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US war on the Texas accent

December 5, 2012

National Public Radio (NPR) published a feature by Matt Largey today describing how the Texas accent is disappearing. In the piece one can hear recordings of Texans from several decades ago. In it, the people sound beautifully Southern and uniquely Texan. Then you can hear the voice of some people in Texas today. The latter people sound completely deracinated. They could come from anywhere in the USA or no place at all.

The feature points to two primary reasons why the Texas accent is disappearing in many parts of the Lone Star State: immigration and shame. The article notes that about 1,000 move to Texas each day. Many of these are Third World immigrants. This is part of the US policy of replacing native populations with Third Worlders. International law (Article II of the Genocide Convention) defines such a policy as genocide, even if it is enforced peacefully rather than violently. As well as bringing in millions of immigrants from the Third World, US policies have encouraged the mass immigration of non-Southerners into Texas. The various housing booms created by the Federal Reserve as well as Federal spending projects and the US educational system have all encouraged this demographic change.

The other way in which the USA is making war on the Texas accent (and thereby undermining the identity and culture of Texans) is by encouraging Texans to be ashamed of the way they talk. The US media does this by making fun of Southerners in general (White Southerners are about the only group in the USA which it is politically-correct to insult on the basis of their ethnicity and culture). The US education system also does this. The Federal Government took over the formerly locally and State-controlled education system in the 1950s and 60s. The effect has been incredibly destructive, ruining Southern schools, especially in urban areas. Southern universities are heavily staffed by non-Southerners, many of whom often hold strong biases against the South (the university in Georgia where I did my graduate work, for example, had no Southerners in the entire history department; the historical and cultural bias of most of those professors was unsurprisingly anti-Southern). Local public schools in many parts of the South are also heavily staffed by non-Southerners, some of whom ‘correct’ Southern children when they speak with a local Southern accent. Notice in the NPR story, for example, how one Texas lady was made to feel embarrassed about her accent and has since make a conscious effort to eliminate it:

Back at Laurel Robertson’s house, she says people laughed at her when she moved from Amarillo to Austin.

“I said see-ment. I said um-brella,” Robertson says. “You know, put that accent on the first syllable. And I had to consciously learn not to do that.”

The city of Austin is full of non-Southern transplants; it is a Leftist mecca in an otherwise traditionalist State. Mrs Robertson was made to feel embarrassed in her own State by outsiders who held a negative view of the Texas accent. Sadly, she made the decision to give up that part of her culture and identity. How many other Southerners have done the same after being ridiculed in the media or by transplants?

Of course, the NPR piece, while correctly noting the forces which are destroying the Texas accent, does not make the connection to the USA itself. It does not note that the immigration is being forced upon Texans. It does not note that the anti-Southern bias is generated by the US media, the US education system and transplants from other parts of the USA. It also does not connect the disappearance of the Texas accent with the disappearance of Texans. This is truly bizarre. If Chinese were being aggressively replaced in China by non-Chinese speaking immigrants would NPR run a story on the disappearance of the Chinese language? Of course, NPR fails to make this connection because of the ideology of its reporters, staff and many of its listeners. Such people believe that anyone who moves to the US is an American and anyone who moves to Texas is a Texan. One will often hear people in the US media with such a mentality speak of ‘new Americans,’ for instance, as if crossing a line on a map and having a piece of government paper defines one’s nationality and identity. This perspective diminishes the importance of ethnicity and culture.

The destructive process described in the NPR feature is not confined to Texas. It is unfortunately happening in many parts of the South. A century and a half of US rule has been a disaster for Southerners. The US media, government and educational system are all harming the culture and identity of Southerners. This process, along with the outright demographic replacement of Texans by Mexicans and other Third World immigrants as well as non-Southern immigrants from elsewhere in the USA, could be stopped if Texas were free and independent of the Federal Government.

If you are interested in helping liberate the Lone Star State and preserve the culture and identity of Texans you can join the Texas Nationalist Movement or the League of the South. Texas is a heavily Republican State and a recent poll shows that a quarter of Republicans favour secession from the USA. Independence is no longer a fringe issue; it has moved into the mainstream of political debate. For Texans who are tired of the US war on their accent, culture, identity, heritage, economic well-being and security, secession is the solution to the Federal problem.

