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Establishment upset at Missouri’s attempt to nullify Obamacare

May 1, 2012

The Atlantic magazine, home of some of the most predictable, pro-Establishment and politically-correct writing in our society (including regular pieces from the likes of anti-White activist Ta-Nehisi Coates), has a new piece out by its contributing editor Andrew Cohen attacking what he calls ‘unhinged radicals’ who are attempting to nullify Obamacare. The strange adjective ‘unhinged’ is used commonly in Leftist circles for anyone who disagrees with the PC Establishment’s agenda – in particular those who advocate things like decentralisation, liberty and stopping the social re-engineering of society. Mr Cohen writes:

What in the world is happening in Missouri? Don’t state lawmakers there have more important things to do with their time, and more practical causes to advance on behalf of their many constituents, than ginning up one unconstitutional piece of legislation after another? Is the political process in Jefferson City so hijacked by radicals that it cannot help itself? What a waste of public office. And what an embarrassment to the good citizens of the Show Me State.

Of course, the matter which Mr Cohen feels is both a waste of time and embarrassment is one of great importance to tens of millions of people. We are speaking here of the Federal mandate to buy private health insurance from a number of government-approved businesses. Lots of money and a great measure of personal freedom are on the line. How is it a waste of time to discuss how to stop Obama’s crony-capitalist measure?

Mr Cohen continues:

Just 10 days ago, I wrote about SJR 45, a Tea Party-infused measure (part interposition, part nullification, part secessionism) that would purport to give Missouri the power to disregard federal law — and federal-court rulings interpreting and enforcing that law. SJR 45 evidently hasn’t yet made it out of the state senate yet, and the entire legislature would have to approve the proposed constitutional amendment before Missourians could vote on it. But even if all of that were to happen the law would have zero chance — none — of passing constitutional muster upon judicial review. Like people, states don’t get to pick and choose which federal laws they want to obey.

SJR 45 is bad. But HB 1534 is worse. Without waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court or Congress to resolve the issue, HB 1534 unilaterally declares that the Affordable Care Act is, in fact, bad law. Roaring off the cliff, the proposed state statute then makes it a crime — punishable by up to one year in prison — for any federal official to enforce the health-care law. And then the proposed measure gives private citizens a right of action to sue state or federal officials — for money damages! — for enforcing the Affordable Care Act. Silly you, you thought Republican lawmakers were against frivolous lawsuits.

Of course, ‘States’ is a poor term for the pathetic outposts of DC that were once sovereign communities of people. However, what Mr Cohen is debating is one of the most important and divisive issues in US history: centralised supremacy versus States’ rights and local autonomy. The courageous members of Missouri’s legislature who are leading this long overdue push-back against Federal supremacy and intervention are certainly to be applauded. It’s encouraging to see the fight for decentralised liberty continue in the 21st century. If Jefferson, Calhoun or Davis were alive they would undoubtedly be cheering on the folks in Missouri who are standing up to the Federal leviathan.

Check out MissouriTenth for more information on the States’ rights movement

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