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Peter Schiff on secession

December 21, 2012

Investor, author and media personality Peter Schiff recently spoke about the growing popularity of secession on his radio program. He said, ‘believe me, as things get worse and worse in America, more and more people are going to be looking at secession as a possibility.’ Schiff said that ‘even more people would want it if they knew how good it could be if they lived in an independent, free country rather than under the tyranny of the majority we have here in the United States.’ He defended the notion of secession throughout the piece and attacked Chris Matthews’ ‘totally slanted way’ of reporting on the secession petitions. Schiff made the point that it’s mostly taxpayers, not tax consumers, who want to secede. He also noted that it was not ‘sour milk’ over losing a single election, but instead a reasonable reaction to the tyranny of Washington, DC. In describing that tyranny, Schiff said that not a single State would have joined the Union after the Revolutionary War if the Federal Government had enjoyed the powers it has today. Check out the entire video below!

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  • The New Silence Dogood

    Even though I haven’t listened to the video yet, the statements above a very true.
    People will be looking for alternatives as the tyranny and ineptness in Washington continues to grow.


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