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Podcast: ‘New South’ failure & the destruction of Southern cities

February 20, 2013

Hunter Wallace is the editor of Occidental Dissent and Confederate Renaissance. In this interview he talks about several news stories which point to the destruction of major Southern cities and the ideology behind the failed ‘New South.’ Wallace discusses Atlanta restaurants now charging a security surcharge to protect customers; Birmingham’s Third World schoolsMemphis’ attack on Southern heritageattempt to force racial integration on the White suburbs and plans for a new MLK Plazaproposed racial hiring quota in Arkansas and Rand Paul’s (R-KY) pro-amnesty Tea Party response to Obama’s State of the Union address. Also see Hunter Wallace’s earlier SNN podcast on the rise of the ‘New South.’

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Collapse of Birmingham

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  • KYSouthron

    Becoming more diverse, progressive and cosmopolitan are really not desirable traits of a so-called “New South.” It is more like a delusional characteristic. A “new and improved” sales pitch is on the rise. One city doing such is Clarksville, TN. It is being promoted as the “Gateway to the New South.” Other past names include, The Queen City, Queen of the Cumberland, and Tennessee’s Top Spot, a new “brand” and official nickname, introduced in 2008. Too many places are in a popularity race to the top spot. Meanwhile, local culture and community is being sacrificed.

    • Jim

      The new and improved pitch will have no effect whatsoever on the Northeastern establishment. They’ll be satisfied with nothing less than total destruction. Why should we remake our country at the behest of hostile outsiders, anyway?


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