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The Dark Age & the Age of Survival

May 4, 2012

The meme: The Dark Age is over. We are now entering the Age of Survival, in which we will unlearn the failed values and ideas of the last fifty years. There are some dinosaurs still walking around from the Dark Age but their day is over. They are fading away. Their ideas have failed and have little appeal, especially to young people, as we move into the Age of Survival.

The above is a simple meme that I have created over the last few months as a way of thinking about some of the major changes that are taking place in our society. At first glance (or listen) it may seem cliché -ish, and indeed it does use some of the talking points and ideas we are so familiar with – which arose in the Dark Age itself – as a means of combating the values and ideas of the Dark Age. For example, the idea that we are the future and that those against us are the past is basically what the New Left radicals of the 1960s said about themselves and their opponents. Though our enemies today are driving on the fumes of ideas that are decades old and devoid of any real energy, nothing disturbs them more than the idea that they might represent the past. There is also the idea that our opposition is doomed and that they can’t prevent their fall. This is a powerful concept and one we should embrace. Perception does, to a large degree, create reality. We want in a world without the failed ideas of the Dark Age. Beyond this, some major trends are in fact moving in our direction, so it’s fair to say that our ideas represent the future.

While the above meme appropriates some of the symbolism of our opponents, it does so while attacking the core of their failed ideas. For example, we project ourselves as the future but we are obviously denying that history is linear. The Dark Age is not something to be built upon, but to be scrapped entirely. Its values are not in the least bit positive and there is no room for them in the Age of Survival. Also, the Progressive heroes of the Dark Age are ‘dinosaurs’ who are fading away. As well, we claim the young people for ourselves. We are the anti-Establishment in this scenario we have established and we are destined to prevail against the dinosaurs. Our opponents support the PC Establishment, which is a relic of the Dark Age.

The meme also works to describe our relationship with the media and government. These PC Establishment forces are upset (also see here) that they are no longer the gate-keepers of information. In the old days there were three television networks and a handful of pro-Establishment media companies that controlled all the stations, newspapers and magazines. This is still largely true although now there are far more television stations because of cable and satellite. However, these old media dinosaurs are far less powerful today because of the Internet. Young people go to it first as a source of information while old people for the most part continue to go to what they are comfortable with – the old, PC Establishment media. This is a major reason why attitudes are changing. In a very real way, people are not in the dark any longer. The media may not report on a story about a White man who is the victim of a racial attack (while they would of course endlessly chatter about the same story if the racial roles were reversed) but it no longer much matters. Word about the attack will spread to millions of people almost instantly over Internet forums, blogs and sites that we control. The PC Establishment rests upon dis-information (such as lies about the South, lies about race, lies about government, lies about wars, etc) and ignorance. They portray themselves as ‘enlightened’ and Progressive and yet they are definitely a product of the Dark Age. Our side is moving forward and has far more appeal to the young because of the information and facts we are now able to give the people. Information is power, especially in the Age of Survival, and for this reason the US and other Western governments are doing all they can to regulate and control the Internet. Look for them to ramp up their efforts as we make more and more progress.

Another important point about this meme is that it is non-argumentative; it focuses on changing the terms of the debate rather than ‘winning’ an argument. We have no desire to argue with our opponents. We simply wish to make points which consist of positive statements about us and negative statements about the ideas of those who oppose us. We wish to completely avoid defensive posturing and the above meme makes no defensive statements.

The meme also prepares our people for conflict and gets them thinking in the right direction about a long-term conflict and how to prevail in it. We want to move away from the old thinking from the Dark Age that we could win over some politician or take over the System in one mass movement ‘if only we had the right leader.’ This is defeatist thinking and we want to move away from it. While we want to use current events and short-term trends to our advantage, we want our focus to be long-term and serious.

Over the last month or two of using this simple meme I’ve seen it work and have gotten nothing but positive feedback about it. People on our side like it. It’s a tool that we can use to further change the nature of the debate in the emerging Age of Survival.

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  • mindweapon

    This is an excellent meme! I was wondering who originated it.

    By the way, I got a family helping me with my garden this year, in exchange for a share of food. This is the first time, and it’s definitely being done under economic pressure, as well as a desire to eat better food. Food at the supermarket is still relatively cheap though getting more expensive, but wages are dirt low compared to the cost of living around here (New England).

    The NWO ZOG world wants to have poor people who depend wholly on fast food and frozen junk food and soda pop. But the catch is, they got to pay them enough to make them a prisoner of the subsidized corn syrup system. If they pay them too little, some of the poor, and then more and more, will look to locally produced sources of food, and trade labor for it.

    I know lots of working class folks, and most of them want nothing to do with growing food . . . yet. We have not reached a tipping point, but we will.

    When they actually go hungry a bit, when they have to beg for food and eat whatever possible, then they will appreciate reality. The reality is, food represents a share of work and a share of the sun.

    The idleness of the white working class hurts us bad.

    In the Age of Survival, when spring rolls around, the white working class will say, “OK, so where are we doing a garden this year and what are we growing?” They will have to learn to cooperate with one another; to be responsible and accountable to one another; to resolve disputes and value friendship.

    One thing about garden work is that it’s much more fun as a social activity. White Americans are going to find that social life is something they have been missing their whole lives, and didn’t even realize it because we grew up in an atomized society.

    And the potential for value creation through economic relocalization is tremendous. Just my one little town of a 15000 has very rich farmland and could produce a huge food surplus. Now imagine this across the country. The US food industry is a trillion dollar a year market. That’s a trillion bucks we could take back from the corporate and government hogs 3000 dollars for every single person.

    It’s just got to go viral. I think there will be fewer birth defects, because using plastics causes hormone disruption related birth defects. There’s herbicides and pesticides in Agribusiness food.

    And the people selected for better health and survival will be the ones who participate in their local foodshed. It will be Whites and Asians who do this self selection.

    I once helped put in a community garden in a majority black town. The actual participants were all white social services workers, except for a Chinese surfer-stoner type and his little brothers. I remember the conversations while they were organizing the garden, about “bringing in single mothers to work the garden; should we charge them for a plot or make it free? We have to make it free. blah blah blah.”

    They advertised the garden to their “welfare cases” in the town, and got zero response. I told one of them, “those people are perfectly happy with McDonalds and hormone disrupting microwaving plastic food.” She said, “But they are very overweight,” with this attitude that she wanted to save them from their obesity and diabetes. I said, “Yes, and at some point, mommy government can’t fix everything for them any more. They are that way because that’s the kind of people they are. They were better off before all this welfare crap and wiping their noses for them.”

    Anyway, it was very interesting to see SWPL’s try and fail to get their “underprivileged” pets to get involved in something productive.

    So we have to separate the wheat from the chaff — we need to organize the working class whites who have character and values, who have been selected for survival, who take their place on the lifeboat and row hard with the rest of us.

    I got one family working with me this year. I am hoping that working class White Americans will get desperate enough this year to want to take part in local food production in the spring of 2013.

    When most of our people are participating in their own food production again, we’ll know we have begun the Age of Survival in earnest.


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