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NM Tea Party attacked for Confederate flag on award-winning float

July 9, 2012

Mayor Ken Miyagishima (who is of Japanese and Mexican ancestry) of Las Cruces, New Mexico has denounced the local Tea Party for displaying the Confederate flag on their float in the city’s Fourth of July parade. He has vowed not to allow the Southern symbol to be displayed in future parades. Of course, it’s impossible to imagine Mayor Miyagishima getting this bent out of shape about the display of the Mexican flag. Only Southern symbols are targeted like this in the allegedly ‘tolerant’ United States. Huffington Post covers the story:

Mayor Ken Miyagishima hates Southern symbols and opposes free speech.

The Las Cruces Tea Party in New Mexico drew a sharp response from the city’s mayor after flying a Confederate flag on a float that ended up taking first place at last week’s Fourth of July parade.

“The Las Cruces Tea Party can believe whatever it wants, but to have this symbol and what it represents highlighting the winning float at a celebration of our nation’s independence is an outrage,” Mayor Ken Miyagishima wrote in a statement, according to New Mexico’s KKOB

The mayor also promised action.

“I deeply apologize to the people of Las Cruces as well as our friends throughout the State of New Mexico for the pain that this has caused,” Miyagishima said. “I can assure you that we will thoroughly review the rules and procedures for next year’s parade to make sure that this never happens again!”

Click here for the full story

Be sure to check out some of the comments on the story from readers. The open and violent hatred of Southerners is clearly on display.

JayJayInMI writes:

Too bad the Union didn’t have the atomic bomb.

Hrtecman writes:

Some people will never get it we kick your Confederate butts so your flag has zero meaning it is the flag of the loosers [sic].
But in addition to the usual hatred from anti-Southern elements, there are also a surprising number of pro-South comments for a Huffington Post article (which is not exactly friendly territory for us online). This is certainly good to see. And, of course, the fact that the Tea Party included our symbol on their float in the first place is also very positive. As dark and utterly depressing as things are in the US Empire these days, there are certainly some positive trends working in our favour.

Thanks to Colton for the link!

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  • SouthernAtHeart

    That is both very sad and hilarious to me. The float won first place because it showcased the political history of New Mexico. But the mayor who is too ignorant to know the truth (and most likely was bamboozeled into making his statements) which shows that truth does not prevail in the thinking of the politics of New Mexico. HuffPo is a bastion of tptb…not surprised they’d cover it, but some of the commenters actually possess the ability to think critically. Guess they haven’t had their daily dose of fluoride in a while.

  • Dixiegirl

    Just a few years ago, many Americans would have questioned the wisdom of having documented foreigners in positions of such power. The problem being that they have no access to American History, only access through propaganda, msm, the biased presentations of universities (if they even have that). They are like the proverbial “tabula rasa,” the blank slate that you can write anything on. They have no access to the Oral Traditions (and histories) of the country, handed down from generation to generation (one of the reasons it is important to break up families for Trotskyites, so that “A New Narrative” may be told to people who don’t know any better.

    Anyway— he acted very Un-American, and has no way of knowing it.

  • Dixiegirl


    Flag and symbol desecration is a part of an ongoing genocide.

  • https://sites.google.com/site/scvjohnkempshallcamp1534/ nmuehlebach1987

    “I deeply apologize to the people of Las Cruces as well as our friends throughout the State of New Mexico for the pain that this has caused,”. The pain? What pain? A symbol of resistance to tyranny and a couragious symbol of independence and freedom? Not only is this guy far too politically correct, he is also very uneducated.

  • The Masked Walnut

    I commented on the article at Huffington post but the didnt post it. I dont know why, I guess me saying “The South will be free” was offensive.

  • Pezman419

    And not to nitpick, but that is not actually an official symbol of the Confederate States of American in any event. The Stars and Bars battle flags and the officially adopted flags of the Confederacy were always correctly square in shape not rectangular. The rectangular “rebel flag” was the navy jack that was in use from 1863 onward but only in the Confederate navy.

  • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

    That’s correct. The Third National is the official flag.

    Above and beyond that, our representative flags should be those of our respective sovereign States.


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