.” My concern is not with egalitarianism but with truth. Rights are from God, and no man has a divine right to rule over us.

        • Virginian Secessionist

          I fail to understand what the Black Regiment has to do with anything I’ve discussed. I never even brought them up. Red herring.

          First of all, rights coming from God does not conflict with the Divine Right of Kings. I would recommend reading all of the Trew Law and all of Basilikon Doron. It will give you a better understanding of what Divine Right actually means.

          The problem with the rallying cry, ‘Christ is Our King’ as a cry against monarchy is that it is directly counter-Scriptural. Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world. He is our heavenly King, not our earthly king. He is not, nor has He ever been, in conflict with our loyalties to earthly government of any variety. In fact, when giving Moses the Law, God specifically laid out rules for how Israel’s future kings were to act, because God always intended to bless Israel with a monarchy. In Proverbs, among other Old Testament books, monarchy is treated as a good thing. Peter’s first epistle explicitly tells us to ‘Honour the king.’

          If you are concerned with truth, then you will note the truth that Cromwell was a Puritan, just like the founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
          If you are concerned with truth, you will note the truth that after the fall of the Puritans, the Whigs took up their social policies while abandoning their strict religious stringency.
          If you are concerned with truth, you will note the truth that the Whigs are directly responsible for the end of the Stuart monarchy (and the South was very pro-Stuart) and the rise of the Hanoverians. This effectively removed from power an Anglo-Celtic dynasty, whose close blood ties not only to mother Britain, but to her colonial subjects, ensured a positive relationship, and replaced them with a foreign, German dynasty. The alienation of the American colonies did not begin until the rise of the House of Hanover.
          If you are concerned with truth, you will note the truth that the Whiggish ideal was adopted by the New England colonies, and that they have always been Whiggish at heart.
          If you are concerned with truth, you will note the truth that President Davis admitted that the Yankees of 1860 were no different than their forefather, Cromwell, for whom their ancestors fought and against whom our ancestors fought.
          If you are concerned with truth, you will note the truth that Cromwell, the Whigs, and the Yankees have all advanced the very egalitarian principles against which the South has always stood.
          If you are concerned with truth, you will note the truth that the South is a traditional, hierarchical society. We have always rejected egalitarianism. That is the truth.

          • Paul Lovett

            I mentioned the Black Regiment because they were Christian clergy who stood up against the tyranny of the Crown, which you appear to favor. The divine right of kings is unscriptural, and is pagan in origin. You think you are someone special because you are from the South. I have news for you buddy; I’m an American and I oppose those who support tyranny. And I’m a proud Yankee born and raised in the Great State of New Jersey. I am proud of my heritage. You can be proud of your heritage, but I’ll be damned to allow anti-American propaganda to go unanswered. And, by the way, your pal “Jon” lives close by in Augusta.

            • Virginian Secessionist

              So you’re not even Southern? Well, that explains a lot.

              The Divine Right of Kings is not pagan in the slightest. That’s a Whiggish lie. Unless you consider the books of Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, Psalms, Proverbs, and I Peter to be outside the Canon. Have you even read the Trew Law or the Basilikon Doron? Or do you merely parrot what others have told you?

              I think I am Southern because I come from the South. Hell yes that makes me special. We are a proud and unique people. That IS special.

              What I speak is the unvarnished truth from the annals of history. ‘Tis you who spouts propaganda. Not exactly sure who ‘[my] pal “Jon”‘ is supposed to be… Most likely another of your red herrings.

            • Paul Lovett

              The guy on the video. I just assumed that you were part the group on the webpage. Listen “special guy.” You are red blooded like any other so your supremacy attitude don’t sit well with most Americans. Many in the South allied with the British to bring my country down during the War Between the States (or the War of Northern Aggression as you Southern guys like to call it). As a Yankee I resent the fact that your people allied with our enemy: the British. The war was a big mistake, and the North was wrong for imposing the tariff- and reconstruction was plain evil but make up your mind on what side you are on? Are you an American or not? We have enough problems already with illegal immigration, affirmative action, and a whole host of communist crap with Obamabots running wild at Walmart during the EBT glitch. I have no beef with you, but when you disrespect my American heritage and shit on Old Glory and the Constitution then you just made yourself an enemy. I want to just agree to disagree, and focus on saving my White America as it is being overran by Third World invaders. You do your Southern Nationalist thing, and I’ll just do my American Nationalist thing- and keep out of each others way because Old Glory won’t dip for anyone. I don’t need anymore enemies because the Left has filled my plate enough as it is.

            • Virginian Secessionist

              I see. Well, I have never met him in person. So I honestly didn’t expect you to mean him when you brought the name up out of the blue.

              My attitude isn’t one of supremacy. It’s one of nationalism.

              And your attitude about the WSI is historically incorrect. We never intended to bring your country down. All we wanted was independence. It was YOUR country that invaded OURS to bring US down. Remember? As a Southron, I resent the fact that your people invaded my country.

              I am not an American. At least not in any sense beyond that in which a Brazilian, a Mexican, and a Canadian are American: because they live on the American continent. In that sense, yes, I am American. But as you mean it? No, I am not American. I am Southern. You can have your WN up north. We have no need for it here. We are Southern Nationalists. We don’t want to be your enemy. It is you that decides we must be enemies. You came here, challenged our beliefs, and told me that if I don’t think like you, I am your enemy. If you aren’t looking for enemies, don’t come here trying to make some.

  • Paul Lovett

    Do you guys regard yourselves as Americans? And if not then why are you here? I mean if you are not loyal to the constitution then what does that say about the idea that you are treading towards sedition?

