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Globalist elites score coup in Italy, secessionists defiant

November 17, 2011

The morally bankrupt media tycoon and ex-Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi has stepped down under intense pressure and been replaced by Mario Monti, a favourite of the political class elites. Monti and a supporting cast of “technocrats” are supposed to see Italy through the debt crisis. His globalist credentals are solid:

Monti is a member of the Presiderium of the Friends of Europe, a leading European think tank, was the first chairman of Bruegel, an European think tank founded in 2005. He is the European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, a think tank founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller. He is also a leading member of the economic lodge called Bilderberg Group.

Notably, only the secessionist and traditionalist Northern League is refusing to support the Establishment’s favoured son as he supposedly rides in on the white horse to save the day.

New Italian PM Mario Monti’s government of technocrats has passed its first test, winning a vote of confidence in the senate.

…He faces a second vote in the lower house or Chamber of Deputies on Friday.

Only one party, the right-wing Northern League, withheld its support from Mr Monti.

Also, click here for Alex Newman’s article for The New American on Prime Minister Monti’s globalist roots.

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  • Edgardus de la Vega

    Well… it remains to be seen whether Italy’s new technocracy will properly serve her people. I have serious doubts, but let’s see what comes of it. If I recall correctly: was not the old Soviet Union a form of technocracy? It seemed so to me as I came to understand communism.

    Nevertheless, I do believe Northern Italy should secede from the rest of the peninsula given its general
    identity and culture (i.e. Celtic and Germanic).

    Objectively speaking — Southern Italy is a bit more ‘Levantine’ in behaviour and outlook. For the record, I state such as a humble opinion, and not as an insult to the hearty Southern Italian people.

  • Dillin Weeks

    I do not really know enough about the differences in northern and southern Italian culture to make any real informed comment here. And I do not have the time at the moment to research it in detail.

    And as far as “The South Was Right!” I am around chapter 6 or so. “A Legal Right to be Free”. Still an interesting read. The chapter about northern atrocities was really moving, but I am sure that cut both ways to a degree. I do not believe every confederate was an angel of God either.

    But the book has really got me thinking about seccession. I do not believe that it is illegal to succeed or that the federal government has any right to stop a state or states from succeeding. Even today, should a state hold a vote and vote in favor. But I also believe that no state has a majority of the population supporting succession. Otherwise I would have heard about it long before I discovered this site by accident. The fact is I have been all around Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana. All former Confederate states. I have never heard the name Southern Nationalist or League of the South until I was almost 19 years old. And only then on the internet. Now at this point I am not for nor against succession. The reason being that the United States of today is vastly different than the United States of the past. Things run pretty smoothly here, most people have cars, houses, computers, xboxes ect. We also have several liberties others take for granted. I can worship as I please and associate with whom I will. I can vote and protest and write my congressman should things not go the way I want to in the government. And these liberties are pretty well protected. I have yet to be told that I could not go to church on sunday, or not eat apple pie or have a 3rd confederate national flag or picture of Robert E. Lee in my room. Because of personal liberties. So the present day United States seems to be worthy of serving. As my father, uncles, granfather and great grandfather believed as they have all picked up a rifle and sworn an oath to defend it.

    Now to fill anybody interested in on my curent events since I was last active on this site. I have joined the United States Navy and I leave for training next August. I will be a Master at Arms/Military Police Officer. I have joined the Modern Whig Party dedicated to finding solutions to modern problems without ideology blocking the way. Important issues such as political reform, economics, military spending, health care and foriegn relations are on their agenda. And as a sailor of the United States Navy I can serve my people, nation and the world aiding disaster relief missions and possible peacekeeping duties that the United States is activly involved in. So I think these are pretty good steps.

  • Chris

    If you want to know more about Yankee War Crimes. I urge to get the book called “A City Laid To Waste The Capture, Sack, And Destruction Of The City of Columbia.” If you are truly Southern through and through you will find this book to be very disturbing. The detail is gutless and if you know much about U.S. War Crimes then it may not be a surprise to you. But for you. You might find yourself geetting sick. The actions taken by Sherman and his army is just utterly pathetic and no man like him should EVER be praised.

    As far as you thinkin Southern Soldiers were probably not angels either. I ask you ? What war crimes would we want to commit on our own civilian population ? Other than the common practice of death for desertion ? In which the U.S. Army practiced. As far as anything I have ever read was when John Mosby was shooting POWS just because a U.S. Officer was ordering the killing of Confederate Soldiers.

