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Coastal Carolina University holds forum on Confederate flag

January 25, 2013

Coastal Carolina University held an ethics discussion Wednesday evening on the Confederate flag and its place in modern society. The event was open to the public- photo by WPDE

Brianna Smith of WPDE said the main topic of the forum was to decide “where” the flag should be displayed and if South Carolina should recognize it as part of the government.

The CCU can hold a thousand forums if they want but in the end they will not have any authority about “where” the Confederate flag can and should be displayed.

  1. It was and is a part of the South Carolina government because it is part of the state’s history and its heritage.

On April 13, 2000 The New York Times reported:

In a breakthrough that seems likely to end a long and racially charged debate, the South Carolina Senate voted today to remove the Confederate battle flag from the Capitol dome and place a smaller version in a less prominent site on the Statehouse grounds.

Just a few hours earlier, the State House of Representatives passed a bill making South Carolina the last state in the Union to enact a holiday honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The King Day bill passed with no real debate in the House on an 82-to-35 vote. Because the Senate had already passed a similar bill, the measure is now almost certain to be enacted after differences on wording are worked out and Gov. Jim Hodges, a Democrat, signs it.

The flag issue has been much more divisive and has convulsed the state’s political culture for years, as black and white residents argued over whether the Confederate battle flag is a symbol of slavery and oppression, or of a noble Southern heritage.

But the compromise proposal passed today on a 36-to-7 vote, reflecting months of pressure from business and political leaders and an economic boycott of the state by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Many legislators, both black and white, who swore just weeks ago that they would never approve such a compromise changed their minds today, saying they were acting in the best interests of the state.

This act was supposed to end the “controversy” surrounding the Confederate flag but it hasn’t. Even though the NAACP agreed to it, the act was merely a stepping stone that they are still using to eradicate its existance and useful idiots like WPDE’s Brianna Smith, who do not know the difference between “succession” and “secession” are always ready to lend a helping hand.

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  • Jim

    “black and white residents argued over whether the Confederate battle flag is a symbol of slavery and oppression, or of a noble Southern heritage.”

    This argument wouldn’t exist, but for Northern agents provocateurs. One again, they define the debate.

  • UnReconstructed

    Is this not further fallout from Byron Thomas, a black student, adopting the Confederate battle flag due to some historical epiphany?

  • tim

    OK I didnt know that theres a black freddy kruger.

    Anyhoo, Yall know that the reason these type of people keep on crying
    “take it down ! ” dontcha?

    as they search every state and town for the flag, as if they are literally going on a diliberate quest or lifes mission across the country to make sure that they no longer see any confed flags

    They keep hoping that they can push us ,with the gov backing them up, untill they’ve got rid of them.

    WELL guess why theyre tring so hard – another reason is because they KNOW that according to the constitution, they cant MAKE us legally get rid or ban it (freedom of expression)

    and even if they broke the constitution, as they spmetimes do, I think people would start waving their flags more.

  • Jim

    The reason that the New England Yankees were able to take over and “Yankeeise” the the Northern Tier States and Old Northwest, or misnamed “Midwest,” is simple. In contrast to Virginia and the Carolinas, these states were mostly an unorganised frontier. They really had no developed culture, as the South did. Therefore, the Yankee found no real opposition to his scheme of domination and forced cultural assimilation. The land was ripe for his picking. Ohioans, Michiganders, etc, became Yankees without realising it. They came to accept the Yankee way as the “American Way.” In contrast, the South had a strong cultural identity. The South had been settled long before the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Southerners had a strong recognition of the fact that they were the first, original Americans. No latecomers from the far North were going to convince them otherwise. The Yankee found no fertile ground in the South for his meme, as he had done in the northern tier. Therefore, the Yankee recognised that Southern culture and history had to be erased in order to “Yankeeise” the South.
    The fact that the South and its’ culture and symbols are still under attack tody, is proof of failure on the part of the Yankee. It also proves that he recognises the significance and danger of Southern culture to his scheme. That’s why the South is always under attack by the North or its’ proxies. This latest argument is an attack by proxies of the North. Black proxies allow this to be carried out without exposing the fraud for what it is. Which it would be, if the voices speaking were those of whites with obvious Northeastern herritage.
    They learned from their mistakes in the 1960’s. There will be no more Andrew Goodmans, or Michael Schwerners, at least not oppenly.

    • Virginian Secessionist

      Reminds me a lot of the rise of English culture at the expense of the Britons. The Anglosaxons conquered much of Britannia from the Britons, driving the original inhabitants into two small peninsulas on the western part of the island. They then took the name of “Britons” for themselves, and called the real Britons “Welsh” which meant “foreigners.” They even adopted Briton heroes (such as Uther and Arthur, who had fought against and slain their ancestors) as their own. It worked so powerfully that few non-Welsh even know of this anymore, and even many Welsh are unaware of it these days. The Yankees saw this and tried to do the same to us. We must never let them succeed, or like the Britons, we will be reduced to an obscure people forgotten by most and misunderstood by those who remember us.

      • Jim

        Well, VS, having thought the matter through, I have come to a conclusion. The Southerner is a claim staker, The New England Yankee is a claim jumper. If you haven’t already, look up the Virginia Colony Charter. Even the Middle Atlantic zone from Central, Southern New York, to Pennsylvania and points west, was part of the Virginia Colony. New Yorkers, at one time, hated the New England Yankee and resisted, somtimes with force, his encroachments. Ichibod Crane and The Headless Horseman is a classic example of American contempt for the foreign, New England Yankee. As a boy in school, stories from Colonial Pennsylvania and New York were filled with a dislike of Yankees, love of Liberty and high adventure and seemed familiarly and comfortably, almost Southern. As we read them in class, I forgot that these stories were taking place in the North. They were natural and classical. It’s unfortunate for us, that New England didn’t become an independent nation, squeezed between Canada and the U.S., early in its’ history. Those people have stolen our nation, our history and our culture. The Idea that Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims, Thanksgiving and the Massachusetts by Colony are celebrated as the founding of America is as insulting as it is ridiculous.

        • Jim

          Another point. They have stolen our flag as well. The Yankees adopted our flag, we didn’t adopt theirs. The false idea that George Washington was a Vermonter and Betsy Ross a Boston seamstress, notwithstanding.


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