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Forced-Unionists attack SNN

December 29, 2011

Once again SNN is being attacked by Leftist, anti-nationalist folks of the forced-Unionist variety. Their arguments are the same worn out ones they always use. Predictably, we are… wait for it… “racist” for seeing ourselves as a unique people and wanting to preserve our distinct culture in a free country of our own. That’s just awful, isn’t it?! We who denounce imperialist wars and advocate the right of self-determination for all nations of people around the world, we’re just terrible people. Here is what the folks at CWCrossroads, who use as their site’s header a picture of forced-Unionists riding out to no doubt burn down a Southern home or city, have to say about us:

Over the past several months a group of Confederate heritage advocates has been protesting the decision of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond to fly the Confederate Battle Flag and other Confederate flags at the site of a chapel located at an old soldiers home.  The protest has drawn some attention in the blogosphere, but not much, frankly; the visuals make for a good local news story, as we can see.

Not all the attention devoted to this protest has been negative or neutral.  The “flaggers,” as they style themselves (they are even festooned with ribbons celebrating their activities) have support … from the Southern Nationalist Network.  Yup, these folks. The ones who claim that southerners “are a people. Our ancestors came from Europe but we long ago ceased to be Europeans.“  In short, no blacks allowed.  Sound familiar?

Notice how they attack us for believing we are a people. Apparently only they have the right to make that designation. Or perhaps it falls to their beloved Federal Government and the involuntary-Union to make such distinctions. They also quote Dr Michael Hill from a speech he gave in the summer of 2011 at the League of the South national conference about how we have our own identity which developed over the course of the 400 years we have been living in North America. And notice how they jump from that quote to the claim, “In short, no blacks allow.” We’ve got to give it to the forced-Unionists; they might not be the most original people on Earth but they sure are persistent. They continually go to the same “Civil Rights” era-play book for their critique of those they oppose. Just for kicks, let’s look at what their great leader, the demi-god of the US Empire, Abraham Lincoln had to say on the subject of Blacks and whether he considered them part of his people:

“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.”

[Abraham Lincoln from the fourth debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Charleston, Illinois, September 18, 1858

(The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume III, pp. 145-146.)]

Or we could quote the glorious Union General William T Sherman on his view of American Indians:

“The more Indians we can kill this year the fewer we will need to kill the next, because the more I see of the Indians the more convinced I become that they must either all be killed or be maintained as a species of pauper. Their attempts at civilization is ridiculous.”

I point out these quotes (and we could include many more) not to make the predictable “You are the real racists!” argument, but to demonstrate the utter hypocrisy of attacking us for allegedly not being inclusive of Blacks while at the same time idolising men who wanted to eradicate the American Indians and who considered Blacks to be an inferior race unworthy of living in White Northern society. This would be like idolising the founders of the Nazi Party and making them the subject of pictures on the header of your website while at the same time condemning others for not being inclusive of Jews.

The hypocritical forced-Unionists continue:

These are folks who openly proclaim that …

Southern nationalists … want to conserve a specific people and culture…. We can point to a specific population that is easily defined in terms of ethnicity and culture and say that the betterment of this nation of people is what we support.

and …

We are nearly the only group left in society who still defend the classical and common sense notion that inequality and human differences are natural and positive and that society should embrace these differences in a tradition of ordered liberty rather than socially-manipulated equality.

Here we get at the heart of their real objection to us, don’t we? They don’t like it that we reject their universalism. They are offended that we openly condemn the un-natural socialist pipe-dream of equality, which, as the Left has proven time and time again over the last century, can only be achieved by battering people down to the same common denomination. No two people or groups of people are equal. Even a child can see this, but it is apparently forbidden to utter such a truth in the politically-correct modern America.

The article includes a picture taken at a recent “flagging” featuring protest organizer and “super activist” Susan Frise Hathaway, who graciously consented to an interview with SNN.

