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Obama loses to Federal inmate in 10 WV counties

May 9, 2012

Yesterday was a dark day for the PC Establishment at the polls in the United States. North Carolinians easily passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a heterosexual union with more support than the media predicted. NPR darling Dick Lugar, the Left’s favourite Republican, was soundly defeated by a challenger who ran to his Right. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker stole the show in the recall primary the labour unions organised against him. But the icing on the cake was no doubt the drubbing that US President Barack Obama took in West Virginia where a Federal inmate and self-described ‘Rastafarian-Christian’ won 10 of the States counties and scored 41 percent of the vote in the Democratic presidential primary. Fox News has the story:

The good news for President Obama is that he more than doubled his 2008 primary showing in West Virginia when Hillary Clinton trounced him 67 percent to 26 percent and carried all of the state’s 55 counties.

The bad news for Obama is that Keith Judd, Inmate No. 11593-051, serving a 210-month sentence at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas, also outperformed the president’s 2008 West Virginia primary showing.

Judd, who lists himself as a “Rastafarian-Christian” and his career as “Founder, World Peace Through Musical Communications Skills,” took 41 percent of the vote among West Virginia Democrats and carried 10 counties.

Power Play knows something about West Virginia politics and can assert without fear of correction that Judd did not carry Clay County because of a large “Rastafarian-Christian” population. And while Logan County has voted for a felon or two before, it’s not usually considered a positive attribute unto itself.

This was about hardening resentment against Obama on the state’s top economic issue – Obama’s mounting restrictions on the mining and burning of coal – as well as a general sense among blue-collar, socially conservative Democrats that there isn’t a place for them in Obama’s party.

Sen. Joe Manchin, who is pro-coal, pro-life and anti-gay marriage, has said he might not vote for Obama in November. Tuesday’s results suggest that there was little political downside. Though Manchin doesn’t face a competitive race this fall, a strong showing by Obama in the Mountain State might have given the senator pause.

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  • The New Silence Dogood


    A creepo convict beats out our bootlip president.

    The dungheap of society leads the “New Rome”.

    The world is truly turned upside down, with the trash and homosexual lovers of society in the leadership roles.

    So what’s new?


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