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Marijuana in Dixie

July 16, 2012

Call it weed, cannabis, pot, green, tree, hash, chronic or smoke. The fact is marijuana has deeply embedded roots in Southern culture, especially southern appalachia of east Kentucky and east Tennessee.

I would like to start from the beginning if we may. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Southerners from colonial Virginia and early presidents, both grew hemp. It has been smoked by Southerners in Dixie for over 400 years but in 1937 unfortunately a heartless scalawag southerner named Robert L Doughton (1863 – 1954) also known as ‘Farmer Bob’ of Allegheny County, North Carolina, was born in the heart of Appalachia. Robert’s father was even a captain in the Confederacy. He is the one who started the ‘reefer madness.’ He introduced the Marijuana Stamp Act tax of 1937 which started Federal marijuana prohibition in the Empire. This act created a tax equal to roughly one dollar on anyone who dealt in hemp, or marijuana. The act did not itself criminalize the use or possession of hemp or marijuana, but it included a bizarre penalty and began the persecution of hemp and marijuana growers, seller and consumers. A violation of these laws could result in a fine of up to $2,000 and up to five years in prison. Two thousand dollars back in 1937 was a huge amount of money. Robert was greatly rewarded by the Empire for helping to make lies such as that only non-White males smoke it, which causes them to rape White women. This went on an on until the mid-60s. In rural Appalachia of eastern Kentucky people began coming back home with marijuana from Detroit, Chicago and the big cities of Ohio. Marijuana growing took off like wild fire. People were dirt poor and they could make so much more money off of marijuana then selling moonshine that ‘marijuana’ became apart of Appalachian culture and still is. Generations of growers of east Kentucky, east Tennessee, extreme southern Ohio, West Virginia, eastern Virginia, western NC, northwest SC, northern Georgia and northern Alabama taught the hippies in the 60s, the Deadheads of northern California, how to grow cross breed. They learned it from Southerners.

Let’s look at marijuana itself, the drug. The effects of marijuana are caused by cannabinoids. The most common known is the chemical substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – what gets people high. Marijuana has both psychological and physiological effects on the body. Because it is psychoactive, it is illegal in most of Dixie and only decriminalized in North Carolina and Mississippi, meaning if someone gets caught with it they get little or no jail time. Now no one on record for thousands of years has ever died of it or has been violent like someone on meth or someone addicted to big pharm pill. I’m sure most of y’all know at least one person in your life that smokes it and I bet you they are not a bad person. Some people like to drink beer. Some like scotch. Some like bourbon. Some like shine. And some just like to drink a Coke. Well, some folks like to smoke a joint or a bowl after working hard all week. Most of these people are not what the media portrays as idiotic vulgar gang-banging gangsters or brain-dead liberal hippies. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Many smokers are doctors, lawyers, pastors, coal miners, factory workers, teachers, etc . Most are God-fearing and are not much different than you or me.

Now I would like to talk too about cultivation of marijuana in Dixie. Tennessee and Kentucky together grow as much as California. And in southern Appalachia more pot is grown then anywhere in the Empire. California has legalised medical marijuana and basically anyone can get a medical card (Mexican, Russian, Honduran and Columbia mafia all have growers with cards). Now in Kentucky and Tennessee it is very different. It is not decriminalised in any way. In fact, the marijuana laws are quite extreme and inhumane. In most cases if you tick someone off and you get caught with a dime bag let’s just say your life is ruined. In many cases they will even throw you in prison – often bunking young adults with hardened criminals and pedophiles. Growers have been risking their lives for almost 50 years. Let’s be honest, way deep in east Kentucky it’s all about who you know. I know that for a fact. It’s like Mexico or something. The police know exactly who grows but if you get anyone on your bad side let’s just say there are some deep hollers and lakes out there. I love Dixie with all my heart but the laws on marijuana are the worst in the Empire thanks to Farmer Bob. This must stop. The only harm about marijuana is the laws.

