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Charles Rangel: We have to overcome Southern culture

January 17, 2013
Anti-Southern US Congressman Charles Rangel

Anti-Southern US Congressman Charles Rangel

New York Congressman Charles Rangel, a Left-wing and anti-White politician from Harlem, recently stated his hatred of Southern culture in a television news interview, saying:

New York is different and more progressive than a lot of areas in other states, and some of the Southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome.

Can readers imagine the US media’s howl if a White Southern official said something like this about the culture of Harlem or Detroit? We would surely never hear the end of it until they were drummed out of office. Yet, where are the demands for Rangel’s resignation for his bigoted statement?


A recent scientific study revealed that non-Southern children in the US acquire from the culture around them a strong bias against Southern-speaking people at a young age. A Southern-speaking woman was stripped of a victory on the Wheel of Fortune, a popular US television game show, for speaking English in her native dialect. Southerners saw some ugly anti-Southern bias during the recent college football championship. Hollywood has also produced two anti-Southern films (one of which glorifies violence against Southerners) in recent months. Just a few days ago Rush Limbaugh, the most listened to talk radio host in the United States, argued on his program that the US Left wants to ‘finish off’ the South. We can see that on this Limbaugh was correct – at least in the case of Charles Rangel.

Why should Southerners want to be part of a Union where they are hated and where people like Charles Rangel, who openly says that their culture must be ‘overcome,’ write the laws under which they live? Millions of Southerners do not. Polls show, for instance, that half of Georgia Republicans want independence from Charles Rangel’s Union.

H/T Rebellion

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  • Jim

    “New York is different”

    Exactly, Mr. Rangel, which is why it needs to be in a seperate nation of its’ own. It’s interesting that Yankees claim to have moved passed the WSI. Yet they are framing this whole debate, especially this firearms ban, as a war between North and South. They want another war. But unfortunately for them , it won’t turn out well this time.

  • Jim

    “Southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome.”

    Who is”we” Mr Rangel? Who says that New Yorkers have a right to dictate to the rest of the Country in general, or the South in particular?

    • Michael

      Those are good questions. He should have been asked those things in the interview.

      • Jim

        Those questions won’t be asked. The Northern public don’t even know that they’re Yankees or the origins of the Yankee. They’re steeped in the propaganda that there was not and is not, a war against the South. Even though it is a real meme and they act on it subconsciously, without realising it. To them it’s natural for New York to claim dominance over the nation. They believe that they and only they, are real Americans, so why question it? Southerners don’t count, any more than Mexicans do. In this light, it’s interesting to see how they claim Marxist, Socialist ideals are “American”, while declaring true American(Southern) ideals to be foreign, unpatriotic and “treasonous.”

        • Virginian Secessionist

          You make an interesting point about how Southerners don’t count any more than Mexicans. I was once told, “If you hate America that much, move to Mexico! They’re the real Southerners anyway!”

          • Jim

            In articles on Texas secession, I’ve seen Yankees post comments that Texas should be sold back to Mexico, to pay off the National debt. First of all, a great many Southern men died to secure Texas. A lot of blood was spilt. The soil has been sanctified and made sacred by their blood. I, for one, don’t want the fate of Texas determined by greasy, Communistic savages in New Jersey, New York and Boston.

            • Virginian Secessionist

              I wholeheartedly agree. As the son of proud Texans, I recognise how sacred her soil is. She’s already been forced to give up too much simply by becoming a State (the biggest mistake in Texian history, in my opinion). If a free and independent Texas were to lay claim to her rightful territories, I would support her in that. And nobody but Texians should have a say in the destiny of Texas.

            • Jim

              There is and old saying. As Germany goes, so goes Europe. I say; As Texas goes, so goes the South, As the South goes, so goes America. Texas will be the catalyst for Southern indenpence. That’s why Yankees attack both Texas and the South. If Texas leaves, so will the rest of Dixie and a good deal of the West, too. The South is the only thing that stands in the way of Yankee authoritarian collectivism. There is no greater poof of this than in the gun control debate. Yet, they’re in the impossible position of depending on Southern production for their food, energy and raw materials. They need us for survival, yet we will destroy there polity in the end. We’re their tar baby.

  • Virginian Secessionist

    The only thing about related to the South that he needs to overcome is his hatred of us! A man like that should either get out of office, or better yet, get his country OUT OF MINE!

    • Michael

      I’m glad that we are hated by the likes of Rangel. If a man like that liked us it would worry me.

      • tj.confederate

        i agree

    • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

      Amen VS. This guy is a cancer and the yanks can have his lying cheating rear end!

