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Admiral Fallon vs the warmongers

March 1, 2012

'War, war, war... beating the drum... certainly not very helpful'

Sometimes the most effective push-back against the pro-war, any-war crowd can come from the military and especially its respected leaders. Certainly no one could call Admiral William J Fallon a hippie flower-child or challenge his military credentials. The retired four-star admiral fought in Vietnam, Bosnia and Iraq during a 41-year career. Recently Admiral Fallon was brave enough to speak out against the constant warmongering going on in the US media and government, as reported by John Glaser at Antiwar.com. Fallon’s frank assessment of the warmongering and opposition within the military to attacking Iran is refreshing:

“We are reaching this crescendo of talk – just constant – war, war, war,” said former CENTCOM Commander, Admiral William J. Fallon.  ”It’s almost like the old movie, the black and white, beating the drum, and the galley slaves.  And the chant goes on.  Certainly not very helpful at all.”

Fallon spoke on a panel hosted by CSIS along with former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General James Cartwright last week.  The panelists were in firm agreement that a military operation to try to stop Iran’s nuclear program is a bad option for the United States.

When asked if a military strike could prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, General Cartwright replied bluntly, “no.”  He explained, “you’re not going to kill the intellectual capital to just rebuild the centrifuges someplace else and continue on.”

Asked whether others in the military believed that a military strike on Iran would be prudent, the men indicated they did not. “No one that I’m aware of [in the military] thinks that there’s any real positive outcome of a military strike or some kind of conflict,” Admiral Fallon said.

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  • The New Silence Dogood

    Sometimes I wonder if we’re are heading toward a different kind of “Civil War” in this country. The United States is certainly on the path to self-destruction.

    I also think the only thing that’s kept the United States government from going after it’s own people tooth and nail in recent years is that it would be fighting an armed citizenry.

  • The New Silence Dogood

    My apology.

    My grammar/writing was not the best in that last comment.


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