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Feds want to give another $2.4 billion to Pakistan

February 14, 2012

USA bribes Pakistan with borrowed money

When future generations look back on US history and try to figure out why the Empire collapsed they will undoubtedly notice that at a time when the US was many trillions in debt, over-extended around the world and imposing restrictions on its own economy at home, it was also borrowing billions and giving the money to foreign nations as a pay-off for them to stay in line. It should also be noted that a majority (55%) of Americans considers Pakistan to be an enemy of the US and a majority of Pakistanis (60%) considers the US to be an enemy of Pakistan. US drone strikes into Pakistan have killed numerous civilians, caused a rise in anti-American sentiments and have de-stabilised the country (which has nuclear weapons). Jason Ditz has the story for Antiwar.com:

After at least three major public fallouts with the Pakistani government left US-Pakistani relations on the brink of collapse, most were expecting a major revision in aid to Pakistan. Instead, we see more of the same.

The new proposal from President Obama would have $2.4 billion in aid for the fiscal year 2012-13, including significant funding for Pakistan’s “counter-insurgency capability fund,” despite US officials repeatedly accusing Pakistan of being on the side of the insurgents.

Officials insist that the aid is “conditional” and that Pakistan will only get the money if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signs off on Pakistan “cooperating” and insists Pakistan isn’t “supporting terrorist activities against the US.”

The budget proposal from President Obama includes significant tax increases and it is unclear if he will be able to push it through Congress. The Pakistan aid may well also be a subject of major debate in the budget.

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