Interesting that for all this talk about black Confederates supporting the CSA that these southern nationalists explicitly exclude African Americans from their definition of “southerner.”  Wonder what went wrong?

So at least now you know who supports the “flaggers” and that the head of the “flaggers” enjoys having their support.

SNN never claimed that Mrs Hathaway or any of the Virginia Flaggers were Southern nationalists. We clearly noted that she is a Southern heritage activist. I would never attempt to speak for her. I will say that I have been on many radio shows and podcasts- some Leftist, some Rightist and some anarchist – and just because I was on a show didn’t mean I necessarily agreed with the hosts’ views on everything. I should think that would be obvious. This attempt to defame Mrs Hathaway by associating her with us and then hypocritically attacking us for allegedly not being inclusive while idolising men like Lincoln and Sherman is well…. typical of the forced-Unionists. What else would you expect from such people?

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  • http://coloradoconfederatarian.squarespace.com/ Snaggle-Tooth Jones

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but screw ‘em.

    To quote one “Shrewsbury”:

    “(Shrewsbury) does not give a rat’s hindquarters what liberals (that is, neo-Leninists) think or say or do about anything. At this point in the dialectic, no dialogue is possible with them. They live in their own universe of lies and depravity.”

    And so it is with the liberal-lefty morons there at CW Crossroads or whatever it’s called. They live in a universe of lies and depravity, and there is accordingly no reasoning with them. Not only that, the days of their universe are numbered, and deep down they know it. That’s one reason they resent any sign that a truly conservative order may soon re-emerge, and why they therefore speak so violently against it.

    Let those loons rant and rave, and with Shrewsbury let us be about the business of ignoring them and carrying forth our agenda.

  • http://​blackconfederates.blogspot.com/ PoP

    Black Flagger.


    Many Blacks support the flag…. They are a big part of the South and we have no reason to list race as Confederates come in all colours!


  • http://one80dts.blogspot.com Connie Chastain

    Brooks Simpson is a liar. So are his buddies Kevin Levin and Corey Meyer. Levin’s good at lying by implication, innuendo and other rhetorical methods. Corey’s not in the same class of liars, but he sure tries…

    But Simpson. He’s a blatant liar and he uses every dishonest rhetorical trick in the book. I agree, let them rant and rave — the people who believe them have to themselves practice stunning level of self-deception and acceptance — indeed, embracing — of deception and falsehood. Honest people can see right through them.

    Good analysis of Simpson’s cascade of verbal fraud, by the way.

  • Tony Gunter

    Your youtube channel is titled “RedShirtArmy” presumably after the 19th century militia that inflicted terrorism on African American citizens in the south during the Redemption period. How can you take umbrage at Professor Simpson calling your organization racist?

    He is on much firmer ground calling you a racist than you are calling him a liberal.

  • http://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/ BrockTownsend

    Just a waste of time debating them.

  • Mike Lamb

    Your quote from them, “These are folks who openly proclaim that … Southern nationalists … want to conserve a specific people and culture….
    …We can point to a specific population that is easily defined in terms of ethnicity and culture and say that the betterment of this nation of people is what we support. and … We are nearly the only group left in society who still defend the classical and common sense notion that inequality and human differences are natural and positive and that society should embrace these differences in a tradition of ordered liberty rather than socially-manipulated equality.”

    In other places in your article you state the racist implications and defenses from both our side and theirs. Concerning all the above, it should become obvious that their attacks on our cultural beliefs and values is nothing more than their form of “Genocide” against us, a specific culture of people they do not and will not acknowledge. From their POV they are not committing genocide against us because they don’t believe we exist to begin with…

    Broken down it shows their belief in multi-culturalism, universalism, socialism, globalism and Marxism. From there it becomes obvious that Mr. Simpson is nothing more than a historical revisionist as is the rest of their side. So the posters above are exactly right in lumping him in with the other impostors.
    (Food for thought.)

