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League of the South stands against Communists in Tallahassee

April 18, 2015

Today the League of the South confronted the Communists on the Statehouse steps in Tallahassee.  Hunter Wallace of OccidentalDissent.com attended the event, his report follows: Last Thursday, a communist group from Florida State University called Students for a Democratic Society spit on, stomped on, and burned a Confederate Battle Flag at the Florida State...
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‘Feds Out of Florida’ overpass rally held in Tampa

April 16, 2015

The first ‘Feds out of Florida’ rally of 2015 was held in Tampa today; On the overpass at I-4 & 301.  Several people (many of them local members of the League of the South) rallied to support the idea of seceding from the American Empire and becoming an independent republic.  To tell folks they can...
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Communist group publicly burns Confederate flag in Tallahassee

April 10, 2015

A surprise rally by a bunch of Communists in Tallahassee, FL yesterday featured quite a showing. A group of about 60, (mostly women & “men” in dresses) gathered at the old capital building to protest the KKK, or the police, or fascists, or the right to wear lip stick, who know with those folks....
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League of the South returns to Vidalia, Georgia

March 31, 2015

The League of the South returned to Vidalia, Georgia this weekend to voice opposition to the continued influx of Third World aliens into the heart of “onion country”. Many farmers would rather hire foreign laborers instead of paying Georgians a decent wage to pick crops in the fields. With around 300,000 people unemployed and...
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US House votes for war vs Novorossiya secessionists

March 24, 2015

The US House of Representatives, with broad support from the two ruling parties, voted to send weapons to the Ukraine forces fighting against Russian-speaking secessionists in break-away eastern regions known as Novorossiya. Thus far US President Barack Obama has largely resisted calls for US military intervention in the foreign conflict from Democratic and Republican...
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‘Diversity’ means banning Southern symbols at UGA

March 19, 2015

The Council of Conservative Citizens is reporting that University of Georgia has banned the hoop skirt as a symbol of Southern identity and pride. Apparently the ban was the work of Executive Vice President of Student Affairs Victor K Wilson, a Black ‘champion of diversity’ who previously headed the university’s Multicultural Services Department. Wilson,...
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LS immigration protest in Georgia

March 19, 2015

The League of the South will hold an immigration protest in Vidalia and Lyons, Georgia on 28 March in solidarity with Southern workers who are hurt by the flood of Third World immigrants who are displacing Georgians at an alarming rate. The Peach State has an unemployment rate of 6.4%, meaning that many thousands...
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‘Secede’ billboards on social media

March 12, 2015

The League of the South’s billboards which read ‘#secede” have been largely ignored by news sources since the controversy over efforts that were made by the far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center to get one removed in Montgomery, Alabama. However, in addition to the many thousands of people who have seen them in person, social...
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Scott touts ‘Florida Exceptionalism’ during State of the State address

March 8, 2015

Rick Scott began his second term as Governor on Tuesday by giving his fifth State of the State address.  He began by praising lawmakers and outlining his plans for the future. “We all share a love for our great state, but we all have our own ideas, and we debate with vigor,” Scott said. “But...
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League of the South demonstrates at CPAC

February 28, 2015

The following is a report from Shane Long, chairman of the Maryland-Virginia League of the South: CPAC 2015 got a shock to their system when the League of the South and a few members of TradYouth, lead by “new face of hate” Matthew Heimbach, organized in opposition. Originally planned as an anti-immigration rally, plans...
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Ongoing GC book project

February 18, 2015

This writer has been working (at a slow pace) closely with an independent and sympathetic publisher on a short book project on the Golden Circle. It builds on a series of articles published on this website over the last three years. It has a truly Southern nationalist focus and is heavily documented with mainstream academic...
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The essence of Americanism

February 11, 2015

Skyagusta notes on Losing the Creek: Americanism is inherently populist, egalitarian, imperialistic, progressive, ultracapitalist, poisonous. It has spread to all corners of the world, wreaking havoc from Europe to Japan to India to Iraq to Hawaii, attacking traditional ways of life, demanding a lockstep conformity and a McDonalds on every corner. Americanism is not simply political; it...
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Lower South most conservative, Northeast most liberal

February 10, 2015

A new Gallup poll reveals that 7 of the 10 most conservative States in the USA are Southern while 5 of the 10 most liberal States are found in the Northeast. The only non-Southern States to make the top ten most conservative are the Rocky Mountain States of Utah, Montana and Idaho. The only...
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Sic semper tyrannis

April 14, 2015

One hundred and fifty years ago today, Abraham Lincoln died at the hands of John Wilkes Booth. As Booth pulled the trigger in Ford’s Theatre, he is said to have shouted: “Sic semper tyrannis!” (Thus always to tyrants). Many, including some Southerners, believe that Lincoln, had he lived, would have been lenient to the...
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Confederate monument restored in Georgia

February 26, 2015

The following is a press release from the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans: As a continuation of the ongoing monument restoration work of the Sons of Confederate Veterans during this final year of the Sesquicentennial commemoration of the War, the Georgia Division, in conjunction with its local camp in Thomaston, has completed the cleaning...
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Veterans group refuses to honour Florida Confederates

February 23, 2015

A Veterans Affairs organization in Florida recently honoured many of Florida’s veterans who valiantly defended the State’s soil throughout the years. However, three names were missing. Missing because they didn’t fight under the Stars & Stripes. Below is the full story from the Tampa Tribune: Three Florida soldiers who rose through the ranks in...
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League of the South helps celebrate Lee-Jackson Day in Virginia

