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Man kicked off his own land for living too simply

December 4, 2010

Still believe this is even remotely a “free country”? Think again. Busy-bodies, do-gooders and government at all levels oppose liberty. Their ordinances and rules trump our liberties, at least in their mind. As the man in the video says, “I just want to be left alone.”

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  • The Masked Walnut

    I guess “private property” doesnt mean anything anymore. What do they mean “sewage line”. you mean a big septic tank tnats one EVERYONES property? Im quite sure he has a place he dumps his “crap”(lol). I would love to have my own land and live in a trailer on it. Just one more reason we need to secede from this tyranny.

  • KentuckyThunder

    I used to kindly tolerate local gov’t but now i see, it’s as useless as teets on a boar hog. Ordinances and health codes…please. It’s because he’s not giving money to the gov’t controlled power, water, sewage and garbage companies is why he is being driven off his land. Just another day in the 1st american reich. I wouldn’t leave my own land, the second a gov’t official tried to forcefully move me, i’d start shooting.

  • frank allen

    groups all over the country are fighting this kind of local tyranny. Under no circumstances, ever, ever vote for a local politician unless they swear in public they will defend private property rights!

  • the29thtn

    I notice that the government justification is that “it’s not safe.” For some reason we are supposed to expect that he’s much “safer” homeless on the street, where he still won’t have water or sewage, than on his own land. Nanny state in action…


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