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Why do ‘The Young Turks’ hate White Southerners?

January 29, 2013

Leftist news commentators angrily attack Southerners

The Young Turks express their hatred and anger at Southerners for supporting self-determination

The Young Turks express their hatred and anger at Southerners for opposing Federal domination

According to The Young Turks, a Left-wing political daily news commentary program that bills itself as ‘the largest online news network in the world,’ White Southerners are ‘losers’ and ‘traitors’ because they believe in self-determination and oppose blending their people out of existence. This was their response to a proposal by Mississippi State representatives to create a nullification committee to review Federal laws to determine whether or not they comply with the limitations on the central government set forth in the US Constitution. The Turkish hosts of this US program, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, directly addressed Southerners and asked, ‘Ok, now you want to get your ass kicked again? Ok. You losers! Is that what you want? Ok. You un-patriotic, un-American people who are traitors to this country. Ok. So you were traitors before and we had to kick your ass back into line. You want to do it again?’ The hosts then went on to say that they had been to the South and visited Southern casinos and liked the South. They then laughed briefly, as if to imply that casinos were the only thing they liked about the South. The Young Turks then invoked examples from history where the US Federal Government used force against Southerners for defying Federal mandates such as forced integration under Dwight Eisenhower. The hosts claimed that Southerners were an ‘embarrassment’ for standing up to the Feds and went on to say ‘it was immoral, it was sickening and it was wrong to oppose Washington, DC.’  They then went on to attack Southern voters who oppose miscegenation and blending their people out of existence. They said, ‘you lost, you’re going to lose again, and I guess that makes you incredibly bitter.’ From there, they attacked Mississippi specifically, saying that ‘without the rest of the US, you would be lucky to be Guatemala.’ In fact, Mississippi, with a population of less than 3 million people, has a gross domestic product (GDP) of $98 billion while Guatemala, with a population of over 13 million people, has a GDP of just $74 billion. There is no comparison; Mississippi is far more wealthy than Guatemala or other Third World countries.

Why do The Young Turks hate Southerners and threaten violence against them? Though they may be foreigners, these commentators have imbibed the anti-Southern and anti-White attitudes which prevail in the US media. In general, they have absorbed the intense hatred for the South that is common in many Northerners. Notice too that their hatred is based on Southern resistance to Federal intervention in their society. Specifically, The Young Turks express anger at Southerners for supporting self-determination and opposing miscegenation. And yet, what ethnic or cultural group on Earth does not support self-government and the preservation of its people? If any such group gave up support for these things they would quickly be eliminated from the pages of history.

Hatred of White Southerners is quite common in the United States. For example, a recent scientific study revealed that non-Southern children in the US acquire from the culture around them a strong bias against Southern-speaking people at a young age. Hollywood has also recently produced two extremely anti-Southern films (one of which glorifies murdering Southerners). This led Rush Limbaugh, the most listened to talk radio host in the United States, to argue on his program that the US Left wants to ‘finish off’ the South. Anti-Southern attitudes such as the ones displayed by The Young Turks prompted nineteenth century Southern nationalists to argue to their fellow Southerners that the real problem with the US system was not so much the Constitution itself, but rather the people with whom they had unwisely united. Professor Eric H Walter writes on page 297 of The Fire-Eaters:

As William L. Yancey said… the fire-eaters thought that “the disease, which preys on the vitals of the Federal Union, does not emanate from any defect in the Federal Constitution – but from a deeper source – the hearts, heads and consciences of the Northern people.” …Other fire-eaters agreed. Convinced that the hostile, irresponsible, and insurmountable political power of the North imperiled southern rights, honor, and traditional liberties, the fire-eaters counseled secession.

Mississippi’s Secession Commissioner Fulton Anderson argued before the State Assembly of Virginia in 1861:

An infidel fanaticism, crying out for a higher law than that of the Constitution and a holier Bible than that of the Christian, has been enlisted in the strife, and in every form in which the opinions of a people can be fixed and their sentiments perverted. In the schoolroom, the pulpit, on the rostrum, in the lecture-room and in the halls of legislation, hatred and contempt of us and our institutions, and of the Constitution which protects them, have been inculcated upon the present generation of Northern people. Above all, they have been taught to believe that we are a race inferior to them in morality and civilization….