    • Jim

      As my mom used to say; “You can’t change others, You can only change yourself.” In that light, we need to change Southerners. The Yankee Puritan brainwashing needs to be undone. Many of the bad things the South is excoriated for are Yankee imports, imposed on the South by war. “Holy Rollers”, for example, are a Northern, Puritan Dispensationalist tradition. Such types have no place in the Southern religious tradition and would not exist here, if the South had prevailed in 1865. Yankee memes have to be rooted out and replaced with true Southern ideas about Religion, Society and Polity. We can’t change Mr. Rangel and his fellow countrymen, but we can change ourselves.

      • Virginian Secessionist

        We also need to refuse to apologise for our forebears. Fly our flags and show our symbols with pride.

  • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

    Charles Rangel: We have to overcome Southern culture….

    Confederate Papist: We have to overcome Charles Rangel culture…

    • Virginian Secessionist

      That made me smile. I like it.

  • Jim

    When I read articles about the South, I allways read the comments. The most vicious remarks come from Northerners, almost without exception. These remarks are arrogant, psychotic and duplicitous. They range from the arrogant idea that the South can’t survive without the North(They still think the North is as mighty as it once was.), to the South must be expelled from the Union, followed by the duplicity that the South should be destroyed for “Treason” for wanting to leave. They also seem to think that Western Red states will side with them against the South. They claim that the North should retain posession of the South’s resources, even if she leaves their Union. This reveals that they are really weak and can’t survive without our Petroleum and Coal. I never see Southerners making such vile statements. In fact, Southern posters try to make reasonable and civil arguments, but are simply ignored and passed over in the cacaphony of hate. For being such superior and well educated people, they’re a bunch of unlettered savages.

    • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

      Arrogance and government education…it’s the yank way.

    • Virginian Secessionist

      That is why our forbears likened them to the Vandal hordes. They swoop in the conquer a mighty and civilised people, plunder what they can take, live in decadence, and say, “We’re the superior ones ’cause we won the war!”

      • Jim

        “Might Makes Right.” A classic Yankee maxim.

      • VirginiaCavalier


  • The New Silence Dogood


    Who the hell needs Ghetto Charlie?

    “The Beast” (Or whatever that military vehicle is called that prowls the ghettos of Atlanta) needs to pick up Charlie’s black ass and kick him out to live with the rest of the Crips and the Bloods!

    • Michael

      lol… Good one, TNSDG.

  • mpoitevint

    This entire issue is based a non sequitur. The entire Bill of Rights was ratified to ensure that the Federal Government had no powers in those areas. Since these powers were denied the general government, they remained with the states. Hence, the general government can legally make no laws regarding guns. Only the states can. The ‘progressive’ view that the Bills of Rights are the law of the land that the general government must enforce throughout the Union is to take the entire concept and turn it on its head. Instead of limiting the powers of the general government, the basic intent of the Bill of Rights, they are instead used to give a weapon to the general government in which to dominate the states. If New York wants to ban guns, it is their right to do so. To use the Federal government to coerce the rest of the states to conform to their opinion is not only dictatorial, but without constitutional authority. Obfuscation of the facts has been a Yankee trait since ratification. As Jefferson Davis said, “We just want to be left alone”. This falls on deaf Yankee ears. It is in their vain and arrogant nature to dominate others.

    • Jim

      “If New York wants to ban guns, it is their right to do so. To use the Federal government to coerce the rest of the states to conform to their opinion is not only dictatorial, but without constitutional authority.”

      Notice how arrogant and cocky the New York crowd has gotten. They openly declare that they rule the country, or have the special right to. Even the New York Times openly proclaims NYC to be the de-facto captital.

  • PDK

    C. Rangel is a cheat who was allowed to cheat. Why would anyone listen to him in the first place? Because he totes the liberal ideology.

    Liberal ideology is not just killing our white, Founding Fathers culture of a free enterprise Republic, but also our white gene pool.

    White liberals are the cancer of our white gene pool, and will, if allowed destroy us with their absolute arrogance and stupity, itself born out of their failure to mature and perhaps their cancerous genes. Thank you.

    • Jim

      People raised in Big Sister’s nanny state, tend to think like children.

      • PDK

        Genes have a lot to do with it bro.

        • Jim

          Yep, I’d agree with that point. The Liberal intelligensia tend to be smarmy, weak characters. But a lot of their victims are normals who’ve been brainwashed to be perpetual children waiting for teacher to tell them waht to do next. This is the type you see defending the Yankee system online most often. Given a dose reality, they can change. I saw Yankee kids turned into Texans back in the 80’s. Exposure to freedom tends to do that.

  • PDK

    For what it is worth:

    Both the black and LMSM illusion, that whites have so terribly abused blacks, to the point where blacks cannot function in our culture due to said abuse forcing them so far down that everything is up to them, is so ingrained in the American psyche, most people believe it is the truth.