    Michael-Deo Vindicabamur

  • Michael

    Tony wrote: “Your youtube channel is titled “RedShirtArmy” presumably after the 19th century militia that inflicted terrorism on African American citizens in the south during the Redemption period. How can you take umbrage at Professor Simpson calling your organization racist?

    He is on much firmer ground calling you a racist than you are calling him a liberal.”

    Tony, I take great pride in the Red Shirts’ legacy of running out the occupational regime from my State. General/Governor Hampton is known as the “Saviour of South Carolina” for running the carpet-baggers and foreign military out of the Palmetto State. He was loved by the people of my State. If you read some real history rather than anti-Southern propaganda you’d know that he was also kind to local SC Blacks and a large number of them came out to honour him at his funeral procession in Columbia, SC. The Red Shirts, which General Hampton led, rid our State of a regime which terrorised the people of SC and did not allow SC citizens to vote – only Blacks who supported the military occupation and the foreign soldiers themselves were allowed to vote. As a result, one of the most corrupt and illegitimate governments in Western history ruled over our ravaged State. The Red Shirts were liberators.

    As for me being a “racist,” this is simply a Leftist slur. I laugh at this description of me because the term is meaningless. It’s applied to anyone who opposes the Leftist agenda. Anyone who rejects the universalist world-view is a “racist.” lol Please continue to call everyone this who you disagree with – that’s the quickest way to totally discredit the slur in the minds of the remaining people who haven’t yet realised the way Leftists play this game.

  • Mike Lamb

    I posted this article on the link you gave to their forum/blog. My post has been under “moderation/review” all day, and they won’t post it. It is a response to Mr. Simpson’s assertion/response to Fortpillow and the Puritans/Pilgrims.

    My post:
    Mr. Simpson,
    You didn’t fully address the nature of the Puritans. You leave much out. Matter of fact, there is so much concerning them this thread couldn’t do the topic justice.

    But I will add this to counter your assertions concerning the puritans. In short they were a nasty bunch of self-righteous hoodlums which had started 2 wars in Great Britain/England and caused turmoil in Holland. (Remember Oliver Cromwell? A nice Puritan, no?)

    As for the Pilgrims/Puritans being agents of the Crown, I reference this cite:
    “The Pilgrims End Their Pilgrimage at Plymouth. Losing their identity as English, a group of Separatists in Holland came to America in search for religious freedom. The group settled outside the domain of the Virginia Company and, without legal permission, settled in Plymouth Bay in 1620.” ref. 12th edition of the A.P. U.S. History text, The American Pageant.

    While some issue can be made for the above, it can be understood that many other Puritan dissenters followed those Pilgrims. At this point it becomes a moot point to their previous past, and more important what their beliefs are and how they enacted those beliefs in this country.

    Here in this country the Puritans start off so nicely with their self-righteous “Salem Witch Trials” and the burning of suspected witches. And we have these same Puritans ready to declare war on the Swiss/Hollanders from the Massachusetts area. Of which the Puritans harassed them until they finally forced the Swiss/Hollanders out.

    Fortpillow is absolutely correct and you are wrong. But you are only wrong because you failed to address the whole situation. So, if need be, I can add much to the above….

    I make no special claims, including titles, although I could, nor do I recognize them.
    I’d rather debate and judge another, not by their titles, but by what lies within them.

    Michael-Deo Vindicabmur

  • Michael

    Mike, those people have no desire for the truth. They only want to call you names and attempt to marginalise you. This is cover for their agenda, which is US-style democratic-liberal imperialism. They fundamentally reject self-determination and do not believe that distinct cultural/ethnic groups have a right to survival. I have no respect for their position because it’s so transparently destructive and imperialist. They just cloak it in their Federal rag and attack anyone who points out what they are actually advocating. The reason they hate us so much is because we refuse to play their game. I’m not going to sit here and produce a bunch of minority front-men waving Confederate flag and play their game “you’re the real racist.” That’s what they want. They want us on the defensive. It takes the focus off the fact that they oppose self-determination, support a government that waged a war of genocide against our people and support policies designed to destroy our cultural and ethnic identity as a people.

