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Heimbach TV interview on anti-White agenda & Southern nationalism

December 14, 2012

Matthew Heimbach, a Southern nationalist activist, founder of the Towson University White Student Union (WSU) and a frequent guest on the SNN podcast, went on the offense against anti-White policies and spoke up for Southern nationalism in a television interview from earlier today. You won’t want to miss Heimbach’s outstanding performance!

Even though RT is much fairer than most US media sources, notice the bias in the piece. For example, Heimbach is referred to as ‘commander’ – and notice he laughs at this description. This appears to be a clear attempt to liken him to fringe groups. Notice also how the WSU is described on screen as ‘Whites only’ despite Heimbach’s explanation that the group is open to anyone as long as they agree with its goals. mew

There are always ways to make any media performance better. The only suggestions I would offer as ways to improve upon Heimbach’s excellent work would be to immediately contradict the interviewer if they referred to one as ‘commander.’ Most people are put off by anything outside of the mainstream. Therefore, we want to use titles that are very common, such as president, executive, director, etc. Also when the interviewer says that a group is ‘Whites only’ I would immediately make it clear that we are open to anyone as long as they share our goals, one of which is to eliminate the anti-Whites practices and policies of our society (or institution). The final is with regards to the Jewish question that the interviewer used to try and trip up Heimbach. This is essentially a no-win question. It’s  therefore just to trip us up; therefore it’s best to deflect it. I would answer it in the following manner:

I am not here to define who is or isn’t of what race. In the real world people know a White person when they see them. There are also diseases that are race specific and doctors now have medicines that are race specific. But that is not my field and I am not here to talk about that. What I am here to talk about is the anti-White policies in the US system and what we can do to get rid of those policies.

An answer like the one above does not capitulate on the question (it asserts that race is real, is widely known by the people and can be scientifically determined) yet it gets off that distracting subject and puts the focus right back on the anti-White agenda and how to stop it.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

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  • The New Silence Dogood

    I only listened to a portion of this interview, but this Matthew Heimbach is a very sharp young man.

    What he is doing is correct, and in this increasingly diverse/Marxist climate within the United States Empire, it will become increasingly important to “circle the wagons” so to speak and fight against the ever strengthening ant-white tide.

    Believe me, any white who has ever been in an all black environment (A school, neighborhood, etc.) has received a lesson in what “discrimination” is all about….

    I guarantee if a black person moved to my predominantly white neighborhood they would be just fine and treated like everyone else.

    Sadly, but realistically, that’s just the way it is….

  • The New Silence Dogood

    In the first sentence, the first “this” should read “the”….


    O well…..


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