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US public rejects calls for another war

March 16, 2012

There may never been enough spilled blood to satisfy the likes of Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Joe Lieberman but it appears as if most ordinary people in the United States these days are far less hawkish than the Neo-conservative and militant humanitarian crowds. Those who do not want to see more US soldiers and foreign civilians lose their lives in yet another US military intervention in the Middle East can take comfort from the recent Pew poll numbers. Laura Rozen has the story for Yahoo News:

Almost two-thirds of Americans oppose any form of U.S. military intervention in Syria, according to a new poll released Thursday by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

…Sixty-two percent of Americans surveyed expressed opposition to bombing the Syrian military, an idea recently proposed by Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona), the new Pew poll found. Almost the same number–63 percent–said they oppose sending weapons to Syrian groups fighting the Assad regime.

Notably, the poll found little difference among Republicans and Democrats. “Majorities of Republicans and Democrats say the U.S. does not have a responsibility to get involved, and reject airstrikes or the shipment of arms to anti-government forces,” the Pew pollsters wrote in an overview of their latest findings.

By contrast, polls have consistently found “much wider partisan differences over whether or not to maintain U.S. forces in Afghanistan and in concerns about Iran,” the Pew publication stated. While overall, 57 percent of those surveyed say U.S. forces should be removed from Afghanistan as fast as possible, a far higher majority of Democrats69 percentfavor the faster pull out, versus just 41 percent of Republicans surveyed. Just under two-thirds of independents polled58 percentfavor the faster drawdown as well.

It appears now that all we have to do is the impossible and reach the hardened Israel-first Neo-cons and the ‘save the world’ militant humanitarians. Then maybe we can have a few years of peace.

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