Is not the anti-Southern attitude that Anderson spoke of a century and half ago painfully evident today in the words of The Young Turks? Attitudes such as this led Southern nationalist leader Robert Barnwell Rhett to exclaim, ‘The South must dissever itself from the rotten Northern element.’ Indeed. Why should Southerners remain in an abusive relationship with a people who hate them and regularly force their bizarre morality and Leftpolitical ideals upon a culture and people they disdain? It is little wonder that millions of Southerners today want out? According to a recent PPP poll, half of Georgia Republicans, for example, want independence. The League of the South is working to make Southern self-determination a reality. Southerners who have had enough of the hatred directed against them by the US media and government are invited to join the effort.

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  • cinaed57

    Dwight Eisenhower enforced integration in Little Rock, Arkansas and JFK enforced it at Ole Miss, but neither of them enforced integration in Chicago, Illinois, or Boston. So, WTF??? There’s more to this than meets the eye, and the excellent book The South Under Siege: 1830-2000 by Frank Conner does not answer those questions.

    • taxsanity

      Are you kidding Cinaed? Racial integration was in Chicago and Boston already. Yes, most schools were overhwelmingly black in Chicago, and still are, because most neighborhoods are that way too.

      Still, to compare Alabama where the governor would use military force to keep some citizens out of school because of their skin color, to Chicago or Boston schools, is pretty typical of the delusional, juvenile, fact free responses I see from Confederate sympathizers. Try at least to get your facts right

      • cinaed57

        taxsanity you are the delusional one. It is precisely because of hypocrisy like yours that Southerners like me are ready to fight again. This hypocrisy will not stand. My question is actually a simple one. Outside groups targeted specific areas in the South for integration activism. They did not target Chicago or Boston. It is invidious of you besides hypocritical to castigate the South because certain governors acted within the law to enforce state laws. Certain groups targeted Little Rock, and Ole Miss as examples of the South because the South had schools for both segments of the population. Blacks were not clamoring to gain entrance into those schools, and whites were not demanding entrance into historically black schools.
        And even after historically white schools are now integrated, the historically black schools still exist. Why do they need them if they now have access to everything? The intent is to destroy the South, not help blacks. The blacks have been utilized as pawns by greater forces.

      • http://mybacksass.blogspot.com Connie Chastain

        Years ago, a proSouthern internet group had a member, a yankee sympathizer from Minnesota. Once we were discussing turmoil that accompanied forced integration in the South, and the media’s forever-focus on Little Rock. The fellow from Minnesota said this never, ever got media attention, but when schools in that state were desegregated (not all of them were voluntarily integrated), white parents went to the schools, surrounded the buildings and locked arms to keep black kids out… he didn’t know if documentation existed for this; he was speaking as a personal witness of it….

        • Michael

          Some Northerners, especially in working class areas of Boston and also Michigan did oppose forced integration. George Wallace had a great deal of support in these States.

  • BluegrassOrphans

    Well, the real problem here is. He goes off on a rant that has nothing to do with this simple but good thing Mississippi is wanting to do. He talks of us being immoral but in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ his very actions and words on this show was immoral, remember we have to pull our mote out of our own eye before we go talking about pull the mote out of your bothers eye. He was basically promoting violence against people, saying it will happen pretty much acting as if he would like it to happen.

    He wanted to turn checking the federal government’s laws and its consitutionality of those laws as racial bigotry that took place in the 1800’s. This is a good way to stamp out all poltical dissent of any kind for any kind of people’s. To be honest. To say the South is a national embrassment is quite strange. I think the U.S. Empire in itself is a world embrassment, its actions since its creation is an embrassment to the world and not only that slavery was practiced since the start of the U.S. and yankees loved it. So to me it appears this guy didnt listen much in his social studies class but then again the government run schools dont want you to know this kind of stuff.

