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Wade Hampton & Reconstruction

July 15, 2012

Historian Walter Brian Cisco spoke to a League of the South gathering some time ago about Confederate general and South Carolina governor Wade Hampton. An SNN reader has made this entertaining and informative speech available to us, and with the permission of League president Dr Michael Hill, we are making it available to our readers. Mr Cisco’s talk centres on the struggle of Hampton and his Redshirts to end the horror of Reconstruction and restore Southern control of South Carolina. Be sure to check out Cisco’s book Wade Hampton: Confederate Warrior, Conservative Statesman (see Robert Cheek’s review of the book for the California Literary Review).

Author & historian Walter Brian Cisco

Click here for the audio (duration: 1:07:27)

Also see: Wade Hampton & the natural elites of Southern societyWade Hampton: A man for our times, South Carolina prior to the revolution of 1876, ‘The Prostrate State’ under Union occupation and Reconstruction tyranny in South Carolina

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