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War crimes of Lincoln, Grant & Sherman

January 6, 2011

Sherman’s infamous March through Georgia was one of the great war crimes, and crimes against humanity, of the past century-and-a-half. Because by targeting and butchering civilians, Lincoln and Grant and Sherman paved the way for all the genocidal honors of the monstrous 20th century.

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about memory, about never forgetting about history as retroactive punishment for crimes of war and mass murder. As Lord Acton, the great libertarian historian, put it, the historian, in the last analysis, must be a moral judge. The muse of the historian, he wrote, is not Clio, but Rhadamanthus, the legendary avenger of innocent blood. In that spirit, we must always remember, we must never forget, we must put in the dock and hang higher than Haman, those who, in modern times, opened the Pandora’s Box of genocide and the extermination of civilians: Sherman, Grant, and Lincoln.

Perhaps, some day, their statues, like Lenin’s in Russia, will be toppled and melted down; their insignias and battle flags will be desecrated, their war songs tossed into the fire. And then Davis and Lee and Jackson and Forrest, and all the heroes of the South, “Dixie” and the Stars and Bars, will once again be truly honored and remembered. The classic comment on that meretricious TV series The Civil War was made by that marvelous and feisty Southern writer Florence King. Asked her views on the series, she replied: “I didn’t have time to watch The Civil War. I’m too busy getting ready for the next one.” In that spirit, I am sure that one day, aided and abetted by Northerners like myself in the glorious “copperhead” tradition, the South shall rise again.

Note: Murray N. Rothbard was a New Yorker, a radical libertarian, the Dean of the Austrian School of Economics and a supporter of Southern secession. He was an early member of the League of the South.

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  • BluegrassOrphans

    What makes me sick is there is statues of Lincoln here in Kentucky. I hate that such a terrorist has his statue grace the bluegrass land and the schools show pride in him being from Kentucky. Teach our kids that he is some wonderful man. Makes me sicker than a dog.

  • http://southernnationalist.com/blog Michael

    BluegrassOrphans, I’ve only been to KY once and I was shocked when I entered the State from Tennessee that there was a sign welcoming me to the “Birthplace of Lincoln” or something to that effect. I would have much prefered a welcome to the birthplace of Davis. In fact, I left the inter-state highway and drove over to Jefferson Davis’ birthplace – which is wonderful to visit if folks are ever in the area. I would like to go there again and go up the monument (it was closed for the winter when I was there last year).

  • BluegrassOrphans

    Yeah, its just a flat out shame, they even have his statue up in Fankfort in the Capital, good thing they put good old Davis beside him, glad Kentucky remembers they’re Confederate history. And to be honest I have never been to the Jefferson Davis place. I dont live very far from it. It just never hit me to go there. I want to though now, much like I want to travel all over the deep south and visit Confederate historical places.

  • http://southernnationalist.com/blog Michael

    Bluegrass Orphans, It’s well worth visiting. It’s similar to the Washington Monument. I did a video on it you might want to check out…


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