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Pro-Southern comments on Twitter

December 26, 2012

Twitter has become a leading forum for spreading news stories, memes and ideas. Southern nationalists are now using it to spread a message of independence, identity and liberty. Many ordinary Southerners, the vast majority of whom probably do not consider themselves Southern nationalists and may never have heard of the League of the South or SNN, are also using Twitter to post positive messages about the South and their Southern identity. The image below shows a few of those messages which came across my Twitter feed.

The following are a few Southern nationalist and/or pro-secession Twitter accounts you might want to check out and follow: SNNDr Michael Hill, Occidental Dissent, Secede From Union, The Fire-Eater, Capt Confederacy, Jared Shipley and The League of the South.

Note: When using Twitter to promote Southern nationalism be sure to put the # symbol before the word ‘Southern,’ as you’ll see in the image below. This will make it easy for people to search ‘Southern’ on Twitter and help us ‘trend’ the term. You might also put the #symbol in front of a phrase, such as #SouthernNationalism or #FreeDixie or #SouthernIndependence. As well, you can put the # symbol in front of multiple terms. Just leave a space between the terms which you use.


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  • Virginian Secessionist

    That warms my heart. You have no idea how happy and homesick this makes me.

  • Jim

    This is good. Contrast it with the hateful remarks by Yankees. The reluctance of many Southerners to sink to their level and make similar remarks about the North and its’ people is noteworthy.


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