    I have to say this is was the most outright hate I have ever seen come out of media for southern people. This was very blunt and well they didnt hide it. At least mainstream media likes to hide its agenda a little bit. I would suggest if the Young Turks were real gentlemen they would invite some of us here at the Southern Nationalist Network for a conversation on this matter and talk about the actual subject and then address thier immoral, hateful attitudes towards southern people. I dont give one hoot about the Republican Party or the U.S. or these old men republicans in the South who have racial bigotry sown into thier hearts. But to attack to the State of Mississippi for taking up a simple action in which all states should take up clearly has nothing to do with raical hate. I find thier comments quite hateful and immoral.

    Prehaps we should talk about the Yankees wanting to leave the so called “perfect union” during the War of 1812 and call them traitors ? yeah ? national embrassment ? yeah ? The ignorance. seesh.

    • Jim

      “Prehaps we should talk about the Yankees wanting to leave the so called “perfect union” during the War of 1812 and call them traitors?”

      Before that, and after. They threatened it at least four times, Once, even over Slavery.

      “national embrassment ?”

      Whose nation, our or theirs?

  • Jim

    “Ok, now you want to get you ass kicked again? Ok. You losers! Is that what want? Ok. You un-patriotic, un-American people who are traitors to this country”

    Firsst of all, Southerners are the true Americans, it’s the Yankees who are traitors. Yankees came to America in 1630, 22 years after America was founded in Virginia. They stole our country, our land, our flag and our Identity. The Yankee is like a man who walks into your house, claims it as his own, then forces you to live by the rules in “his House.” Or else, he kicks you out. Yankees are claim jumping, identity thieves.

    Second of all, I don’t need Turko-Yankee Mulahs lecturing me about what is and what is not American.

    “now you want to get you ass kicked again?”

    This is not 1861. There won’t be another “march to the sea”. All of the military power has shifted to the South and the West, including the manufacturing base. Yuppies, Trendy-Leffties and Guidos make lousy soldiers. The North sends the fewest recruits to the Armed Services of any region. Not only are Yankees a minority in the Armed services, they’re not well liked by their fellow soldiers/airmen/seamen. If the South drops out, the Interior West will propbably go too. If that happens, the only thing the Yankees will do is starve. Period.

    Alex Jones had these characters on his show and they disagreed with him at every turn. The few Copperheads he hears from, have convinced him that this is not a North Vs. South argument. It is. It always has been, since 1630.

    Southerners need to realise that THEY ARE AMERICANS. Yankees are foreign, fanatical usurpers and invaders. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Virginians and Southern men, founded America. Not Guido and Vinny Greaseball from Joisey. And certainly not these Asiatic, Turco Mongolian savages. The American Flag is the original “Rebel Flag”, created by George Washington, for his Southern army. The New England Yankees adopted it later and with resistence.

    Southern= American. Yankee= Foreigner.. Don’t let Yankees convince you otherwise. They and they alone are responsible for destroying the Republic of Jefferson and Washington.

    • Jim

      View of the Yankee People
      by a Confederate officer captured at Gettysburg, writing to some friends
      on another subject when his mind turned to the Yankees.

