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Podcast: Matthew Heimbach on Obama & guns

January 15, 2013

Matthew Heimbach is a Southern nationalist activist, frequent guest on the SNN podcast and organiser of the Towson University White Student Union (WSU). In this interview he discusses the possibility an Obama-led effort at further restricting gun rights in the United States. He also talks about the prospects for resistance at the State and local level. Finally, Heimbach reveals some of the exciting planned WSU activities for the coming months.

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Gun control

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  • Jim

    I know this is beating the proverbial dead horse. Here is a comment posted on Huffinton post about Steve Stockman’s call for Obama’s impeachment over a gun ban. Stockman is a Texas representative. Here is the quoted post:

    Steve Stockman? Who heck is Steve Stockman? Whomever you are, please go back home. Your one term will hopefully go quickly, and without merit. They may need you in Texas but we little need for you in our country.

    Notice the “our country” bit. Yankees always claim that they have forgotten the WSI and we should just get over it. It’s obvious that they haven’t. It’s also obvious that they recognise that we’re not of the same country. It’s also obvious that this attempt to disarm us is a Yankee scheme from beginning to end.
    The war against the South began in the 1830’s and never ended. I am convinced that if the South is independent again, the Yankees will not leave us in peace.


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