    Notice that Brooks D Simpson on their site calls for pro-South folks to reject our definition of what constitutes a Southerner and allow him to define this term for us. This is because he supports a universalist world-view. His government gives pieces of paper to any and every one from all over the planet every day and calls them “Americans.” Nationality to him is citizenship – it’s just a government-assigned title, rather than something real like ethnicity and culture. This is the same kind of deluded mentality that led to Ad Council advertisements after 9-11 when they all these foreigners in broken English repeating the line “I am an American.” In fact, it pointed out the emptiness of the title “American.” Apparently it just means a human being who is taxed by Washington, DC and can utter those 4 words in broken English. Southern nationality is more than that. We don’t define our people according to their universalist, statist manner. We are a specific people.

  • Mike Lamb

    You’re preaching to the choir….!
    I find it no problem to defeat their arguments when I desire to press an attack and one will try to answer. But that is the problem, they know they can’t defend their position, so they cut people off, shun them and just plain ignore them.
    There is NO solution to that problem. I can no more make such people defend themselves than I can a dead man. So the country stays in the dark, and people stay ignorant because of it. Nor do I see this changing in the near future. But what I do see changing is this country as a whole, finishing that war because those people still are not satisfied with what they have. Here is what I just finished posting on Tim Manning’s fb page concerning this very thing.

    “I think the cause for an independent and free South will come from the US empire destroying its’ own self. It will make war on its’ own people. (Yes, the people it owns.) There is nothing I can or would do about it. It is simply gonna happen because the system can’t tolerate the strain of continued lies and trying to continually back them up with more lies. Plus the elitists wants control anyway, all in efforts to control the world, making a GLOBAL government, religion, currency-banking system, court system and everything else. All for their expedited efficiency.
    I personally believe this war is about ready to be waged on the American public and it will as you state cost trillions of dollars and millions of lives. Problem is, the government started it, along with the bankers who control the government. And all for their gain and our enslavement. I’d say we only have months left at best, weeks at worst..”

    I was in a Greensboro News and Record thread concerning the Reidsville Statue, and I got banned form it, form the whole paper. All because the moderator disagreed with me. I never ONCE said anything derogatory or out of line, NOT ONCE! You ought to read the last comment in the thread’s posts, where the moderator, “Greensboro General” tears me out a new one! Problem is he was so blantant I think it actually made him look bad… unbelievable. Charles had the link listed in his SHNV email.

    My whole point being, the system is gonna collapse on itself because of the deceit… We just have to be here and pick up the pieces…

    Michael-Deo Vindicabamur

  • dixiegirl

    @.. “…They don’t like it that we reject their universalism. They are offended that we openly condemn the un-natural socialist pipe-dream of equality, which, as the Left has proven time and time again over the last century, can only be achieved by battering people down to the same common denomination. No two people or groups of people are equal. Even a child can see this, but it is apparently forbidden to utter such a truth in the politically-correct modern America….”

    Imo, it’s a mistake to not to always notice that “Universalism” can come as easily from the “right’ as from the “left.”

    Southerns in many aspects of their lives supported (and enacted) De-Centralization. This de-centralization is a cornerstone of all protestantisms. In services, Quakers can simply speak out. In other groups, the “elders” or pastors or ministers are Elected, appointed REGIONALLY, not from someone far off, or from on high. This De-centralization still references regional politics, s/a the “county,” a way of seeing that Northerners are totally not in tune with, (except they really are, for when they move to the south, they scramble to take “offices,” and then not REPRESENT but impose their idea.)

    Empire-Warfare versions of Christianity (empire christianizes) whether the roman church, or the new “zionist” christianity (code word for protestant empire-christians), are swept under the rug (and it is dishonestly pretended that “manifest destiny” and some long-gone puritans are the cause of the empire christianizes of today (rome certainly PRE-dates manifest destiny, LOL!).