      “They believed their manners and customs more enlightened, their intelligence and culture immeasurably superior. Brim-full of hypocritical cant and puritan ideas, they preach, pray and whine. The most parsimonious of wretches, they extol charity; the most inveterate blasphemers, they are the readiest exporters; the worst of dastards, they are the most shameless boasters; the most selfish of man, they are the most blatant philanthropists; the blackest-hearted hypocrites, they are religious fanatics. They are agitators and schemers, braggarts and deceivers, swindlers and extortioners, and yet pretend to Godliness, truth, purity and humanity. The shibboleth of their faith is, “The union must and shall be preserved”, and they hold on to this with all the obstinacy peculiar to their nature. They say that we are a benighted people, and are trying to pull down that which God himself built up. “Many of these bigots express great astonishment at finding the majority of our men could read and write; they have actually been educated to regard the Southern people as grossly illiterate, and little better than savages. The whole nation lives, breathes and prospers in delusions; and their chiefs control the spring of the social and political machine with masterly hands. “I could but conclude that the Northern people were bent upon the destruction of the South. All appeared to deprecate the war, but were unwilling to listen to a separation of the old union. They justified the acts of usurpation on the part of their government, and seem submissive to the tyranny of its acts on the plea of military necessity; they say that the union is better than the Constitution, and bow their necks to the yoke in the hope of success against us. A great many, I believe, act from honest and conscientious principles; many from fear and favor; but the large majority entertained a deep-seated hatred, envy and jealousy towards the Southern people and their institutions. They know (yet they pretend not to believe it) that Southern men and women are their superiors in everything relating to bravery, honesty, virtue and refinement, and they have become more convinced of this since the present war; consequently, their worst passions have become aroused, and they give way to frenzy and fanaticism. We must not deceive ourselves; they are bent upon our destruction, and differ mainly in the means of accomplishing this end. However, much as sections and parties that hate each other, yet, as a whole, they hate us more. They are so entirely incongruous to our people that they and their descendants will ever be our natural enemies.”

      • cinaed57

        He was right. They are our enemies still. It doesn’t matter what the constitution says; it never matters when compared to the frenzied goals northerners entertain.

    • tim

      Jim – yes because of their “conquer – all” “fix all” attitudes,

      the US gov along with their yankee citizens backing ,are the reason why the rest of the planet hates them……….hear me yanks????????????

      We wont even need military nor gun power next time we fend them off cause that will be when dollars are as worthless as manure and it will be a matter of survival . and guess who cant hunt and build a fire? or who will commit suicide when they have to eat possum or starve ha ha ha ha oh man my side is hurtin

      we wont even need the guns not military – not for any battles anyway, well have it by the horns my buddy

    • spiritus Germaniae

      Ah, ah, I have to make a correction. We need to drop Washington. I’ve got the proof. Take a look at these facts:

      from: http://www.historynet.com/george-washington-hero-of-the-confederacy.htm

      – On June 8, 1783, just two years after his triumph at Yorktown, Washington sent a message to all the state governors, urging them to downplay local jealousies in order to strengthen the Union. He wrote:

      [I]t is indispensable to the happiness of the individual states, that there should be lodged somewhere, a supreme power to regulate and govern the general concerns of the…republic, without which the Union cannot be of long duration. That there must be a faithful and pointed compliance on the part of every state, with the…proposals and demands of Congress, or the most fatal consequences will ensue; that whatever measures have a tendency to dissolve the Union, or contribute to violate or lessen the sovereign authority, ought to be considered as hostile to the liberty and independency of America, and the authors of them treated accordingly….[W]ithout an entire conformity to the spirit of the Union, we cannot exist as an independent power.

      – Three years later, with the need for a stronger federal government even more apparent, Washington wrote to future Chief Justice of the United States John Jay in August 1786, ‘I do not conceive we can exist long as a nation without having lodged somewhere a power, which will pervade the whole Union in as energetic a manner, as the authority of the state governments extends over the several states.’

      – In late 1786, the inhabitants of western Massachusetts took up arms against monetary policies imposed by their own elected government. Historian Edmund S. Morgan wrote that Washington “was outraged by the very idea of rebellion against a republican government…in the years that followed the winning of independence, as the power of Congress continued to wane, his great worry had been that the failure of the states to support the union would `destroy our national character, and render us as contemptible in the eyes of Europe as we have it in our power to be respectable.”

      – Washington wrote to the Irish patriot Sir Edward Newenham in 1788 that, under the new Constitution, the United States would be ‘nearer to perfection than any government hitherto instituted among men.’ He agreed with Jefferson, who confided to him in 1794, ‘I can scarcely contemplate a more incalculable evil than the breaking of the union into two or more parts.’

      – As president, Washington was true to his principles. To put down the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 — the first major insurrection against the authority of the United States — he used military force, demanding that federal law be obeyed. […] Calling on the militias of Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to stop the armed rebellion against a federal excise tax on distilled spirits, the president announced that the military’s first duty is ‘to combat and subdue all who may be found in arms in opposition to the national will and authority.’

