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Lew Rockwell on US tyranny, Abraham Lincoln & secession

November 28, 2012

Recently, Gary Franchi of WHDT World News interviewed Lew Rockwell, the founder of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and the webmaster of the popular libertarian blog LewRockwell.com. During their conversation Franchi asked Rockwell about the legacy of Abraham Lincoln and the question of secession, which has re-emerged as a major political issue with the success of the secession petitions and the intense media attention given them. Of course, Rockwell comes at these issues from an individualist libertarian point of view, not as a Southern nationalist. However, he is quite critical of Lincoln and the United States Federal Government. He also argues that secession is a natural right which the USA can not morally deny a people. The part of the interview which addressed these topics is excerpted below.

Click here for the audio (duration: 5:59)

Click here for the entire interview

Lincoln waged a war against Southerners to deny them self-determination, which Thomas Jefferson described in the Declaration of Independence as an ‘unalienable’ right

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