    So many times non-liberals fear the Gestapoed LMSM, the arm and fist of liberal ideology, so intensely, they will not, even knowing they are correct, stand up to said Gestapoed LMSM. Just let the BS fly high, and they warrant not, an aggressive attack by the GLMSM. However, here non-liberals aren`t simply afraid of the Gestapoed LMSM, they just cannot look at, and see, the truth about black dysfunction, that blacks are dysfunctional because they are incapable of higher culture creation and higher culture maintenance.

    Black, higher culture dysfunction is rooted in the black gene pools nature, more r selective, numbers over nurture, coupled with a shorter neotenous growth pattern, smaller brain production.

    Take the issue of slavery, truth be told, whites did not enslave blacks, blacks enslaved blacks. In fact, American whites liberated blacks, not once but twice from their own inherent proclivity to enslave their own kind. Their own kind being more a people who possess a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum, than a black skinned people.

    In fact, because of the physically smaller, lower IQ the black gene pool produces, enslavement of their own kind comes naturally to the Negroid sub-species of human.

    Further, when the physically smaller, lower IQed black cerebrum comes in contact with a higher culture born of a people possessing a physically larger, higher IQed cerebrum, the natural proclivity to enslave their own transforms into a natural proclivity to parasitize those higher culture, capable people.

    Therefore in America, blacks pursue a parasite/host relationship with whites.

    However, for blacks, the parasite in the parasite/host phenomenon, the problem becomes one of surviving as a parasite because the host in a parasite/host relationship has a natural proclivity to cleanse their self from the deleterious effects of a parasite, by purging said parasite. In fact, here in America, the 13% solution of black parasite/white host, has worked for a sesquicentennial; however, we are a culture being transmogrified by other parasitic peoples, both Hispanics and Islamics, and as a host cannot survive with a much higher rate of parasitism than the 13% solution, so sayeth, or evidenced by, our current, 16+ trillion dollar debt.

    Protection is offered to these parasites by white liberals who, by a fully enfranchised democracy can achieve their superiority of power in government over non-liberal whites, the matured, with the aid of the parasites. For white liberals, the immature, selfish stupidity, and not sagacity, reigns their rather small, undeveloped psyche. The expense encountered being the liberals “brother’s keeper” is simply too high.

    Once again I can only muster my fellow non-liberal whites attention to the only viable solution that protects both the white race and white, Founding Father`s culture, secession. Secession from white liberals, blacks, Hispanics and Islamics, those who see parasitizing whites as their best solution, is the only solution, and further appears to have a limited window of opportunity. It is our duty to our posterity to begin action now by conditioning our minds to this reality.

    Further, and most unfortunately, all who imbibe the liberal ideological Kool-Aide, make clear their intention of forging a single gene pool and race from our current mutually exclusive gene pools.

    Most hideously, this will lower the white gene pools, bigger, better cerebrum while simultaneously increasing the other gene pools smaller, lesser cerebrum, which benefits their evolution at the expense of our evolution, no thanks.

    From me, my posterity deserves nothing less, than what I received from my ancestors.

    “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…”, from the Preamble of the American Declaration of Independ

    • Whitebird

      I’m on onboard this ship. When do we set sail?

  • tim

    Below This is my point how the whole country wishes we would just dissapear. They wanna be us, they want our land -ALL. and they hate us cause we wont change and hand it over. It’s as simple as that

    I was in a McDonalds today at a table with two friends, and there was a woman(yankee)
    in the corner table next to us with a scraggly laptop ,
    around 58 yrs age, looked rough,

    she had been listening to us the very moment we sat down.

    Then immediatly she started talking to one of my friends on OUR conversation.

    My friend’s friend was from chicago, so she was speaking back to this woman, and eventually their conversation got to good restaurants, THEN (not my freinds friend, but the yankee started getting political, saying that there would be bigger and better things in this little town if they could vote out the locals (southerners) that are running things now and get people from other places in their place. She said they wouldnt let things change and get big fast cause their mentality needs to change. But soon , like bigger towns they wont have a choice. I had heard enough , we were leaving anyway, then she added that the town needed CULTURE -“this place needs culture so bad, theres no culture”

    yankees are so brave now in the smaller towns too, because they see how they’ve won in the bigger towns.

    If I hadnt been there with some people from my church, I know I wouldve had it out with her, thank goodness we were pressed for time and werent around her very long, inside I was furious I nor my other two friends, one Southern, one Hispanic didnt talk to her.
    But you know how northerners are always going out alone in public places hanging around strangers they have no idea about.

  • DP

    As a southern woman I don’t appreciate Mr. Rangle’s threat. I am taking a concealed gun class in Feb. I am 49 and have never felt the need because I have always been surrounded by my husband, dad, brother or son – but I took Mr. Rangle’s words personally. I don’t think I need to be “overcome”- culture or otherwise.

  • http://www.dixienet.org/ Rebel Bill

    I’m not surprised to hear Charlie Rangel say this considering we have a low intensity race war going on as we speak in the South.


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