    Well, I find it a shame that you have decided to join the Empire in its openly active imperialism. I mean the Navy does boast about being a “Global For Good”. Although I support you as a person, I do not support your service in the bloody Empire. You shouldnt really look at it as serving us Southern people or Me or Micheal. We can take care of ourselves. You are serving the Empire and it dirty deeds, I can tell you right now I was close to joining the U.S. Army, What stopped me was acutally getting to the place where you take the test and I had been reading books on well the South and other things and I found out some things that I was never aware of, I was completey brainwased into thinkin that joining the U.S. Military was such a great thing and I was going to be helping the world and people here at home, I can also blame that on hollywood in aiding my brainwashed mind, Now I can tell you I would never want to step foot in a military that tried to kill my ancestors and I had one on my other side of the family that fought for the U.S. against my ancestors and I dont praise them one bit, I try to forget it to be honest. But we will always welcome you around here to to discuss things and will always be a brother.

  • Dillin Weeks

    Chris, many famous confederates were former United States soldiers right up to the point where the war began. Robert E. Lee being one of them. And you would not have to look long to find others. And yes I am Georgia born and raised. Should the government ever use the navy to strike at the southern people again I will immediatly resign and resume my place in the southern defense. I am actually pretty close to being a southern nationalist. I am sure that our ancestors were right and justified in their choice to suceed from the Union. But they lost the resulting invasion. After the confederates fired the first shots in Charleston. Again, that could have been handled better. But I cannot change what happened. Had I been there in 1861 I would be wearing a grey uniform. But again I was not.

    The US Navy of today really is a “Global Force for Good” They are helping nations like Japan to name one off the top of my head. Also Haiti a couple years ago the US Navy was one of the first on the scene. They were also very quick to respond to New Orleans. Granted it will take a lot of work to bring these areas back to their former standard but I cannot ignore the fact that the American Navy is constantly aiding people in crisis. So should another hurricane destroy Miami for instance I may very well take part in operations that could save lives in the south.

  • Chris

    I think your forgetting the other part. You can do that aid without being in the military.

  • http://southernnationalist.com James H Swor

    Dillin, things were running pretty smoothly in 1860 as well. My ancestors in TN, MS, AR, and TX were living a pretty good life, farms, homes, civic responsibilities, voting for their own government, etc… But that all changed when Lincoln invaded the Confederacy. Fast forward thirty years and my kin were onboard with the Empire, fighting and dying for what? Some other slobs on another continent. Yeah, we worry about Japan, Haiti, and all that but what about our own people. Our traditional sense of service and patriotism has been used against us. We have been programed for 150 years to accept the Yankee propaganda that, in the meantime, destroys our cultural heritage and takes our native sons, like you, from us in order to advance the schemes of the Empire. Many of them never came back. But again, that was part of the plan. I wish you well, and I will pray for your safety but I know you will be ground up and spit out four years from now a different man. In the meantime, with or without you, we will be working towards your ultimate salvation while on God’s green earth, and that is the restoration of your cultural heritage and Southern independence.

  • Confederate Papist

    Dillin, my Georgia brother. Abe Lincoln was a Whig before that party fell apart and a lot of the former Whigs, including Lincoln, became part of the GOP. Alexander Hamilton, a Federalist, and Henry Clay, a Whig and protege of Hamilton, were what we would now call Big Government advocates that supported high tariffs, centralised banking and a stronger central government. Jefferson, Madison, Tyler, Jackson, etc., were against all of these things as none of the above was part of the US Constitution as written in 1789. Clay, Lincoln and their ilk bastardised the General Welfare Clause (which was left out of the CSA Constitution, btw) to strengthen their positions and lie to the population…which, incidentally didn’t work because the people knew their constitution. It was only after Lincoln got elected and the southern States seceded that the GOP in congress and Lincoln started consolidating power and strenghthening the central government.
    I do pray that you do not get deployed to a war zone and that you make a safe return. I pray even more that you find like-minded Southerners in the Navy and evangelise them as to the proper history of our people.
    Deo Vindice!

  • Confederate Papist

    As far as the Southern Italians…the one thing they have in common with the Northern League, as I understand it (my Italian is rusty and I’m not good with the Southern dialect and slang), is that they both did not like Berlusconi and are opposed to a “unified” Italy. The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, which comprised of the southern part of Italy (Naples, etc) and the island of Sicily, along with all of the city-states and provinces, etc., were brutally united at the point of a gun by Garibaldi and his Red Shirts in 1865 (hmm, what else happened then at the point of a gun??). Sicily was a monarchy under Bourbon rule, and to this day, people there express a loyalty and fondness for the Bourbon heirs.
    Ironically, though, it was this brutal unification that stomped southern Italians into poverty and forced many of them to emigrate to America, my forebears being a part of that exodus.

  • Confederate Papist

    Correction: it was 1861, not 1865.


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