    At any rate— throughout Europe people were grossly conquered for the “universalism” of there church (rome). If they disagreed with that IDEA (not “a people” but an idea), they were killed as Heretics, which is why europe became that—gutted ethnicities under an IDEA.

    After that— it was ripe for another “IDEA” conquest. And that was made int he name of “communism.”

    Had the Roman church not slaughtered europeans in the name of its Idea, (a “doctrinal” christianity) THEN it would not have been ripe for the conquest of an “alternative” IDEA-based culture, i.e. “communism.”

    The roots of this are deep in Rome and europe, NOT in the u.s, puritans, and “manifest destiny” as some wish to argue for their own reasons.

    Europe is not about “A People” but an IDEA.

    From the conquest of an Idea, they moved to other Idea conquests (communism, socialism, multiculturalism, etc.)

    England’s position after WWII— allowed others to begin “DE-colonization” (dismantling the anglo-sphere), and turning the previous colonies into Romanized areas—- like in U.S. where it is being turned over into a “catholic” country, the “anglos” propagandized against in “liberation theology,” the open border to S. America, the creation of a Theocracy (pope) as having his own embassy in a country where there had once been more genuine freedom of religion), etc.

    Centralized power comes in many forms. The South has opposed it.

  • dixiegirl

    That’s why the totally False Dichotomy has arisen: “communism versus capitalism.” In u.s. this polarization occured since the influx of fascists (here meaning Militarist-Corporatists) and communist both at the turn of the last century, and both of which groups arrived very politically organized, active, and radicalized— they are “European” and KNOW NOTHING of the previous America as they reinstated their “left” /”right” coalition government (which we now live under in the u.s.) just like in europe.

    Once you make Centralized Fed (or central world governance)— THEN most people obviously CANNOT have any voice, and they fight and polarize.

    This creates the stupid “swing” from “right” to “left” that became U.S. Fed governance.

    In reality—- ‘right” wing people are sometimes “foodies,” and care about the environment, and “leftist” on economic theory may be very against abortions, etc, etc.

    The “platforms” are ridiculously air headed sets of a few “pro” and “con” issues.

    The dumbed down Fascsist population (here meaning mindlessly gutted not militarist-corporatist) ACTUALLY believes this is what “politics” IS. (ARE YOU “for” or “against”… and name the couple of “issues” they are given… i.e., “abortions!” “gay marriages!” etc.)

    The good news is—- in America there is still a core population—- not catholic or jewish (the “ethnic” whites), nor from the revolutions of 1848 OR the communist-fascist influx of 1900, who understand the issues and De-centralization in another way—

    Which means there will probably be a very strong Libertarian Style 3rd party in the u.s. someday— OR the old southern democrats will truly just takeover the republican party again

  • Harold Crews

    Dixiegirl, you obviously don’t know the first thing about the Catholic Church and you should really stop writing about it. You probably have never been to a single Mass or read a single book written by a faithful Catholic. The Catholic Church is a combination of centralism (the Pope/Vatican) and de-centralism (local bishops and religious orders). Which sounds rather familiar by the way. Your tripe is non-sense. I don’t come here to try to bash any Christian though I’m willing to point out historical falsehoods. But most of your posts get around to bashing the Catholic Church. You are embarrassing yourself.

    Why are you trying to drive a sectarian wedge between Southron nationalists? You defend old-line Yankee Protestants but are more than happy to attack Catholic Southrons.

  • Mike Lamb

    Like I told you before, you and the Catholics have your history, and the rest of us have ours. dixiegirl may be anti-Catholic, I don’t know for certain. But she made a plausible comment, although I don’t accept it as 100% true. To start I would say The Catholic Church was just a part of the problem. And to be fair I can spread that blame to other Churches and denominations also. But to say the Catholic is blameless, well that’s not right either, but biased…

    Michael-Deo Vindicabamur

  • http://coloradoconfederatarian.squarespace.com/ Snaggle-Tooth Jones

    Harold, I’m not a Roman Catholic; I am a high church Anglican. But I share your assessment of the idiocy recently promulgated in these comboxes about Catholicism. The half-educated ideologues who have posted these often unintelligible comments are only interested in their respective ideologies, not historical facts or the dispassionate assessment thereof.