    • Virginian Secessionist

      No, we are not Americans as you mean it. We are Southrons. We are loyal to our States. My State, the Commonwealth of Virginia, not only predates your Constitution, but predates your home of New Jersey, and even predates the Massachusetts Bay Colony. My loyalty is to the Virginia that has stood for 406 years. If you have a problem with that, you might want to take it up with those famous Founding Fathers Patrick Henry and Lighthorse Harry Lee. Of your Constitution, to which you would have us pledge undying allegiance, Patrick Henry said, ‘I smell a rat.’ Of the right place for loyalty, Harry Lee said, ‘Virginia is my country. Her do I obey.’

  • Paul Lovett

    Kiss my Yankee ass. Go ahead give me a down arrow because it only emboldens me to stand for America even more. God Bless America. Long live the Republic. Old Glory won’t dip for anyone!

    • Virginian Secessionist

      Nor will the Bloodstained Banner, which has been the flag of my country for 148 years…

    • Long Live Dixie

      I really appreciate comments like this from Yankees. Too many Southrons are on the fence in regards to the American identity. Your attitude very clearly shows that the American identity exists in opposition to the Southron identity.

      • Paul Lovett

        You hate Yankees. I was sympathetic to your movement as an outsider. Now I know the truth about your group. Your identity is in opposition to America because of your hatred. There are some good Southern people, but you don’t qualify because you despise Northerners.

        • Virginian Secessionist

          We don’t hate Yankees. We hate it when Yankees look down their noses at us. We hate it when Yankees try to pretend that their definition of ‘America’ should apply to the rest of us. We hate it when Yankees burned our country to the ground. But we don’t hate you, as a person.

          • Charles Cook

            Well, I do. But I’m kind of a fish out of water on that one.

            • Charles Cook

              And don’t worry about convincing it to reason with you. It’s amazing that it isn’t coming on here accusing all of us of being inbred, toothless and uneducated in the manner that the despicable things often do after a natural disaster hits one of our states or something else comes up.

  • Paul Lovett

    My Southern friend said that you are a good group so for his sake I’ll leave you be because I respect him. As for hating Yankees you can stick that into your sweet tea and drink it.

  • Long Live Dixie

    I know it is pretty late to jump in here, but I was thinking about the flag’s description the other day and had a few ideas. In heraldry, white traditionally represents purity and black traditionally represents boldness. Wouldn’t it be better to redo the meaning of the colours as something like: “White represents the purity of our hearts. Black represents the boldness of our cause.”? Honestly, “White for European heritage” doesn’t do much for me. It sounds as if we’re choosing the flag’s colour just to match our race. That’s not very traditional or imaginative. Moreover, Europe is not specific. Dixie is a product primarily of the British Isles.

    Additionally, we have no connections to Burgundy or Royalist Spain, but we do have connections to Ulster, Scotland, and England. What’s more, assigning the Saltire only to our Celtic heritage ignores the Anglo-Saxon founding of the South. The cross could thus be interpreted as something like: “The Saltire represents our Anglo-Celtic heritage” or “The Saltire represents our Anglo-Celtic Christian heritage” or even “The Saltire represents our Anglo-Celtic [or Anglo-Celtic Christian] heritage and harkens back to the familiar Saltires of traditional Southern heraldry.”

    The crosses of St. Patrick (Ulster), St. Andrew (Scotland), and St. Alban (Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia) all contained Saltires.

    The “X” shape does recall the Roman numeral and the French word for ten, but we are not the products of Rome or of France, so I don’t see the connection there. I’ve always thought “Dixie” came from “Dixon” as in “Mason-Dixon”.

    If we get agreement here, maybe we could put a an explanation towards the top of the site so newcomers could be familiarised with the flag. It still lacks instant recognition. A concise statement of what it means might help lessen some of the skepticism that I still see towards it.

    Those are my thoughts. I’m interested in hearing the thoughts of others.

    • Logan Smith

      “Honestly, “White for European heritage” doesn’t do much for me. It
      sounds as if we’re choosing the flag’s colour just to match our race.”

      That’s exactly what people think, which is bad, because we’re not White Supremacists or whatever, no matter how much the opposition wishes we were. Changing it from “European heritage” to “purity of our hearts” is a really great idea. The St. Andrew’s Cross itself can represent our European (Anglo-Celtic) heritage.

      • Long Live Dixie

        “The St. Andrew’s Cross itself can represent our European (Anglo-Celtic) heritage.”

        True, but part of my thought was to make the Saltire represent more than just St. Andrew. That’s why I mentioned the Anglo-Saxon and Ulster Saltires. The Southern people are a coming-together of the nations of Britain, so a flag that symbolises the English, Scottish, and Ulster portions of our heritage seems more appropriate than one that just symbolizes the Scottish portion. I know a lot of SNs like to focus mostly on Scotland, but I think that unfairly downplays the English and Ulster parts of our heritage.

        • Logan Smith

          How do we disagree?

          I didn’t mean St. Andrew’s to only represent Scotland, I thought it was just a general term for a sideways cross. That’s why I added “Anglo-Celtic” in there.

          • Long Live Dixie

            How do we disagree?

            I believe we have disagreed on racial matters in the past, with you favouring a more universalistic approach and me favouring a more exclusive approach. That’s what I was referring to.

            I didn’t mean St. Andrew’s to only represent Scotland, I thought it was just a general term for a sideways cross.

            St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland. The term for a sideways cross is “saltire”. St. Andrew is one of several saints represented by a saltire.

            Here is the flag of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia. It is based on the saltire of St. Alban.


            • Logan Smith

              Well, than I meant to say “saltire”.


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