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Progress in getting out the truth about Lincoln

June 6, 2012

Yoeman's work by Dr Thomas DiLorenzo

In a recent interview with University of Colorado Professor Ryan McMaken, Lew Rockwell spoke about the progress made in the pro-liberty movement over the last few decades. Most interesting to SNN readers, at one point Mr Rockwell mentioned the enormous headway made in spreading the truth about Abraham Lincoln who is held up as practically a demigod by the US regime. Specifically, he credited Dr Thomas DiLorezo, author of Lincoln Unmasked and The Real Lincoln, for his enormous contributions on this front.

Below is the audio clip of Mr Rockwell speaking about Dr DiLorenzo and Abe Lincoln.

Click here for the audio (duration: 0:35)

Click here for the entire interview entitled ‘Secede From the Regime’

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  • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

    Great book. I read it cover to cover. I want to read it again. This should be required reading in all Southern high schools.

  • Southron Rebel

    His other book “Lincoln Unmasked” was excellent as well. I have both and my carpet bagger friends do not like when I quote Abe Lincoln, God of the progressive movement.

    Deo Vindice Resurgum

  • The New Silence Dogood

    I’ve also read both books on Lincoln by Dr. DiLorenzo.

    Great books that expose the Lincoln “gatekeepers” and how they’ve hidden the truth for the last 150 years.

  • Missouri10

    I was pretty interested to find an article in the June 2012 edition of “Civil War Times” (pgs 24-25) that was titled “Karl Mark, Communists and the Civil War”. It discusses Robin Blackburn’s most recent book “An unfinished Revolution: Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln”. They talk about how the “Tribune” was the Republican newspaper during this time, and published around 300 articles written by Marx, and the prominence of German ex-revolutionaries in the Union army. Civil War Times normally seems pretty pro-Union, so this is why it was curious to see this piece. Does this represent the truth about Lincoln coming to light? Or is it simply that Northern egalitarianist intellectuals are finally coming to terms with their communist ideals?


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