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John Bolton continues to push pro-war agenda

May 11, 2012

There are rumours going around that if former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney pulls off a miracle this November and defeats sitting US President Barack Obama that super-hawk John Bolton would be given a ‘senior national security post’ in a Romney Administration. Earlier today Bolton was on Fox News Radio claiming that Obama’s hawkish foreign policy (which has included doubling down on Afghanistan, attacking Libya and stepping up drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen) is ‘soft.’ This is a claim that Bolton has repeated quite often over the last couple of years as Obama’s wars and drone campaigns have apparently never wasted enough money or resulted in enough dead bodies to satisfy Mr Bolton. Of late, Bolton has evenĀ advocated that the US ‘interfere’ in China’s internal politics, potentially provoking a fight with a nuclear power and a major US trading partner. He has also attacked Obama for not yet making war on Syria and Iran. The prospects of a loose cannon like Bolton having any power at all is frightening, and the idea that he would have the president’s ear and be in position to provoke new wars and conflicts abroad is cause for concern. As bad as Obama is on foreign policy, he looks quite peaceful and reasonable when compared to Bolton.

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  • http://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com BrockTownsend

    Soft? That’s a good one.


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