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Southerners reject both Obama & Romney

May 23, 2012

Barack Obama’s presidency has united Southerners in opposition to the White House like never before in recent memory. Even within the Democratic Party, the US president has a problem. Especially in the Upper South States which have a larger White percentage of Democratic voters, Obama is very unpopular. He lost ten counties and forty-one percent of the vote in West Virginia to a Federal inmate. Now in Tennessee and Arkansas (both of which are three-quarters White) he has turned in similarly unimpressive results. Fox News has the story:

Some presidential primary voters in Kentucky and Arkansas are taking a swipe at President Barack Obama, denying the incumbent nearly 4 out of every 10 votes cast on the Democratic side.

In Kentucky’s closed primary, about 42 percent of registered Democrats who voted selected “uncommitted.”

In Arkansas’ open primary, voters could select a ballot for either party. Early returns showed a Tennessee attorney, John Wolfe, drawing about 40 percent on the Democratic side.

The results in either state will not hamper Obama’s effort to gain the party’s nomination for a second term. Still, it’s a bit embarrassing for the Democratic Party and highlights Obama’s political weakness in Southern states.

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It should also be noted that Southern voters have largely rejected the likely Republican presidential candidate. New England Mormon Mitt Romney turned off primary voters especially across the Lower and Trans-Mississippi South, losing South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Missouri (he also lost the upper, still-Southern portions of Florida). It seems that both presidential candidates have a Southern problem. Considering that neither candidate is from the South, has traditional Southern values or speaks to issues of concern to Southerners the primary results are not at all surprising.

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  • The New Silence Dogood

    These guys are both goofballs.


  • Missouri10

    How about Ron Paul? While it’s true that even if he should become President that very little will likely change from a Federal Government stance – he’d likely help open the dialogue on Constitutionalism and State Sovereignty.

    I’m not so sure that I see the Federal Government collapsing on itself – merely because of the examples other tyrannical regimes provide. Any nation that has a powerful military subdues their people and transforms the society into one of feeding an industrial military complex – at the expense of liberty and decent living conditions of course.

    It may take some time, but hopefully we can start convincing the States to push back. The best way to do this is to convince our leaders to take their communities seriously in their desire to be protected from the Fed. A lot of these Senators and Representatives may be knuckle-heads, but if they see 50,000 people on their capitols front step demanding change – this speaks a pretty powerful message.

  • The New Silence Dogood

    Very true. Sadly, it might take a national tragedy such as a mammoth depression, the likes of which this country has never seen, or mutliple casualties in some needless two front war or major regional conflict (Ex. Such as the Middle East).


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