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Mocking the System

April 15, 2012

There is no better way to undermine support for a political system than to openly mock it and get people to laugh at it. Generally speaking, this is far more effective than giving someone a tract to read or appealing to someone’s intellect. Most people have neither the time nor the desire to study economics, history, philosophy and the like in great detail. But people love to laugh. And if they can be brought to laugh at a system it goes a long way to undermine credibility in that system.

This is really just a long-winded way of introducing some recent excellent work by TV personality Jon Stewart. No one mocks the system like Stewart. In the first of the two pieces below you’ll see him making fun of Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve and pointing out how Bernanke lied when he claimed the Fed was not printing money. In the second piece Stewart attacks the ridiculous media frenzy over the Trayvon Martin affair.

Jon Stewart vs Bernanke

Jon Stewart vs the media

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  • Sebastian

    Generally, I don’t like Jon Stewart. But I have to admit that these pieces are well done. I’m surprised things like that get aired?


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