  • Harold Crews

    Thanks Mr. Jones. Presumably this page isn’t about theological differences or inflaming sectarian passions. Michael has never mentioned that intent to me. But some people will high-jack threads to ride their hobby horse. Nothing constructive can come from it.

    Mike, no one here has said that Catholics are not part of the problem. You’ll find plenty of jingoistic rah-rah ‘patriots’ in the pews at your local parish. Additionally too many Catholic bishops have supported open immigration. But Catholics are hardly distinct from many other Christians on either matter. We all know that Catholics are part of the problem. I assure you that I read, watch and listen to MORE Catholic media than you. I’m aware of the problems in the Church. But let’s be real here. The Catholic Church is a minor source of the South problems today. There isn’t mass immigration because the Church supports it but because big business wants it.

  • Michael

    Harold, thanks for pointing out that this post is not about theology or inflaming sectarian divisions.

  • Mike Lamb

    I can agree almost totally with you… Not enough difference to comment on. My only point was in saying, anyone who singles out any one group or person for attack is usually, almost always gonna be wrong. Even to the point of having 2 differing views and understandings of something is no excuse to accuse the other of being 100% responsible for something. I no more fault the Catholics than anyone else. And I’ve tried to defend that principle here in this topic as well as anywhere else I deem necessary. Actually such disharmony is the very first step in disuniting people, which is bad. All I ask is we respect each other for our personal beliefs, as a person, even though we may disagree and openly state disagreements from time to time concerning such topics among others. (That wouldn’t mean I am attacking you personally.)
    No problem here with me….
    btw–I’ve attended a Catholic Church before, as a visitor…

    Michael-Deo Vindicabamur

  • http://myscv.wordpress.com Clint Lacy

    Just some personal observations here, and pardon my language in advance…there is nothing to be gained by getting into a pissing match with these gentlemen.

    I once read an article, and I forget who the author was, but in general the point was that no matter how many facts you throw at a Liberal it doesn’t matter because Liberalism is their RELIGION, facts don’t matter to them.

  • Michael

    That’s true and a good point, Clint. I’m gong to ignore him from here on out. He’s a Yankee who hates self-determination and Southern traditionalism… what do we care what he thinks?!

  • Mike Lamb

    “Ignore him” ?
    Gee, he banned me, won’t post anything I send him now.
    And guess what?
    I was exceptionally nice mannered.
    Didn’t use the first foul word.
    I was addressed proper, but not by professor, but Mr.
    I never once used, insinuated, or played the race card..
    I gave him no reason to show I was overly biased, as I tried to show balancing points of view.
    My only weakness was maybe I boasted that I had him any way he went, that it works like a charm… (Worst thing I said. Though that never got posted.. Was in his “death post” polishing him off.)

    Like I said, Simpson never posted my posts, at 6 of them and he never further responded to me.. I now don’t exist…

    But I’ve learned several things.

    Always be polite and gentlemanly. Even to your adversaries.
    Never say, insinuate or use the race card.. Matter of fact ignore it! Just don’t talk about race…
    Be sure and keep your responses simple, as their brains can’t comprehend over 1 thing at a time. So don’t cover many things in one post. Just 1 and no more than 2nd smaller subject.
    You have to CLAIM your points as your opponents will never admit anything or give you credit for anything. You have to claim it for yourself!
    They will try and trick you into believing something else, especially by out of context quotes. Or they will simply deny your assertion with no proof..(Claim your point when they do this and when they try to stray offf topic.)
    These people such as Simpson and his minions, such as Ambrose and McPhereson and Lowen, they EXACTLY POSITIVELY know they can’t win a debate against one of us that is even half way good. So they trivialize everything and pick your soft spots, say race, to carry the topic off in a completely different direction. They are Marxists and they admit it! That automatically makes them relativists and revisionist historians.
    They purposely disregard us and the truth we speak, KNOWING we speak truths they can’t defend! Yet they believe they are right for the crazy reason, “For the betterment of society.”

