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Pro-war Republicans rejected in New Hampshire primary

January 10, 2012

With 10.3% of the precincts reporting in the New Hampshire Republican primary, the most pro-war, Neo-connish of the GOP candidates are not doing well. Romney is winning, as expected in his own backyard, with 35.5% of the vote. Paul is running a very strong second at 25%. Huntsman is running a surprising 16.2% while the most pro-war candidates, Gingrich and Santorum, are running at 10.9% and 9.9% respectively. It appears the folks in New Hampshire are not as eager to bomb Iran or re-invade Iraq as are Gingrich and Santorum.

Source: Politico

Update at 8:17 PM with 15.9% of the precincts reporting: Romney – 35.3%, Paul – 24.7%, Huntsman – 17.5%, Gingrich – 10.4%, Santorum – 9.6%

Update at 8:26 PM with 19.3% of the precincts reporting: Romney – 35.5%, Paul – 24.7%, Huntsman – 17.0%, Gingrich – 10.3%, Santorum – 10.1%

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  • the29thtn

    I don’t understand how Romney is less “pro war” than Gingrich… I’m not a fan of either, and I’m more aggressive on foreign policy issues than most here. I would say that Romeny is even more likely to engage in Libya style actions that Gingrich is.

  • the29thtn

    Here is a Romney interview on Hugh Hewitt Monday March 21, 2011 http://www.hughhewitt.com/transcripts.aspx?id=e3bf5a59-b9c6-4a10-846b-f573a9a9d74d

    HH: What is your reaction to President Obama’s announcement of air strikes on Libya?

    MR: Well, first, I support military action in Libya. I support our troops there and the mission that they’ve been given. But let me also note that thus far, the President has been unable to construct a foreign policy, any foreign policy. I think it’s fair to ask, you know, what is it that explains the absence of any discernable foreign policy from the president of the United States? And I believe that it flows from his fundamental disbelief in American exceptionalism. In the President’s world, all nations have common interests, the lines between good an evil are blurred, America’s history merits apology. And without a compass to guide him in our increasingly turbulent world, he’s tentative, indecisive, timid and nuanced. And as a result, I think, he says, for instance, he’s committed to our success in Afghanistan unless it means commitment beyond 2011. He stands with our ally, Israel, but condemns its settlement policy even more forcefully than he condemns Hamas’ rockets. And he calls for the removal of Muammar Gaddafi, but then conditions our action on the directions we get from the Arab League and the United Nations.

    HH: Did he wait too long, Governor Romney, to strike against Libya?

    MR: There’s no question but that his inability to have a clear and convincing foreign policy made him delegate to the United Nations and the Arab League a decision about our involvement there. And I happen to have a very personal concern. I mean, 270 people were killed as a result of that tragedy over Lockerbie. We now know that that was ordered directly by Muammar Gaddafi. One of my colleagues at Bain & Co, and a friend, named Nicholas Bright, was killed in that flight. And the President had every piece of information he needed to be able to take action in America’s interest.

  • http://www.occidentaldissent.com HW

    Huntsman’s voters were anti-Tea Party Democrats. Santorum and Gingrich tanked though. It was pretty much a repeat of Iowa with New Hampshire demographics. Ron Paul alone expanded the electorate. His base are independent voters under the age of 44.


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