      – He also wrote in May 1797 to Revolutionary War general William Heath that Americans should be ‘indignant at every attempt [of those who] should presume to sow the seeds of distrust or disunion among ourselves.’

      – In 1783 Washington wrote that the first thing ‘essential to the well being, I may even venture to say, to the existence of the United States as an independent power [is] an indissoluble Union of the states under one Federal head.’ After the Whiskey Rebellion, he wrote of his satisfaction that ‘my fellow citizens understand the true principles of government and liberty [and appreciate] their inseparable union.’ As new states and their citizens joined the Union, Washington said the nation should bind ‘those people to us by a chain which never can be broken.’

      – George Washington did not share the view of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson and other leading Southerners that he was a citizen of his state first, and of the United States second. It was Henry ‘Light-Horse Harry’ Lee, Robert E. Lee’s own father, who most famously eulogized Washington as ‘a citizen, first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.’

      – After the Revolution, Washington told an English friend, ‘I clearly foresee that nothing but the rooting out of slavery can perpetuate the existence of our union by consolidating it in a common bond of principle.’ He said soberly that if the South were ever to try to divide the nation over the issue of slavery, he would ‘move and be of the northern’ part.

  • tim

    Why would ANY yankees have any comments for OUR forum if their way of life is going great.

    HELLO theyre doin what they do around the world – which is giving their UNASKED for input where its NOT asked for.

    Would OUR military force or ways that our Southern leaders do things EVEN affect you yanks if you just stay in your own living area which is the northeast??????? DUH …think about it.

    Thats the freakin mystery we Southerners been plagued by always. Stay where you understand the decisions being made by your own kind – OR go get your head checked cause you should know by now how much we care about you nosey screw ups.

    Forced Integration is nothing to blow your horn about honey

  • tim

    If we even have to fend for ourselves again – It will NOT BE like the war 1860

    we wont have to need a military cause well already have the bull by the horns

    when the US dollar loses what little value it has. All the yanks will commit suicide if they have to eat possum or poke salad. HA HA HAhah haha

    oh my sides hurtin ha ha. Yes Jim my friend, this time sure wont be anything similar. Its inevitable!

    • Jim

      They just don’t get it, Tim. In 1861, most of the U.S. Army defected to the South. That’s why the Yankees had to rebuild their army from scratch. At the siege of Petersburg, Lincoln asked where were those magnificent troops “we” had in Mexico in 1846. He was told bluntly, that they were on the other side.
      These Yankees always talk about attacking the South; With weapons made in Texas, New Mexico, Virginia and the Carolinas and wielded mostly by Southerners and Westerners. Including Nasty Guard, Most of the Armoured and heavy maneuver divisions are in the South, or the West. A lot of people in the interior West are fed up with Yankees and their arrogant insults, too. When they’re not insulting the South, they’re insulting the West and calling them stupic cowboys and sod busters. Can you see an army of yuppies and ill-disciplined guidos trying to recreate Sherman’s march? I can’t. They couldn’t survive without the South in 1861, and they really can’t now. Especially if the interior West leaves as well. We hold all the cards. All that is necessary for the South to rise again, is for Yankeedom to collapse.

      • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

        They do have the drones….any kid who’s played video games can control those damn things. It’s a good thing we can shoot them down, but I also think they would have no compunction on using them against us because they are chicken-hearts pansies.

