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Does Lindsey Graham want a nuclear war?

September 25, 2011

One of the most consistent advocates of US militarism around the planet, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), says the Feds should consider military action against Pakistan, a nuclear-armed country that has been on the Federal dole for over half a century. In 2010, Washington, DC gave Pakistan $2.5 billion of US tax payers’ money in military aid. The Guardian (UK) reports:

Pakistan has historically been among the top recipients of US aid – since 1948, the US has sent more than £30bn in direct aid to the country. Nearly half of this has been for military assistance.

But now, after giving the military-ran Pakistani government tens of billions of dollars, Lindsey Graham is floating the idea of attacking Pakistan.

McCain, Lieberman & Graham: Leading hawks in the US Senate.

A Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee said Sunday that the U.S. should consider military action against Pakistan if it continues to support terrorist attacks against American troops in Afghanistan.

“The sovereign nation of Pakistan is engaging in hostile acts against the United States and our ally Afghanistan that must cease, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told “Fox News Sunday.”

He said if experts decided that the U.S. needs to “elevate its response,” he was confident there would be strong bipartisan support in Congress for such action.

Graham did not call for military action but said “all options” should be considered. He said assistance to Pakistan should be reconfigured and that the U.S. should no longer designate an amount of aid for Pakistan but have a more “transactional relationship” with the country.

“They’re killing American soldiers,” he said. “If they continue to embrace terrorism as a part of their national strategy, we’re going to have to put all options on the table, including defending our troops.”

In testimony last week to Graham’s committee, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, said Pakistan’s powerful military intelligence agency had backed extremists in planning and executing the assault on the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan and a truck bomb attack that wounded 77 American soldiers. Both occurred this month.

Mullen contended that the Haqqani insurgent network “acts as a veritable arm” of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency as it undermined U.S.-Pakistan relations, already tenuous because of the war in Afghanistan. Pakistan exports violence, Mullen said, and threatens any success in the 10-year-old war.

Graham said Pakistan does cooperate with the U.S. in actions against al-Qaida. But he said the Pakistani military feels threatened by a democracy in Afghanistan and is betting that the Taliban will come back there.

“The best solution is for Pakistan to fight all forms of terrorism, embrace working with us so that we can deal with terrorism along their border, because it is the biggest threat to stability,” he said. “But Pakistan is terrorism itself. They have made a tremendous miscalculation.”

“Pakistan is terrorism itself”? What a strange statement from the effeminate Senator. Notice how Graham believes he knows what is best for Pakistan. Of course, Graham has never heard of a country he doesn’t want to invade and constantly advocates more military spending, more foreign bases and more intervention in the internal affairs of foreign countries. The frightening thing is that this time it’s not a defenseless Third World country full of utterly impoverished people he wants to kick around – it’s a nuclear-armed country with a large military.

The Pakistan military possesses nuclear weapons and sufficient means both developed entirely by civilian scientists and engineers of Pakistan, through a range of missiles and aircraft—to deliver these over considerably long distances. However, unlike India, Pakistan does not have no-first-use policy and maintains the use of nuclear weapons as a deterrent and to peacefully prevent India and other world countries to offset the large conventional advantage other countries like USA and India enjoy over Pakistan.

This latest warmongering by Graham reminds of when his BFF John McCain advocated war against Russia a few years ago when that country stepped in to save secessionists in break-away ethnic enclaves from being crushed by Georgians (who were backed by the US and Israel). These Neo-cons are worse than crazy – they seem to actually want a nuclear showdown with someone… anyone.

Note: Also see “Feds side with imperialists over secessionists in Georgia” and “Pat Buchanan on the US Senate’s stand against secessionists

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  • CapnConfederacy

    Senator Graham was reached for comments at a local nail salon: “I just told Pakistan, girlfriend, you better stop killin’ all those studly young men in uniform.” The real reason Lindsey loves the troops so much? Just sayin’…

    And what kind of name is Lindsey for a man anyway? Reckon his parents knew what was gonna happen. Ha! Seriously though, he’s a horrible person. I know the good folks of SC have to get him out of there at some point…right?

  • http://southernnationalist.com/blog/author/administrator/ Michael

    lol… Funny stuff, CapnConfederacy.

    Those of us in the Southern movement have been trying to get rid of this awful Neo-con for a while. Unfortunately, there are tons of uninformed South Carolinians who vote for him. We had a great candidate against him a while back who managed to get the Democratic nomination. He was far more conservative and traditional (as well as being pro-South and friendly to our movement) than Graham. The Democratic Party actually endorsed Graham over their own nominee, saying that Graham was less conservative – which is true. Oh well, we’ll beat Graham eventually. Hopefully he doesn’t start a nuclear war before we do.

  • Harold Crews

    I’d bet you that the empire’s soldiers that he is so fond of have killed by several multitudes more Pakistani civilians that the reverse. But for some reason civilians don’t count unless they’re ‘American’.

  • Chris

    These kinda people are scary I tell you. I mean the guy just doesnt get it. That if he does that. the U.S. is going down. To much money. It is obvious that he doesnt care about the issues here in the U.S., he only cares about being a bully around the world and killing people. I mean okay he is a warmonger but I could at least show a little respect towards him if he knew with the situation right now the U.S. is in that all things should be off the table. But he aint worried about that. Just killing people. He says with the U.S. and our allies in Afghan. That nothing but laughable. The only allies they have in Afghan is the corrupted leaders they put in. Nobody really wants to be the U.S.’s friend going around doing what they do. Well I feel for yall South Carolina folks. We have a idiot in Mcconnell here Kentucky.

    Another thing that bothers me is people around the U.S. and the South try to bring us down but we arent the ones advocating war with anybody or goin around the world bein a bully. We are peace loving folks who only want to mind our own bussiness and tend to our own issues.

  • mike

    graham is a sick puppy, next he’ll want war with japan or australia or maybe ireland.

  • southernwolf

    Graham is becoming an embarassment and detriment to our state. He has less and less support here in South Carolina

  • Joe

    Mike, The Irish….there’s an idea, everyone thinks they’re so nice and friendly….Lindsey knows how to handle them!

  • Harold Crews

    Let’s see, Saddam was ‘our’ friend or ally back in the 80’s. Then Iraq was attacked invaded twice and Saddam deposed. Libya was ‘our’ enemy for many years then Kadaffi became ‘our’ ally and a few short years was deposed. Pakistan became more or less a puppet state back in 2001/2002 and now the powers that be are agitating for war against Pakistan. There are more examples of ‘friends’ who have been tossed under the bus by the empire. It may be bad to be America’s enemy but it is absolutely fatal to be its friend.


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