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US media celebrates MLK, Obama, government activism & equality

January 21, 2013

The United States media outlets are in a celebratory mood. National Public Radio (NPR) hosts are almost giddy with excitement as they reported on Barack Obama’s second inauguration, government-promoted Martin Luther King, Jr memorials, the prospect of amnesty for millions of Third World illegal immigrants and the possibility of restricting ‘assault weapons.’ The headline on NPR’s website reads: ‘Equality is “the star that guides us still still.” Another NPR headline: ‘Resolute rhetoric: Obama’s defense of government.’ Still another: ”Aggressive’ Obama defends entitlements, highlights social issues.’ All come from the Left-wing, pro-government and anti-White perspective which NPR listeners and readers know (and apparently support).

Screen shot of NPR's celebration of Obamaland

Screen shot of NPR’s celebration of Obamaland USA

Meanwhile, the equally jubilant Washington Post exclaims: ‘Nation honors Martin Luther King Jr. as first black president is inaugurated for 2nd term.’ NBC happily reports: ‘For 1st time, gay rights get shoutout in inaugural speech.’ CNN cheers ‘Obama’s ringing defense of liberalism.’ The Detroit Free Press notes that in their Third World city (which people have been fleeing in large numbers for decades): ‘Volunteers clean up 13 Detroit homes for MLK Day of Service.’ Thirteen homes out of city that has been destroyed by demographic transformation, equality and the sort of values promoted at NPR, the WaPO and NBC are hardly going to make any difference at all. At Fox News, the ostensibly ‘conservative’ major US media outlet, Juan Williams writes: ‘On Inauguration Day, King’s spirit is alive and well.’ And indeed it is in Obamaland USA.

Over at Occidental Dissent, Hunter Wallace writes:

My brother called to inform me that Beyonce had sung BRA’s national anthem. He also said something about Medger Evers’ widow giving the invocation,  a gay Hispanic poet and Obama citing Seneca Falls, Selma, and the Stonewall Riots in his speech as proof that “all men are created equal.”

Very clearly, illegal immigrants, Blacks, gay Hispanic poets, northeastern Leftists and Federal Government bureaucrats are being celebrated; their causes are being forwarded by the US government. And what of the traditional South? For White Southerners, it is difficult to imagine anything as alienating as the spectacle that grips Washington, DC and the US media today. Was Bill Maher right? Is this ‘the last hurrah for Whites?’ The US democratic process has elevated degeneracy to new heights. American universalism and ‘progress’ are the order of the day. The Southern position of civilisation and inequality is certainly out of place in Obamaland. This can only strengthen the growing secession movement in the Southern States (polls report that half of Georgia Republicans want to secede from the USA). This is a system, after all, which regards opposition by Whites to being demographically replaced as ‘racist’ and advocacy of self-determination as also ‘racist’. Everything is ‘racist.’ There is nothing left for traditionalists, conservatives and Southerners in particular, in Obama’s America. Nothing. As Hunter Wallace writes, quoting an old Southern song of defiance:

I hates the Glorious Union, its dripping with our blood, I hates the striped banner, I fought it all I could…

For Southerners who have had their fill of Obamaland USA, there is the Southern nationalist movement.

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  • The New Silence Dogood


    This article is so “dead on”.

    Ad nauseam…..

  • Jim

    “For White Southerners, it is difficult to imagine anything as alienating as the spectacle that grips Washington, DC and the US media today.”

    Spectacle should be replaced by spectre…..

  • tj.confederate

    i thought it was cool how h.k.edgerton marched in a mlk parade with a confederate flag…that guys more southern than most i know

    • Virginian Secessionist

      He is devotedly loyal to the South, a true patriot. And he gets a lot of grief for it, too. I’ve heard people call him mentally ill, and say that he needs psychiatric help, all because he is loyal to Dixie and flies our colours with pride.

  • The New Silence Dogood

    Also, don’t forget that President Obummer had at least a couple regiments of the 54th Massachusetts, Fredrick Douglass, Harriett Tubman, and an all gay marching band….


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