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Podcast: Andy Nowicki on South Africa & the South

January 28, 2013

Andy Nowicki is professor of English at Armstrong Atlantic State University and the author of several books, including The Columbine Pilgrim and the new novel Heart Killer (see his video description of the book). He describes himself as a ‘reactionary Catholic living in Georgia’ and writes for AlternativeRight.com. Nowicki has an article about his recent trip to South Africa and investigation of the Afrikaners today that will appear in the first issue of Radix Journal. He also recorded several videos (which can been seen on his YouTube channel) in South Africa, including ones shot at the Voortrekker Monument on the Day of the Vow. Also listen to his interview on the Attack the System podcast. In this interview he talks about being a ‘sympathetic outsider’ in the South, his observations on Afrikaner nationalism in the modern anti-White state of South Africa, Orania as a possible model for other Western nationalities and parallels between Dixie and South Africa.

Click here for the audio (duration: 23:14)

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Andy Nowicki at the Voortrekker Monument in South Africa

Andy Nowicki at the Voortrekker Monument in South Africa

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  • PDK

    For what it’s worth:

    I both loathe and fear all members of the American “Alliance”. The members of said alliance stand out loud and clear as they are “card carrying” members and adherents to, the American democrat party. The democrat party is the party whose intent is to destroy America’s, Founding Fathers, free enterprise Republic, and further to mutate it into their socialist democracy.

    The members of the alliance share one common characteristic, immaturity, and the loser mentality immaturity always imbues its victims with.

    Nature charges all animal species with the act of maturing. Likewise every human is charged with his or her own personal responsibility to mature. We are all born totally helpless and exist in a “black hole center of the universe” condition, where everything goes in, but nothing comes out; where our parents must care for our every need whilst we, the infant, do nothing for ourselves and give nothing to them in return. It is from here, this totally selfish existence, that our journey begins.

    This phenomenon of maturation ultimates into two forms of physically grown individuals, both adulterated, however one is adulterated and matured, the other is adulterated and immature.

    All those of the alliance are adulterated and immature. Whatever their personal or group problems may be, they all share the same adulterated, immature character trait of loser, and further propagate the negativity of their loser mentality upon the collective of their culture.

    It should now be clear why those of the alliance back the democrat party and its pursuit of a socialist democracy, the individual does not have to mature. The card carrying members of the alliance are; white liberals, and the vast majority, if not all of, blacks, browns, Islamics and Amerindians. If you listen closely during a democrat rally you will hear their mantra being chanted, “Take from matured whitey and give to us”.

    That a black is born of a more r selective, and therefore less neotenous gene pool, which produces a physically smaller, lower IQ cerebrum and a more animalistic, tribal being, is not whitey’s fault. All blacks, just like all animal species, are charged by nature to mature. If blacks fulfill their obligation to mature, but still cannot cut the muster of the white man’s culture, then blacks simply do not belong in the white man’s world. This is true for the other minored members of the alliance as well. The white liberals of course are the whites who skirt their personal responsibility to mature and are, not only the immature, but also the ruffian rabble rousers who lead their fellow loser, immature comrades, in pursuit of the destruction of America.

    In my mind there is nothing lower than a white liberal, the Tim Wises of our race, all of them lower than the proverbial “belly of a snake”.

    Whatever burden life, or nature, has bequeath unto a given individual, it is the responsibility of that individual to deal with it appropriately and fairly. For those whose burden is too great for them to bear personally, there is always charity from one’s own kind. And by the way, for those not in the know, charity comes first and foremost from the heart, not from the wallet.

    Americas Founding Fathers culture of a free enterprise Republic is being destroyed and transmogrified into a socialist democracy. The former culture was created by non-liberal whites, for the mature humans who can negotiate with propriety, their place and way in that culture. The latter is for the losers and the incapables, who would first, parasitize the fruits of those who have worked and endeavored to become prosperous, and second, then blame their host they parasitize, rather than to mature and become the best their nature allows them to be.

    At this point in time, I both see and believe the only hope for Americas Founding Fathers culture is via a white nationalist state carved out of what remains both white and mature in America, the red or republican states. Thank you.

  • The New Silence Dogood

    Professor Nowicki is on to something.

    Places like Orania may be our best model for the future.


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