        • Jim

          Northrop Grumman is located in Virginia and General Atomics Aviation Division is located in California. Indian Springs AFB, center of most UAV operations, is in Nevada.BAE Systems Land & Armaments, which builds the M2/3 IFV/CFV, is in Virginia. Only tank production is in the North. It wouldn’t be hard for Dixie to tool up to produce MBTs. None of the places mentioned are likely to be in reach of the Northeast, if the South and West leave the Union. Yes, there are probably Yankees in those places, but not many. If secession is an accomplished fact at that time, there’s little they can do. These UAVs have never had to contend with radar guided AAA or SAMs, as far as I know, yet. The center of tactical aircraft manufacturing is in Texas. The New York ANG isn’t likely to keep their planes operational for very long without fuel and spare parts. The bulk of the armaments industries are in the South and West, where 90% of the quality soldier material comes from, too. Besides, I believe that a lot of Soldiers and other men of quality, would flee the North for points South and West. I think that the Yankee enclaves in Ecotopia will bug out for the north and east, as well, not wanting to live in “red states” anymore. Especially since their Liberty, Prosperity and life destroying ideology would no longer be tolerated, much less acknowledged. The Mexicans in Mexifornia certainly won’t tolerate them. I forsee a Southern Republic, and allied Western Republic(s)., and a crumbling Yankeedom comming about on the NA Continent. Other than some pin pricks and a few skirmishes, the Yankees won’t do much other than wither away. Which leaves us to preserve, cherish and protect the original vision of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. We are, after all, the First and Original America.. Not the New England monster that got loose and destroyed it all.

          • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

            It’s true about military retirees as I live in an area replete with them. Some are military contractors now, but they made the choice to live here rather than somewhere else…climate, low taxes and friendly people is why they come here. I haven’t found one yet that is a complete yank moron, although I am sure I will eventually.

            • ScottNevets

              You have low taxes because $0.20 of every federal tax dollar I pay in goes to your state. You’re welcome.

      • Jim

        The Stats on which states send the most men to the services.


      • ScottNevets

        How can you possibly win a war against the U.S. military who could drop one bomb and wipe you all out? You guys are talking about how much the northern guys are pansies and wouldn’t make good soldiers. This isn’t 1865 where you’d be in a field with rifles and bayonettes. It would be a nuclear war. And, no matter where the military bases are located (many in the south), they belong to the United States and would be used against a southern (or any) uprising. This war would last about 30 minutes.

        • Virginian Secessionist

          First of all, nobody is advocating a war. We seek peaceful secession.
          Second, you are assuming that the military (majority of which is Southern) would be against its own people.
          Third, you are assuming Uncle Sam would risk irradiating his own lands (the inevitable side-effect of nukes so close to home, this isn’t 1945, nuclear weapons are much more potent these days) just to wipe out 1/3 of his territory rather than let it be independent.
          Fourth, you are assuming the rest of the world would tolerate the use of nuclear weapons.

  • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

    It is quite evident these Turks have imbibed the “Honest Abe” flavoured Kool-Aid, with a “Tyrant Obama” twist.

    They’re just a bunch of drunk jackwagons who don’t know their camels from a hole in the ground. Jihad somewhere else, douches!

    • DarthJ

      Haha! :D

  • http://mybacksass.blogspot.com Connie Chastain

    Couldn’t help but leave a comment over there…. snarky one:

    Get our asses kicked again? By the likes of you pretty boys with soft hands, who eat spinach quiche and drink latte and give up your guns? LOL! That’s a good one. Consider taking it to Comedy Central….

    • Jim

      In one hairy ear and out the other, Ms. Connie. Yankees can’t hear anyone over their own, shrill voices. Which they love to hear above all else.

  • DarthJ

    Everything they said would have been applicable to the way their namesake, the Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire, treated the Armenians. We all know how great the genocidal Young Turks were- after killing over a million (some estimate 3 million) innocent people. Says a lot.

  • bushwacker

    Most of you would consider me a Yankee because I live in the midwest. All I can say is I am a Southern at heart and support the movement to finally settle the score after 150 years of northern aggression waged against the South. The South will not only have the support of the Western states, but many that live in the red enclaves of the midwest. Many in my part of the country despise the northeast and east and will throw our support toward our friends in Dixie. The South will win this time!

    • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

      I would say you’re a Copperhead, then bushwacker.

      Deo Vindice!

    • Virginian Secessionist

      I agree with CP. Copperhead is a better term for one such as you. “Yankee” is a derogatory name reserved for those Northerners who actively hate the South and actively seek to control the whole empire for themselves (to the detriment of Southrons, Westerners, Cascadians, Vermonters, Alaskans, etc). We are thankful for the friendship of good folk like you. Hopefully your States will secede and form their own country, as well. And together, as allies, we can defend each other from Federal tyranny.

