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Secession as our greatest hope

December 19, 2011

In a recent video interview for Mises Romania, author and philosopher Dr Hans-Hermann Hoppe spoke about the rise and fall of the welfare state and our prospects of liberty and traditional society with natural elites (versus state elites). In so doing, Dr Hoppe contrasted the involuntary statist system of central banking, centralisation and forced integration that has marked the modern democratic era with the rise of the the USSR (which has thankfully fallen already due to its economic system which was even more flawed than is the current EU and US system), European Union and United States with a de-centralised system of small political units led by natural elites. As Dr Hoppe points out, the democratic age has been an extremely bloody one with large “nation-states” (which are in fact generally expansive, multinational regions ruled over by a centralised bureaucratic state) killing many tens of millions of people in the last hundred years. These large political units have also in numerous cases destroyed human diversity around the world by purposefully eradicating many distinct cultural and national groups through either forced-assimilation and integration or else outright genocide. Dr Hoppe believes the collapse of the modern welfare state is inevitable (and indeed this seems to be playing out rapidly before our eyes in the news on a daily basis) and the separation of the existing large political units (the European Union and the United States in particular) into smaller political units represent our best hope for a return to a sounder economic footing, the survival of distinct Western cultures and nations of people, fewer catastrophic wars and traditional societies led by natural elites.

Click here for the audio clip (duration: 1:59)

Click here for the full video interview

Click here for Dr Hoppe’s book Democracy – The God that Failed



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  • dixiegirl

    all leaders think they are NATURAL elites. Their egos couldn’t take it, otherwise.

  • Michael

    lol… That’s true, Dixiegirl. But by “natural elites” Dr Hoppe means those respected people in society who are looked to by the populace because of their morality and accomplishments, not because of political power they won in some popularity contest.

  • Confederate Papist

    Jefferson, correctly warned against centralisation in the government and banking sectors and was against “internal improvements” (i.e. corporate welfare) because they were unconstitutional. The centrists, statists and leftists bastardised the “General Welfare” clause in the constitution so badly that the writers of the Confederate Constitution excluded it purposely.

    The statists are very patient as they continuously nudged the general population towards their ultimate goal of unlimited power for the few and slavery for the rest. They started in 1861 and has most recently only become more open about their ambitions, hoping the plebes (that would be us) would continue to watch ET, MTV, TMZ and all of the other crap on TV and not notice what’s happening.

  • Dillin Weeks

    Just listened to the American Empire audio that you had up. Really something…and I finally retired the old American flag hanging in my room over the bed and replaced it with the 3rd national.

    But on another note I have been thinking that our success in reclaiming our freedom in the south depends in large part on other peoples reclaiming their self determination in other nations. I feel we should take a more active role in supporting other secession movements throughout the world. This will bring much needed attention to our cause and get people to see what they are facing and to know that we southern people do in fact exist and will not be ignored. But as more and more people hear about us and see what we are doing more will fill our ranks. The flaggings are something but rallies and well televised mettings and conferences are needed. When the leaders of the world see Southerners, Scotts, Chenchnyans, Welsh, Irish and many others standing side by side demanding self determination it will not be ignored.

    I also feel we need to improve our economic standing in the world in preperation for independence. This will be extremely difficult but looking to local leaders and businesses we need to start new small businesses, grow our own food products and get together to relieve poverty and hardship in different areas of the south. The last suggestion I believe will be vital not only in winning support but also in improving southerners lives. When people see this they will look passed all the government propaganda that they will throw our way. We will not be successful until all southerners stand united and we are a long ways off from that ultimate goal of southern liberty.

  • Michael

    Dillin, I’m glad you gave that talk a try, and even happier that you replaced the Empire’s flag with our own banner. That’s very encouraging to hear!

    I agree with you about supporting the self-determination of other nations of people. I try to focus on that here at SNN as much as I can get away with while not driving other folks away who get tired of hearing about foreign issues.

    I also agree with you about improving our economic standing. Of course that’s hard to do with all the Federal Reserve is doing to destroy our prosperity. But you’re right that it does need to be a focus.

  • Confederate Papist

    With many Southern states having robust economies independent of the Empire’s, an independent CSA can and will do just fine.

    I agree with Dillin on supporting other secession movements, but in word and (maybe) treasure only. If you think about what the world looked like in 1860 with the independent German states, regionalised Italian states, the eastern European states and, of course our own Southland, there was a natural feeling of home and freedom. As the British were recognising independence of many parts of their empire, others started to build theirs, Marx, Garibaldi, Lincoln, Lenin, et al.

  • CapnConfederacy

    That’s right Confederate Papist. It’s the old imperial trick, bread and circuses.

    And Dillin, I’m right proud of you for this change of heart. I know it probably wasn’t easy for you. I didn’t want it to go unrecognised.

  • Dillin Weeks

    Well it was not easy. It was in fact extremely painful to realise that I was devoted to a nation that existed in textbook only. But after several months and discussions and with the help of many active southern nationalist and Michael in particuler I have finally embraced a nation that exist in reality but is currently oppresed by a stronger adversary. Big thanks to all southern nationalist!

  • CapnConfederacy

    We’re happy to have you. I was once in your shoes. I was extremely pro USA. The empire uses the patriotism of Southerners against us. We consistently support the criminals in charge more than anyone. You’ll see more flag waving by well meanings folks down here than anywhere else. But we’re second class citizens. We’re roughly akin to Roman auxilia, if not worse off. The land you love indeed died long ago. Only using the rhetoric to keep the masses compliant and servile.


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