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Podcast: Defending Southern heritage in New York

February 9, 2012

Recently, I had the pleasure to speak with Valerie Protopapas. She is editor of the Southern Cavalry Review for the Stuart-Mosby Society, has written for The Free Magnolia and frequently writes for The Southern War Room. She has also been cited as an expert by Dr Thomas DiLorenzo on the subject of Union war crimes against Southerners. In this interview she speaks about how she as a New Yorker became interested in Southern heritage, her fascination with Confederate Colonel John S Mosby, the end of the Grand Bargain and the onset of the politically-correct age.

Click here for the audio (duration: 28:16)

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  • http://thesouthernamerican.blogspot.com/ pop

    Well done! Thank you Brother Michael & Sister Val.

    God bless y’all!

    Bro. PoP

  • Keith Ulster Patriot

    You seen the movie Gods and Generals Michael? Good podcast. No Surrender.

  • Michael

    Thanks, Keith. Yes, I have seen that movie. Saw it in the theatres when it first came out. It’s very good.


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