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GC 51: Secession, nationalism & immigration

November 20, 2012

Today on the Golden Circle podcast we examine current events related to the growing secession movement, the rise of nationalism and the important subject of immigration/demographic replacement. Topics include: Update on SNN; Feds strike down MI affirmative action banGOP pushes amnestyAnimal rights activists’ drone shot down againRand Paul rejects deporting illegal immigrantsThe cost of secession?ACLU fights mandatory immigration lock upPortuguese soldiers march against austerityRussian nationalists protest PutinLimbaugh: Conservatism didn’t loseWelsh leader: EU referendum risks strengthening nationalistsPuerto Rico to become 51st State?GOP loses Yankee voteSwiss environmentalists force immigration referendum.

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The Portuguese military recently protested budget cuts in the economically hard-hit country


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