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‘Diversity’ propaganda pollutes radio waves, attacks real diversity

March 14, 2012

This afternoon I was subjected to a nauseating commercial on a local talk radio channel. The advertisement could only have come from the utopian-driven fantasies of the politically-correct Left and featured a child telling her mother how wonderful all the diversity at her workplace was. She even used the PC terms for the various minority ethnic groups she named. Her mother agreed with the child about how wonderful all this ‘diversity’ at the workplace was and claimed that it led to an exchange of different ideas. Then the child asked why everyone in their own neighbourhood looked like them. The message went on to promote ‘diversity’ in one’s neighbourhood, claiming that this led to a ‘richer’ life. Of course, the people in the advertisement spoke without any sort of ethnic or racial dialect, giving one the impression that the ‘lily White’ (a phrase the PC Left loves to use to attack predominantly White families, towns and enclaves) neighbourhood of the mother and child was somehow lacking because it didn’t have the requisite number of ‘African-Americans,’ Asians, Hispanics, Eskimos and Persians. In fact, this fictional neighbourhood is most likely a decent, clean, safe place to raise a child.

The advertisement says more about the bizarre mentality of the people who produced it than it does anything else. Of course, if the utopian fantasy of these folks were to be achieved everywhere it would only take a very short time and soon no real diversity in race, ethnicity, language, culture, religion, etc. would exist. The many peoples of this planet would be amalgamated into one boring, homogeneous ‘grey race.’ Another problem with the commercial is the stifling atmosphere that political-correctness and ‘diversity’ have brought to America. For example, universities which once prided themselves on their intellectual, ‘open’ atmosphere are now conformist institutions which punish anyone who dares to deviate from the PC line. The media also parrot basically the same nonsense and tip-toe around the edges of reality, afraid to offend any protected group. Finally, the segregation that exists in America today is voluntary and has to overcome lots of government hurdles to survive. Many previously-homogeneous neighbourhoods around the United States have been broken up and made more ‘vibrant’ by the Federal Government and various ‘advocacy’ groups. This has led to conflict, chaos and crime in many areas. Once peaceful communities have been victimised because of the utopian fantasies of the Left. Beyond this, don’t people have a right to live around others like themselves? Would the same PC Leftists who produced this propaganda and want to bring Asians, Blacks and Hispanics into White neighbourhoods also advocate busting up Black, Asian and Hispanic neighbourhoods with Whites? Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans certainly doesn’t seem to appreciate that sort of ‘diversity.’ And why should he? People have a natural instinct to identify with those like themselves. This creates real diversity by allowing different groups to maintain themselves. Groups themselves show a natural tendency to protect their identity and territory, allowing them to survive. This can take place within a neighbourhood, a city, region or even a country. It’s perfectly natural. What is un-natural is the Left’s war on nature.

The group that produced the radio ads is called A Richer Life which is a project of something called The National Fair Housing Alliance, a Left-wing ‘advocacy group’ which is extremely worried about voluntary segregation in America and the desire on the part of most people to live around people of their own ethnicity and culture. Their major funding comes from State Farm Insurance.

Click here for the repulsive radio advertisement

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  • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

    People should be proud of who they are. Blacks, whites, Asian, American Indians, etc.

    If a black family moves next door to me, I don’t care as long as they are friendly, keep their yard up and the noise down. Money is colour blind in that aspect. They also have be comfortable with the fact that most of the people in the neighbourhood are white. What I don’t care for is anyone expecting special treatment because they are a certain skin colour. Maybe the only exception would be the American Indians since they have been screwed more than us Southerners have.

  • The New Silence Dogood

    What I DO NOT like is the fact that we were “treated” at work with a tolerance program (Meaning we accept everyone including homosexuals). I thought “tolerant” meant that we “tolerate” certain folks even though we don’t agree with them. However, I think to the “Power Above Us” this means you better accept everyone as normal or else.

    The ghost behind the curtain pulling the strings is George Orwell himself. Sadly, over the decades, this means that Orwell and his predictions are the United States of America.

  • Chad

    At all of the places I have worked at I have never been forced to undergo a tolerance program. I have been through a diversity program which consisted of that company policy allowed for the hiring of all cultures and nationality… and if you couldn’t be civil to everyone while on the job to basically pack your bags and get out… I have no problem with companies having diversity programs… I do however think that it is pretty ridiculous that someone would waste their time and money trying to convince them that they basically need a quota of different types of people in their private lives. Besides, I think that if you can’t be civil to others on the job (or even in your private life) you are pretty much classless and have a strong Yankee mentality.

  • The New Silence Dogood

    I can “tolerate” working side by side with a homosexual, I just don’t have to agree with the lifestyle.


    It doesn’t matter whether I’m from the North, South, East, or West.

  • Chad

    No one ever said you had to agree with anyone’s lifestyle… That is very much the basis of Yankee mentality…. Yankees just take one step further and try to force others to agree and live by their world view. I very much do not agree with many people’s lifestyles and choices… especially religious fanatics who are more worried about using government to force their beliefs on the rest of society, than an entity that is used to oversee common law.

    However, I bode no ill will towards anyone I don’t agree with… and just because I don’t agree with others doesn’t mean I am going to loose my manners, good upbring and class and not treat them as a human being in a civil manner. Far to many have lost the art of being civil and it has led to much of the strife that is seen in the united States of America today.

  • The New Silence Dogood



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