    Think about it….

    Michael-Deo Vindicabamur

  • Michael

    Mike, you make several good points. After reading many of this man’s comments I’ve noticed a couple things about him. He will not respond to your critique of his positions, only try to pick apart yours. He takes quotes and comments out of context and then applies them broadly in the most inciteful manner possible while adopting a self-righteous attitude. And he keeps pushing, never giving any ground or attempting to come to any compromise. In short, he’s a dedicated enemy of what we believe. And we should treat him as such. There is no convincing him of our positions. He makes his living off the tax payers at a government university. And in addition to this he writes anti-Southern, pro-Union books which glorify Yankee heroes. So he’s a professional propagandist for the enemy’s cause. Remember that anything he tries to convince us of is in order to promote his agenda. His point of view is the Establishment perspective, funded by the government and backed by the media. So giving his perspective more attention does us no good. Anytime we debate him and make any concessions or confessions we lose ground. Instead, I think we do better when we forward our own perspective as uncompromisingly as he does his perspective. If he wants to lie about us, let him do so. If he wants to quote us, let him do so. If he wants to write 1,000 books about how great the Yankee invaders were, then so be it. We are winning over folks every day by simply pointing out what is true as well as what is obvious (but which people have been trained not to see – or feel guilty for seeing). We can continue to win folks over. And we can also take comfort in the fact that we know the Empire that the professor loves so much is dying and will soon be dead and gone. It is not only satisfying to know that the Empire which waged a war of genocide against our people will soon be dead, but it also gives up hope for the future – hope for survival in a South without the likes of this professor, where people like him have no influence or respect and can no longer live off the public.

  • Mike Lamb

    Your points are so true Michael!

    Do know that Simpson is monitoring our posts here.
    One thing I forgot to add above is, as you probably already know, he looks up his adversaries posts in other blogs and brings them back to his to set up his own strawmen attack by insinuation and guilt by association.

    And yes, it should be obvious that people like Simpson are promoting their agenda although it is originally the government’s agenda that he is paid to propagandise. Still, one has to have this belief in their hearts(such people don’t have souls) in order to lie and manipulate a people and society so thoroughly. He’s just doing what feels normal and the right thing for him to do and he doesn’t know any better. Nor can he be taught or told any better, because it’s just not in him or people like him to accept the sovereignty of people as God and Nature intended it. Likewise one can then understand that these type people have NO morals and no honor, no chivalry and no goodness about them. Sadly the world and society finds it easier to believe a lie than take a few minutes and sort out the truth.
    So they will always have a large following.

    As for dealing with such people… I have been banned from the last 3 places I have tried posting and debating at. Everywhere I have tried to be gentlemanly and straight forward. Nor did I involve the race issue. If you really want to see bigotry in action, you ought to look at the posts where I was banned from the online Greensboro News&Record. It was so bad I received emails saying the bias was so obvious it made the paper look bad. (It was really bad.)

    My point is, and Mr. Simpson can get a clue from this, all we need do is use ourselves as examples for how we are treated. However to do so means one has to try and follow my outline above. This makes sure no one can claim one ours said something that caused them to be banned, because they will start using the very slightest reason to ban anyone, when it is done in a way as I stated. (The Greensboro N&R went far beyond those rules in banning me!) Anyway that is a near perfect way for people to see first hand what these barbarians are really doing to people.

    As for the country, agh, doesn’t matter, why even call this a country? It’s nothing more than a make believe election of people who are tyrants, dictating over a land mass, all for their benefit. But I assure you this will come to a head shortly, in the next few months most likely.(Start to change.) Sadly these barbarians will have a majority of followers. And there is nothing we can do about it, except wait, hope and pray for the best…

    Michael-Deo Vindicabamur


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