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Rich Lowry, Al Sharpton & the ‘conservatives’

April 7, 2012

Limbaugh, Hannity & company consider the ‘National Review’ and its Neo-con editor Rich Lowry to be ‘conservative.’ That sort of ‘conservatism’ has failed to actually conserve anything at all. It accepts the Leftist social values, has demonstrated itself willing to compromise on the continual growth of government and in typical Neo-con fashion it combines this with a Wilsonian, global war agenda. It appears that Lowry’s sort of ‘conservatism’ is dying out, thankfully, and will be replaced with something real, something better¬†(which horrifies the PC Right). Public opinion is shifting away from the Lowry and Limbaugh types. Polling over the Trayvon Martin situation demonstrates this well. Large numbers of Whites are tired of being beaten over the head with White guilt and are tired of the political-correctness that dominates US society. Another indication of a radical change in direction is the fact that young people in the Republican primaries rejected the PC, pro-war candidates of the Establishment who approximate Lowry’s views. Lowry, despite his age, typifies what is now an older, pandering and failed sort of ‘conservatism’ that does not come from the Right and is not interested in conserving anything real. Can you imagine a Traditionalist or anyone genuinely of the Right claiming that ‘Al Sharpton is ‘right’? I can’t – not in this case or any other.

Click here for Lowry’s article ‘Al Sharpton is Right’

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  • brian timms

    after reading that article lowry came off no different then anyone on todays marxist left,i can’t help butt wonder;is the rightwing dead in todays newsmedia? because it looks like it to me!

  • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

    As a recovering Neo-con Brian, I can say that really there was never a right wing media…more accurately it should be called “Neo-Con” media. They get some things right, but like Michael said, they are pro-Empire with a different slant than the uber-Lefties that are in control of the WH and Senate.

    I would, however, much rather take a half correct Limbaugh or Hannity over the Tyrant Obama and his regime any day, any time. Short help is better than no help.

  • Anti-Federalist

    Confederate Papist, what is Limbaugh and Hannity half correct about?

  • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

    Well, first thing; they are against Obama the Tyrant and his regime. They do proclaim they are advocates for smaller, less intrusive government, they do call out the quasi- or RINOs, and they don’t always tow the GOP line. I’ve met Hannity, and I think he’s a genuine person. Where I and most people here would part ways with them is the whole Empire building, American Exceptionalism, etc. thing. At this time in our quest to re-claim our sovereignty, I would consider them an ally, much like the USSR was an ally during WWII….except we will have no false sense of friendship and trust like FDR and Truman did with “Uncle” Joe.

    I’m just saying for argument’s sake….I don’t want to give anyone the impression I’m sliding back into Neo-con world…


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