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Scottish nationalists winning over the last Labour Party strongholds

April 3, 2012

Labour Party holdouts in Scotland appear on the verge of going over to the Scottish National Party. This represents a complete electoral take-over of the once staunchly Labour-controlled Scotland by secessionists and shows how quickly a revolutionary change in ideas can be embraced by a nation. Those full of despair about the current Southern nationalist position in Dixie should take heart:

The leader of Scotland’s last remaining Labour majority controlled council has accused a senior SNP cabinet minister of “innuendo and lies”, and said the Nationalists’ Holyrood victory last year was “beyond comprehension”.

…Nationalists are confident they can sweep away the last bastion of Labour power in Scotland’s town halls next month. After losing majority control in both Glasgow and Midlothian recently, North Lanarkshire is the last council where Labour dominates.

Mr Neil took the Airdrie and Shotts seat in last year’s landslide and the Nationalists also seized Cumbernauld and Kilsyth, although Labour held on in areas like Wishaw and Coatbridge.

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  • The New Silence Dogood

    Part of my family came from Dumfries Scotland.

    I don’t know why I mentioned this, it’s just that I find my past interesting.

    I wonder what party my family “across the pond” supports? :-)


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