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Who is ‘White’ in Touré’s race war?

April 12, 2012

MSNBC commentator and writer Touré has an article out for Time called ‘The Racial Cold War is Heating Up.’ Many things could be written about the apparently paranoid state of Mr Touré’s thinking and his penchant for finding White ‘racist’ plots against Black people any and everywhere. Indeed, Mr Touré seems to focus on little else other than race. Like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, he is a professional at this game. One interesting thing about this particular article though is that it could be seen as part of a broader trend in the anti-White media. When the Hispanic man George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in Florida it was widely reported that a Black ‘youth’ had been killed by a White man. Al Sharpton and other ‘civil rights’ leaders have also promoted the idea the Zimmerman was White. Even mainstream media sources have noticed this and are asking why Zimmerman, who is clearly of mestizo ancestry, was portrayed in the media as a White man. The answer to this question, of course, is because it fit the narrative and played into the biases of reporters, writers, editors and publishers. Returning to Mr Touré’s article, we find the writer doing exactly the same thing about a completely different interracial killing. Recently in Tulsa, Oklahoma two men went on a shooting spree and killed three Black people. Mr Touré describes the event as follows:

A pair of white men, one of them angry about the murder of his father by a black man two years ago, drove through the Tulsa night early on Friday, shooting blacks at random. Two were injured, three are dead. This is hate crime serial killing.

Notice that the killers are described as ‘a pair of white men.’ However, one of the suspected killers, as can be seen from the picture below, is clearly not White. In fact, he is a Cherokee Indian. But in Mr Touré’s world apparently anyone who is not Black is ‘White.’ Given the militant rhetoric from the Black Panthers and now Mr Touré as well about a coming race war, this sort of intentional mis-characterisation of people’s race could have important and potentially even life-and-death consequences for many non-Whites who are also non-Blacks. Beyond such concerns, what exactly does this classification of mestizo Hispanics and American Indians as ‘White’ say about the mentality of folks like Sharpton and Touré?

Are both of these men (one of whom is a Cherokee Indian) 'White'? Touré apparently thinks so.

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  • http://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com BrockTownsend

    Good one and posted.

  • Jared

    Is Toure really a Black nationalist?

    I don’t necessarily object to Black nationalism, so long as that meant other ethnic groups were allowed to have their own countries as well, such as White Southerners for instance. I don’t oppose Blacks residing in a free South of course, but they would be required to abandon all these ideas about forced equality and integration.

  • Michael

    Jared, I don’t know exactly how to describe Toure’s views. He is openly pro-Black and anti-White. He is only concerned with the well being of Black people. I don’t fault him for being true to his people but his hostility towards Whites is off-putting. Perhaps ‘Black nationalist’ isn’t the best term. Besides, racial ‘nationalism’ isn’t truly nationalism since races are vast biological categories, not nations. Do you have an alternative word to describe his ideas?

  • Jared

    Anti-White seems a sufficient term to me. He could be called an anti-White activist.

  • Michael

    That does work.

  • The New Silence Dogood

    If you’ve read anything I’ve posted lately on these issues, I think you already know how I feel.

    Nough’ said.

  • brian timms

    as long as we have different races of people that are forced to live in the same communities we will have conflict.


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