      • bushwacker

        Thank you for the reply Virginian Secessionist. I will wear the Copperhead label with pride. As far as the future, the Southrons have a common purpose, culture and history and thus have a better chance of achieving independence than the midwestern states. My best option is to flee to my neighboring state of Missouri if the “proverbial you know what hits the fan”.

    • Jim

      The name Bushwacker, sounds Missouri Confederate. Most people I know from Missouri, which is about 16, including a childhood friend, consider themsleves to be Southern. They speak the Souhtern language and dislike Yankees. Now St. Louis, I’d have to say that although it’s geographically in Misssouri, it’s culturally and politically tied to Illinois. The few Missourians that call themselves Yankees, hail from there.

      As far as the Interior West is concerned, I’d say that most folks there are fed up with Yankees, too. When they’re not slandering the Southern “rednecks”, they’re slandering Western “Cowboys” and “Sodbusters.” The South and the West are natural allies, no doubt about that. Working together, they could starve and freeze the North into collapse. The Trendy-Lefties on the PacRim would probably flee to the east. The Mexican invasion and lack of a work force would ensure that. Yuppies can’t survive without the White working classes they hate, and the Mexicans won’t let them survive.
      Yankeedom and Yuppiedom, often the same thing, are a millstone around the necks of Southerners and Westerners.

  • Jim

    I will say this, Yankees like to throw the words traitor and treason around a lot. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were traitors. Anyone who believes in the Constitution and obeying Constitutional laws, is a traitor. Bowing to the wishes of Boston and New York, however, is Patriotic. Adopting the agenda of Yankeedom is Patriotic. In short, being a Yankee is Patriotic. Anything else is treason. Anything outside of Yankeedom, is not America. I say we should kick the North out of the Union and let them deal with all the countries itching to settle a score with Yankeedom. It’s no accident that 911 happened where it did. Even the Mulahs know from wence the trouble comes. In closing, neither I, nor anyone else swore allegiance to a pack of dysgenic, ill bred savages who want us dead.

    • Virginian Secessionist

      As I keep reminding them, “I am no American. I am a Virginian and a Southron. My loyalty is to Virginia and to the Southron People. I owe you and your government nothing.”

      • Jim

        I would say you are an American. The South IS AMERICA. In Middle School, I had American History to 1820. To say that it was New England Centric, is an understatement. The Virgina Colony became a minor afterthought. Massachusetts Bay Colony was accounted to be first in the formation of the Nation. The Virginia House of Burgesses was counted for naught before the Mayflower Compact and the New England Town Council. Plymouth overshadowed Jamestown. A complete reversal of the actual historical time line. The House of Burgesses was the first legislature in America, it was the forerunner of the current Government. Not the New England system. Southerners need to learn that they are the real Americans, not the Yankee and his New England claim jumping forebears. The idea that the South in “un-American” and foreign, is a Yankee lie. We should tell the Yankee that he is no American. In colonial times and much of America’s early history, he was told as much and very often. Think of it in these terms. What if the Mongols had taken to claiming that they, and only they, were the true Europeans? Furthermore, what if they claimed that White, Europeans were the invaders, the usurpers, not European? This is exactly the same situation that the Southerner finds himself in vis-a’-vis the Yankee.

        • Virginian Secessionist

          Perhaps when the name “American” loses its current baggage, I will be able to take it up again. For now, given what most non-Southrons imagine when they hear the word “American” I really don’t want that label attached to me.

          • Jim

            The more I study the Colonial History of America, the more angry I become at Yankees. Especially the early New England variety. They took our country and turned it upside down and turned it against us.

  • Harold Crews

    Considering that the Empire is putting women in its combat units if it comes to fighting we won’t have much of an opponent.


    • Jim

      Any country that sends its’ women to die in battle, is not worth fighting for. Women are too valuable, biologically speaking, to waste in contests of blood.

      • Virginian Secessionist

        Such is the ultimate sin of equality… permitting those persons who should be deemed too precious to risk… to throw away their lives…


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