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  • http://www.virginiachapterleagueofthesouth.blogspot.com/ The Virginia Southron

    The same thing is happening here in VA. I get really angry looks when I talk. When I run into a person with with a southern accent I encourage them not to change the way they talk. Their accent is like listening to classical music. Hearing some nothern ilk from NY nauseates me to the max. Jus sayin. Deo Vindice

  • Virginian Secessionist

    Keep our State and accent alive, VS! Someday, when I move back home, I’ll need true Virginians like you to help me re-learn how to speak like a Virginian. Sadly, all my time away from Ole Virginny has led to the near-complete disappearance of my accent.

  • Dixiegirl

    Many have been told that they have to lose southern accents in order to work in the u.s. And in any form of editorial situation, dialect would be corrected to conform to northern conventions. When regionalism was embraced, part of a writer’s talent would show through in regard to apt descriptions of the characters. This is true for “northeast TYPES,” (like in msm, movies, etc.) But the “southern” has no TYPE… LOL, there is only one type there (redneckia racist cracker, etc.). So, there’s not any place to even express the many types in the south.

    In some ways, although a mainstream thriller, things like Just Cause sort of stand out. Northern liberal blowhards, (played by Sean Connery) come to the south to defend a black kid wrongfully incarcerated—and a black southerner covers their ass, (Larry Fishburne (sp))– since the guy did it, but there are few films that really call the liberal, or the non-southerner.

    Anyway— when your group has no REALITY, only one type presented in the universe, lol— you are just being named by others, serving the function of dump-ground for them.

  • Dixiegirl

    The North can only ‘frame’ the Southerner in terms of their own fantasies—- they project that the southerner is stupid, and/ or must feel guilty.

    Meantime, so many aren’t even from the shame-based religiosity of the north. Religious yes, but not nearly as shaming, nor humiliating. Northerners have humiliating others as a deep part of their culture. Lots of Sado-masochistic memes (like Lady Gaga and Madonna acts, that express that sort of sensibility).

    Outside of stupidity and guilt—- can’t think of any other Northern ways of framing southerners. (And they are supposed to have such delicate and sophisticated sensibilities, lol It’s like an insistence that the wbts was only about slavery

  • Jim

    I’m a Texan an I can assure this. If you go to Dallas(I live 120 miles northeast of there.) and sit in a mall with your eyes closed, you’ll be hard pressed to believe you’re not in Minnesota or Michigan.

  • Jim

    When I was in school(1974-86′) we didn’t have political correctness. We were taught to be partiotic Texans and to hate Yankees. Yes, that’s right, in school, we were taught this. We were taught to use proper English and spell correctly, because that is what civilised ladies and gentlemen do. Our history classes concerning the War for Southern Independence, taught us about the glorious victories and exploits of the Texas army. We learned about the Red River Campaign and the defeat of all the Yankee invasions of Texas. The enemy were mostly from New York and Masachussetts, which explains those two state’s special hatred for the Lone Star State. In 1979, Yankee kids began to filter in, but they were always outnumbered. Because most of them came from Prairie states like Iowa or Illinois, they became Texans. They didn’t make us Yankees. There was one family that moved in from Conecticut. They had two beautiful daughters and a son. The girls became fine Texas gals, with the accent to prove it, and the boy became a rodeo champion. The parents moved back to Conecticut and needless to say, the kids are an embarassment to their Yankee relatives. We still have all of our Confederate Memorials and no one complains. We fly the 1861-63 Flag, The Bonnie BLue and The Texas flag, as our regiments did in the war. The Yankees are none the wiser, as all they know about is The Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. None of them are aware of Edmund Kirby Smith’s Confederacy of The West.. Our Friends in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma are similarly blessed. Nothing confuses Yankee Leftists more than General Stand Waite and the Confederate Cherokees or Colonel Santos Benavides of the 10th Texas cavalry. It contradicts their notions about the “racism” of the Confederacy. That having been said, Yankeefication is noticeable in the big cities, which I avoid anyway, as I’m a big fan of the Piney Woods. Our Carolina friends would certainly appreciate them, too.

  • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

    God Bless Texas.


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