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Mississippi proposal to create nullification committee

January 28, 2013

Conservatives in Mississippi, unhappy with the continual expansion of Federal powers, have proposed creating a committee which would review Federal laws and determine if they are in accordance with the restrictions on power as mandated in the US Constitution. Erich Lach reports for TPM:

A pair of Republican lawmakers in Mississippi have proposed a bill to keep the federal government in its place, and are laying out a plan to create a Joint Legislative Committee on the Neutralization of Federal Law, which would — well maybe you can already start to guess what the committee would do.

The bill, known as the Mississippi Balance of Powers Act, was authored by state Rep. Gary Chism (R), chairman of the House Insurance Committee, and Rep. Jeff Smith (R), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. Earlier this week, the bill was referred to the House Constitution Committee.

“The provisions of this act shall serve as a notice and demand to the federal government to cease and desist any and all activities outside the scope of its designated constitutionally enumerated powers, and that attempt to diminish the balance of powers as established,” the bill reads.

Meanwhile in Washington, DC, elites from the Republican and Democratic parties agree to give amnesty to up to twenty million Third World illegal immigrants.

Also see: Oklahoma bill introduced to nullify Obamacare, Charles Rangel: We have to ‘overcome’ Southern culture and Sheriffs react to Obama’s gun orders

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  • Virginian Secessionist

    The video stopped playing at 1:46. Not that I’m complaining. The bigotry and hatred of these people is astonishing. And they wonder why we don’t want to be in union with them…

    • http://thefireeater.wordpress.com/ Cole Cleburne

      Wow….they blamed the SOUTH for the war deaths!

      We are losers and unpatriotic traitors? What a great marriage this is isn’t it.

    • Michael

      A great ‘union’ for those who rule over and exploit us.

  • Whitebird

    Michael, I am so riled by that jackass spouting off in the vid, that I guess I cant seem to find the DONATE link here on the site. Pls help me out here, before I have a stroke! lol!

    • Michael

      It’s at the bottom of our ‘About’ page, Whitebird. Thank you very kindly in advance. http://southernnationalist.com/blog/about-snn/

      I know what you mean about these anti-Southern jackasses. They certainly hate us. It shows the imperative that we be free from their types forever.

      • Jim

        View of the Yankee People; by a Confederate officer captured at Gettysburg, writing to some friends on another subject when his mind turned to the Yankees.

        “They believed their manners and customs more enlightened, their intelligence and culture immeasurably superior. Brim-full of hypocritical cant and puritan ideas, they preach, pray and whine. The most parsimonious of wretches, they extol charity; the most inveterate blasphemers, they are the readiest exporters; the worst of dastards, they are the most shameless boasters; the most selfish of man, they are the most blatant philanthropists; the blackest-hearted hypocrites, they are religious fanatics. They are agitators and schemers, braggarts and deceivers, swindlers and extortioners, and yet pretend to Godliness, truth, purity and humanity. The shibboleth of their faith is, “The union must and shall be preserved”, and they hold on to this with all the obstinacy peculiar to their nature. They say that we are a benighted people, and are trying to pull down that which God himself built up. “Many of these bigots express great astonishment at finding the majority of our men could read and write; they have actually been educated to regard the Southern people as grossly illiterate, and little better than savages. The whole nation lives, breathes and prospers in delusions; and their chiefs control the spring of the social and political machine with masterly hands. “I could but conclude that the Northern people were bent upon the destruction of the South. All appeared to deprecate the war, but were unwilling to listen to a separation of the old union. They justified the acts of usurpation on the part of their government, and seem submissive to the tyranny of its acts on the plea of military necessity; they say that the union is better than the Constitution, and bow their necks to the yoke in the hope of success against us. A great many, I believe, act from honest and conscientious principles; many from fear and favor; but the large majority entertained a deep-seated hatred, envy and jealousy towards the Southern people and their institutions. They know (yet they pretend not to believe it) that Southern men and women are their superiors in everything relating to bravery, honesty, virtue and refinement, and they have become more convinced of this since the present war; consequently, their worst passions have become aroused, and they give way to frenzy and fanaticism. We must not deceive ourselves; they are bent upon our destruction, and differ mainly in the means of accomplishing this end. However, much as sections and parties that hate each other, yet, as a whole, they hate us more. They are so entirely incongruous to our people that they and their descendants will ever be our natural enemies.”

  • Chad

    This is the type of legislation that Southern Nationalist should push their state leaders to embrace. The benefits of this legislation are numerous.First off, it will raise awareness that the states have the lawful duty and responsibility to halt federal encroachment of power.

    Second, it attempts to hold the federal government to the letter of the US constitution. Of course, the first thing that the Yankees and feds will try to do is reinterpret the US constitution to mean whatever the hell they want it to… This move, will of course backfire on the public relationships of the feds and Yankees pushing the Southern people to more quickly find an exit from the American Empire.

    • Jim

      “Of course, the first thing that the Yankees and feds will try to do is reinterpret the US constitution to mean whatever the hell they want it to”

      That’s just it, The Constitution and Bill of Rights were penned by Mostly Southerners. It was the Yankees who adopted the American(Southern) Constitution, not the other way round. There was a time when Yankees were the odd man out. The other. The not exactly American and mostly foreign oddballs. They opposed every significant development in the American polity up until the WSI.


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