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Fight continues over mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

June 21, 2012

Only a couple of decades ago Tennessee was a largely homogeneous Southern State. Christianity was the near universal religion and the vast majority of the people were White Southerners. Today, thanks to the immigration policies of the US Federal Government, all of that has changed. Large numbers of immigrants from the Third World have poured into the Volunteer State. Some of these immigrants are currently building a large mosque in Murfreesboro. A great deal of opposition has surfaced against the building of the mosque and though it is nearly complete at this point, some locals continue to do what they can to oppose it. Blake Farmer has the story for NPR:

The Islamic Republic of Tennessee?

The first minarets in Murfreesboro, Tenn., are about to be placed atop a new mosque. But when construction is complete on the newIslamic Center of Murfreesboro, located about 30 miles southeast of Nashville, no one will get to move in.

An ongoing court battle has stalled the project, one of several Islamic centers around the country that, like the so-called ground zero mosque, have encountered resistance from local communities.

…What has become a dispute about open meetings started out as an attempt by mosque opponents to put the religion of Islam on trial. The main criticism from attorney Joe Brandon Jr. has been about Shariah law, the ancient set of rules laid out in the Quran and followed to varying degrees by Muslims.

“We don’t want Shariah law. We don’t want a Constitution-free zone in Rutherford County, Tenn.,” says Brandon, who considers the implementation of Shariah law in Murfreesboro “a probability.”

…Plucking a six-string banjo, Robert Godsey waits for his wife on a bench under a century-old sycamore tree. It’s an idyllic scene he fears may slip away with the growing Muslim population.

“Islam may have a certain religious component to it,” Godsey says, “But it also has a political component to it that is bent on domination through violence and armed jihad. Can’t people see that?”

But Patti Smotherman, another Murfreesboro resident, says the Tennessee town’s reputation for Southern hospitality has been tarnished by a vocal minority. “It’s not anti-Muslim,” she says. “It’s anti-Murfreesboro to be so rude.”

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Of course, what Patti Smotherman fails to realise is that Southern hospitality is a product of the Southern people. Different peoples create different kinds of cultures. If the Southern people are replaced in an area (as they have been in Miami, much of Charlotte, northern Virginia, large portions of Texas and many other parts of the South) then Southern hospitality will be a thing of the past. Do not the Southern people have a right exist in their own territory? Don’t they have a right to preserve their ethnicity and culture? Is not the US policy – which has resulted in the ethnic cleansing of Southerners from many areas of the South – immoral?

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  • The Masked Walnut

    I fail to see what is “rude” about standing up for ones culture and keeping your homeland from being colonized.

  • Chad

    This article seems to be addressing two entirely different issues. I have no problem with people worshiping as they fit, to attempt to control the actions of others are acts of tyranny and despotism. After all, these people have been allowed to immigrate to Dixie by the U.S. Empire, it is only natural for them to want to worship in their own way. Besides, theocracies are not really compatible with liberty or freedom.

    I think the real issue here is the unrestrained immigration to Dixie from third world countries. This later and more important issue will never be fixed as long as Dixie is under the rule of the U.S. Empire.

    A large number of Southerners seem to have a major mental disorder. It causes them to gripe and complain about foreign immigrants, U.S. court decisions, policy and law while at the same time waving their “American” flag, being offended when others refuse to pledge to it, saying that they are proud “Americans”, etc. They are unable to grasp the concept that as long as the U.S Empire rules over Dixie they are going to be unable to exert any substantial control over their local communities. In order to exert control over their local communities, they are going to have to start ignoring their state and federal governments.

    If these people are really opposed to the immigration of third world immigrants they can start by refusing to sell them land and buildings. After all, unless the government invokes eminent domain you can refuse to sell your property and hold on to it.

  • Southron Rebel

    I agree that there is a large protion of Southerners who have a major mal-function when it comes to the empire. But we have to remember that they are reconstructed souhterners and alot of them are come here, not from here.

    Refusing to sell your proerty to anyone is not against Federal law as long as it is not up for sale. Once that sign is posted or the property is listed with a real estate agnet, you cannot not refuse to sell to anyone based on race, colour, religion, ethnis, or sexual orientation.

    Just my thoughts.

    Deo Vindice

  • Dixiegirl

    I think the real issue here is the unrestrained immigration to Dixie from third world countries. This later and more important issue will never be fixed as long as Dixie is under the rule of the U.S. Empire….

    Yet everyone allows msm to “frame the debate” and “name the terms” of the discussion. Even people against endless immigrants in the North states (and paying for them under the “Nanny State,” which is just slavery from another point of view)— get stuck in the NPR-provided terminology (“no sharia law” and is Jesus for Israel? or Israel versus the muslims, all of which trends and more are running beneath everything NPR has to say.

    —-But DOES EVERYONE SHARE the gung-ho commitment to creating the sort of incoherent, violent, increasingly impoverished Welfare-Warfare Statist anti-white/ non-white “country” that the self-described “elites” clearly envision?

    That’s the real question.

    Why are self-described “elites” who have often never even traveled in America, who were born in other countries, or have parents born in other countries, and thus no “skin in the game” so to speak— so incredibly committed to things that make life so awful for people already living in the land boundary?

    If I were only in a country 30 years —like Marc Rubio’s family— I’d be EMBARRASSED if my kid thought this status (where he could know little about the country) meant he should be running it, lol. Same with going into rural areas with cohesive populations, and making a show of imposing some other way of life.

    There’s nothing wrong with “individualism” on a lot of levels—- but a Reality, is that “real people” are, in fact, affected by the others around them. You cannot “chose” to live in a Christian environment when, legally, it is made not to exist (by ensuring as many mosques as possible go into as much of the “Bible Belt” as possible.

    In a Redistributive System, a central planning system— all such things become a matter of policy, don’t they? So they don’t’ really happen “naturally.”

    Here, to be anti-racist would be the same as being ‘anti-white.” (the rural christians being nearly 100% white).

  • Chad

    Southron Rebel,,

    Things may be against the law, but that is a matter after the fact and another reason why I am an anarcho-capitatlist. Government really does no good, it is there to transfer wealth from one group/individual to other groups/individual.

    When it comes down to it, even if it is listed with a relator,you still have the right to change your mind about selling the property or not. It could be for any reason, they didn’t offer enough, you plans change (now you want to do something else with it)… the possibilities are endless on why you change your mind on selling property…. So unless you advertise will only sell to white southerners, there shouldn’t be an issue.

  • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

    Islam is a religion of lies and murder. I am sure there are some nice Muslims that aren’t liars or murderers, however, their leadership and “holy” book tells them to not be honest with infidels (i.e. lie to them) and that infidels should be put to the sword.

    Why do people choose to ignore this factor?

  • SouthernAtHeart

    Divide and conquer is the playbook rule being applied here. All part of the Khazarian Communist manifesto. Just like “the war between the states.” It will never end until we throw the B*stards out or into prison imho.

  • DarthJ


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