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  • rogimodo

    California is moving closer to outright legalization – the penalties are at infraction level and anyone with a pulse can get a medical mj card. If this happens, what will the fed do ? CA has 40 million people, which is over 10% of the population of the country. WA & OR would likely follow. There are not enough DEA agents to began to address the issue. It would lead to a very interesting ‘sectional showdown’ . . . .

  • Michael

    Rog, Obama promised not to enforce anti-marijuana laws in California. Then he broke that promise like pretty much all of his other promises. Federal agents are busily shutting down marijuana stores in northern CA, from stories I have read, and putting pressure on the State to act against others. But public opinion is against it. And public opinion will only continue to move more against the anti-marijuana laws. This will put the Feds in a hard position if they try to continue to enforce their laws. They may decide to do so very selectively, targeting only those they can demonise.

  • Chad

    Drug laws are simply the government declaring that they own you and can control what substances you are allowed to put into your own body. These type of laws have no place in a free society.

  • Southern Ohioan

    These laws are based on pure fiction,fantasy,ignorance,stupdity, an of course control mor then anything.

  • The Masked Walnut

    Vices are not crimes. (another slogan that is short and on point)

  • Southern Ohioan

    Oregon,Washington,an Colorado are voting for complete full legalization in November,Colorado and Washington state are both expected to pass & Oregon is 50/50 up in the air.Were I live in Southern Ohio its Decriminlized up to 99 grams only a civil citation no criminal record whats-soever,but if you go to Kentucky just 20 minutes away they can throw someone in prison mandatory 1-5 yrs for a just a marijuana/hemp seed.

  • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

    I’m not a pot smoker…I’ve smoked it, but it’s not for me…but the laws making it illegal is BS. I’m all for legalising it.

  • Anti-Federalist

    I understand everyone’s point but doesn’t anti-marijuana laws have the highest support in Southern bible belt states. The Feds are not the only ones to blame for this insane drug war.

  • Michael

    Yes, I’m sure they do, Anti-Federalist. You’re right that the Feds aren’t the only ones to blame for the drug war.

  • Southern Ohioan

    Anti-Federalist it is the Zionist Christans flag worshipers that create these Fictional Fantasy Silly Scare-Tactics that care more about Israel then Jesus and don’t even know it because they are extremely brain-washed. I’m not advocating to do anything illegal by all means what so ever.

  • Anti-Federalist

    Take a look at this map and see where alcohol prohibition still exists


    Notice that virtually all the counties in red are in the South. For clarification, I think the counties in red prohibit the sale of alcohol but not its consumption. As a radical decentralist I will affirm these states/counties right to implement what I think is bad policy. I think a lot of this is seven by strong religious beliefs. If these states/counties won’t allow people buy alcohol I doubt they will allow people to purchase and consume cannabis in the near future.

  • Michael

    That’s probably true, Anti-Federalist. And I would support your decentralist policy, of course. That said, I would also try to persuade people to abandon such prohibitionist policies.

  • Southern Ohioan

    All communities of people from all cultures have things too work on(some more then others this is a real dont tell dont ask policy in dixie).I just think its time to stop arresting people (especially young adults) for personal use of marijuana an throwing them in jail an bunking them with violent an evil criminals such as pedophiles.Now what I have just said is the main harm of the use of marijuana.

  • Chad

    This is the inherit evil of democracy. If you can gather 50% plus one you have the ability to use government force, codes, regulation and violence against the minority. Just because a community/city/county/state/feds cloaks something with the colour of law doesn’t mean that they aren’t violating the natural rights of man.
    People must quit using government to attempt to enforce their version of “morality” on the minority (though in this case it appears that the minority has enforced its will on the majority)… it only causes strife and resentment in the community. It’s not like anyone here is causing a tangible injury to another member of the community (e.g. murder, steal, etc).

  • Southern Ohioan

    Im saying if you have a heart consider what I have said……..not what uncle sam or what farmer bob told you……….


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