January 19, 2015

The following is a write up by a League member who attended festivities in Lexington, VA last weekend: League of the South members attended the annual pilgrimage to Lexington Va. Lexington is the final resting place for two of South’s greatest men, Robert E Lee and Thomas Stonewall Jackson. League members attended the wreath...
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Robert E Lee to be honoured in Atlanta

January 13, 2015

For those unable to attend Lee-Jackson Day events in Virginia, you may wish to check out events in Georgia. The following is a press release from the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans:   In commemoration of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s birthday, Georgia’s annual “Robert E. Lee Celebration” this year is scheduled for this...
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Confederate monument finally moved to courthouse grounds

January 3, 2015

The following is a press release from the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans: It was 1911 when a monument was to be placed in Twiggs County; a place of prominence had been decided upon – the grounds of the County Court House. As the story goes, there was a disagreement about placing it on...
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Revival, Romanticism & Southern unity

December 2, 2014

The distinct Southern culture and identity, developed by British colonists beginning in the seventeenth century on the northern periphery of a vast multi-national plantation complex which lay at the heart of the Atlantic world, was disrupted from its natural course of development by the American Revolution of the 1770s. That revolution separated the plantation...
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Linear vs cyclical time in Southern thought

November 27, 2014

Eugene and Elizabeth Genovese in their important work The Mind of the Master Class: History and Faith in the Southern Slaveholder’s Worldview discuss the tension between two major trends in Western intellectual thought regarding time and the flow of history. They note on pages 152-155 that ‘linear interpretations have pointed toward an “end...
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US total war vs Southern traditionalism

November 9, 2014

The advent of Modernity and democracy brought with it a reorganisation of nations of people (and multi-national populations living under a single state) and the new principle of total war in the West. Prior to the Modern Age, war was the pursuit of monarchs and the small professional armies they hired. Such conflicts were...
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Jamestown or Charleston? Historical narratives & Romantic nationalism

October 30, 2014

Professor Paul Quigley, a lecturer of history at the University of Edinburgh, brings up an important point in his work Shifting Grounds: Nationalism and the American South 1848-1865 which has been explored at length on SNN. As the jacket of his book notes, ‘Southerners… looked across the Atlantic, comparing southern separatism with movements in...
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Polk, the Southern church & Romantic nationalism

October 21, 2014

As Glenn Robins, professor of history at Georgia Southwestern State University, writes in his book The Bishop of the Old South: The Ministry and Civil War Legacy of Leonidas Polk, the 1820s saw the emergence of genuine Southern nationalist consciousness. This was the period in which Robert Barnwell Rhett, the ‘Father of Southern Nationalism’, would...
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Jones pushes Ole Miss to ditch Southern identity

August 8, 2014

President Daniel Jones’ decision to throw out the University of Mississippi’s Southern heritage has been in the news of late and provoked a backlash from pro-Southern groups. Jones, who makes nearly half a million dollars a year, has decided to limit the use of the commonly known name of the school, ‘Ole Miss’, rename...
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Hundreds protest Washington & Lee’s flag removal

July 26, 2014

A large number of people, including many from the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and the League of the South, were at Washington and Lee University in Virginia today to protest recent decisions by the school to remove Confederate symbols and push an anti-Southern, Leftist agenda. The school was named after Confederate General Robert E Lee, who served...
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The Day of the Siege

I’m not going to make this a real long one, but I thought I would give y’all notice about an interesting movie I just watched. The title of the movie is The Day of the Siege.  I watched it on Netflix. This movie is about the defense of Vienna against a Muslim army about...

The United States Supreme Court Unchained

We’ve all looked at the history of the US Supreme Court and its inevitable march towards absolute US government power.  It all began in 1803, not 2009, when the court defined its own power via a decision. Nice work if you can find it.  Many of us would like to define the power of...

The Celts

This post was prompted by a documentary series I just finished watching entitled The Celts. I watched it on Amazon Prime, but you can also watch all six episodes here for free on Hulu with commercials. The series does have its problems. Some people can’t even stand the pseudo-Celtic soundtrack, and I personally have...

Mississippi ladies play ‘grand’ version of ‘Dixie’

Southern ladies in Crystal Springs, Mississippi play ‘Dixie’ on four grand pianos at once. The music starts slow and has a great conclusion. It was recorded earlier this year. Thanks to Magnolia State Heritage Campaign for the link!

The Lone Ranger

I just saw the new Lone Ranger movie. It has its issues, but it’s not the bomb the critics claimed. Of course it’s not the most intellectually stimulating movie, and anyone who even knows basic history knows the movie took numerous liberties. The transcontinental railroad didn’t run through Texas, for example. I also think...

Songs of the Revolution: ‘Trouble in America’

The British band Razorlight has some excellent commentary and nice sounds in the song ‘America.’ Southern nationalists will no doubt nod their heads in agreement when they hear the lyrics of this song:’ There’s nothing on the TV/ nothing on the radio that means that much to me/ All my life/ been watching America/...

Songs of the Revolution: ‘Tennessee Waltz’

The ‘Tennessee Waltz’ is one of the State songs of Tennessee and many Tennesseans identify with the tune. It was originally written as a country western song but has been adopted into many different styles.  It’s played by the Pride of the Southland Marching Band regularly and is always played after a victory in...

Songs of the Revolution: ‘Molon Labe’

Jake Cheek offers a defiant, pro-Southern message with a traditional Country music sound in this live version of his song ‘Molon Labe,’ a famous refrain that is historically attributed to King Leonidas I of Sparta. Cheek offers it in the same spirit to those who would attempt to disarm him or destroy his liberty and...

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