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Are you human? Have the ‘correct emotions’?

October 9, 2012

Advocates of the prevailing global liberal hegemony have a new test out that literally defines humanity according to whether or not you are politically-correct and agree with the ideology of ‘Human Rights.’ Those seeking to access websites would be given a political or social scenario and asked to respond with the ‘right emotion’ in order to verify that they are human. RT America reports (and be sure to check out the pictures of the test on their site):

Are you really human?

A Swedish civil rights group has unveiled a new CAPTCHA (a test that verifies a user is human before letting him enter a part of a website). Instead of trying to make out a scrambled word, users will now have to show an understanding of human rights.

…Stockholm-based Civil Rights Defenders has devised a CAPTCHA that allows people to show that their “empathy” is what makes them different from mindless robots.

…For a supposedly ethical non-profit initiative, that allows web administrators who embed it in their services “to take a stand on human rights,” the CAPTCHA has aroused a decidedly mixed reaction among those who may have to use it.

Some have praised the ingenuity of the Civil Rights CAPTCHA and its elegance in replacing meaningless letters with sharp reminders of worldwide issues that tend to drift to the back of media agendas.

Others lamented the unnecessary politicization of a simple procedure in an internet environment already aflame with constant political conflict.

“Some civil rights obsessive wants me to state my political views in order to enter websites. How does this make me feel?” wrote user Mr_Skagfsrwt on wired.com.

The sort of underlying assumptions that are exemplified in the above test were described by Russian geo-political theorist and professor Alexander Dugin in his first English-language book The Fourth Political Theory. As he notes, the victory of liberalism over its two major competitors in the twentieth century has brought about a Post-Modern world where politics as a choice between competing ideologies no longer exists. Liberalism faded away as an ideology and become cultural values that are pushed everywhere and are essentially compulsory in the West and its regions of influence today. ‘Human Rights’ is the universal morality of the prevailing global liberal hegemony:

While the ideological struggle had formal opponents, entire nations and societies, at least theoretically, were able to select their subject of choice – that of class [Communism], racism [National Socialism] or statism [fascism], or individualism [liberalism]. The victory of liberalism resolved this question: the individual became the normative subject within the framework of all mankind.

…[T]he individual subject is no longer the result of choice, but is a kind of mandatory given. Man is freed from his ‘membership’ in a community and from any collective identity, and the ideology of ‘human rights’ becomes widely accepted, at least in theory, and is practically compulsory.

Humanity under liberalism, comprised entirely of individuals, is naturally drawn towards universality and seeks to become global and unified.

….The status quo and this inertia do not presuppose any political theories whatsoever. A global world can only be ruled by the laws of economics and the universal morality of ‘human rights.’

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  • http://crtraditionalism.wordpress.com Joe Reb

    Basically they’re asking “Are you a blind sheep who never questions what the Establishment tells you?”

  • david7134

    I have a type of Aspeber’s syndrome. Therefore, I do not respond to certain situations like others. Yet, I am far more intelligent than the average individual. So, how do they list me?

  • david7134

    That is Asperger’s, could not read without my specks.

  • the29thtn

    Also implied is that those who don’t agree are less than human, so it’s alright to exterminate them. The single difference between these liberal Fascists and Nazis is their hatred of national identity.


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