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Romney to pander in foreign country

July 28, 2012

Did Mitt Romney stand by Arizona on immigration with its battle against the Federal Government? No, despite the fact that his party and constituents have everything to lose from more Third World immigration. Has he met with traditionalist leaders, paleo-conservatives and Southern leaders? Of course not. But he did pander to the NAACP and speak about how a Romney Administration would benefit Black voters. He pandered to Hispanics and greatly softened his once solid rhetoric on securing the borders and opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants. Now he’s going to Israel to pledge his loyalty to a foreign people and government. He’ll promise to keep our tax money flowing to them and to put more US soldiers in harm’s way for them if necessary. It’s obvious that Romney panders to everyone EXCEPT us. Yet we are expected to vote for a man with no pretense of loyalty to us. Paul Harris covers the latest on Romney’s trip to Israel for The Guardian (UK):

Mitt Romney will meet with Israeli leaders on the latest leg of his three-nation foreign tour in a move that comes as Republican party strategists are making an aggressive pitch for American Jewish voters.

As Romney seeks to woo top Israeli figures like prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, defence minister Ehud Barak, foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman and president Shimon Peres in a series of personal meetings on Sunday, his party back home is preparing a massive ad campaign targeted at Jewish Americans.

The effort is called “My Buyer’s Remorse” and comes from the Republican Jewish Coalition. It will place adverts in key battleground states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania and is backed by a war chest of around $6.5m.

One of the main funders of the group is casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, once a fervent backer of Romney’s nomination rival Newt Gingrich but who has now swung behind the party’s pick.

The campaign is aimed at persuading Jewish voters who backed President Barack Obama in 2008 that they made a mistake, especially when it comes to Obama’s policies towards Israel.

In the ads, Jewish voters who backed Obama in the last election will express their regret. The push follows on from many months of ferocious attacks on Obama’s Israeli policies and a primary campaign in which Republican hopefuls competed hard with each other to take the most pro-Israel positions.

Last week Romney hit out at Obama on Israel at a speech in Nevada.

The “people of Israel deserve better than what they have received from the leader of the free world,” he said.

His campaign also dispatched top surrogate former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani to Florida where he called the idea of Obama being a friend of the country “a joke”.

But despite their major push the Republicans will likely have their work cut out for them. Last week a Gallup poll found the president has 68% of the Jewish vote, compared to 25% who back Romney.

That is down from the 2008 election result, when Obama won 78% of the Jewish vote, but it is clear that Jewish voters remain firmly in the Democratic camp.

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Since it’s clear that most rank and file Jewish voters are going to vote Democratic, what is really going on here? This would seem to be an effort by Romney to prove his loyalty to the elite’s agenda and to the State of Israel.  He can prove his insider credentials by getting the approval of Netanyahu, Barak and Lieberman. In return he can expect big money from Neo-cons like Sheldon Adelson who look at the world from an Israel-first perspective. The trip is also important in that it will play very well with Christian-Zionist Evangelicals, many of whom are militantly pro-Israel.

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  • Chad

    I honestly don’t believe that most Southerners believe that Romney or the GOP really are looking out for their best interests. It is more likely that they believe Romney and the GOP are simply a better choice for them than Obama and the “new” Democrats. In reality neither political party is a good choice for Southerners and Southerners most get over the lie that its a choice between Democrats and Republicans.

  • Michael

    You’re probably right, Chad. When I hear supporters of Romney on the radio it’s always about what he won’t do negatively or how bad Obama is. It’s never about what Romney will do positively. But the man has flip-flopped on everything. I think he would say or do about anything to get into the White House. He’s got that same ambition to rule as do people like Hillary Clinton and John McCain. People like that are scary.

  • http://virginiachapterleagueofthesouth.blogspot.com/ Virginia Southron

    All politicians are nothing more than wolves in sheeps clothing. Once their lips start moving, you know they are lying to you.There is no difference baiscally between the the dems and the repubs. They only only differ in how they want to rule. Dems want to rule using socialist/marxist power and the repubs wnat to rule using taxation and big business. Both try to paint a rosey picture under their powership, when in reality it is despotic leadership. Just my thoughts.

    Deo Vindice

  • Michael

    I basically agree, VS, though the Dems aren’t really Marxists. They are basically quasi market-socialists based on a multiculturalist agenda. It’s a weird ideology, such as it is. And the GOP ideology is also very weird. They’re crony-capitalists with strong imperialist and Christian-Zionist impulses. It’s a very bizarre political system we live under.

    I definitely agree with you about politicians and about the two parties. This whole, sorry system needs to go.


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