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Podcast: Matthew Heimbach on taking secession mainstream

November 26, 2012

Matthew Heimbach is a Southern nationalist activist, frequent guest on the SNN podcast, organiser of the Towson University White Student Union (WSU) and the host of a new podcast on Counter Currents. In this interview he talks about the progress of the WSU, his new podcast, the secession movement gaining ground and how to reach more people and push secession even further into the mainstream.

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  • Virginian Secessionist

    I’m currently in a debate on a forum where I am trying to highlight how our identity and push for independence are hypocritically being treated differently than the rest of the world. I’m using the term “Southron” a lot, too. It gets attention, and personally I like the term a lot. Just like “Texian.” It is a good, patriotic demonym.


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